26 Best Ways to Earn Online

Online income has become a popular source of income these days. There is huge potential here.

For example, if a job has a fixed salary, maybe if you do a good job you will get Rs. 21000 more. But that's not the case online.

There is no limit to online earnings. Online you can earn huge amount of money according to your skrill. Which is night and day compared to a job.

The more skill you get in an online job, the more income you will earn.

In today's post, I will guide you on how to get quick success and make long-term and good amount of online income by doing any online job with online income medium.

Who can make online income?

Yes, the answer to this question seems very difficult to many, but to me it is very easy! I am sure that anyone can come and earn online.

Because if you want to earn online, you have to have the mindset to work hard. And since most of the time there is no cash to be made online, many people give up very quickly, which is a big reason for not being successful online.

To put it simply, to get success online, you have to start looking and develop your skills. Once someone develops their skills and starts earning online, I think there is no looking back.

Online Income 2022 

We have shared a total of 26 online income sources in this post. You can choose any one of these jobs and learn it well to earn online.

Online Income Site

In this post I will share with you the ways of online income as well as some trusted online income websites. In those websites you can earn money by working according to their instructions.

Although in the beginning you may find it a little difficult. That's why if you give up, it won't happen anymore. If you can start earning once with patience, from those websites, then you can earn good amount of money in no time.

And I have a request to you in advance, read the post completely and if you like the post, then share the post with the people you know who are interested in online income. So that by reading this post they can know detailed information about online income, and can choose the right job to earn online.

1. Online Income 2022 By Creating Websites / Blogging

Earning from website or blogging is a popular way to earn online. Many people I know are making good money online through blogging. Some of them have income up to a few lakhs per month. Which is possible for a common man to believe.

First of all I will recommend you to make income from website . Because from here you will be able to generate good amount [compared to current market job] and permanent income.

Creating a website is very easy. To build a website you will need a web-hosting and domain. Moreover, websites can be created for free. But I won't recommend it for you because it may cause you various problems later on.

How to earn money from the website

Generally you can earn money from a website in three ways.

1. Using Google Adsense.

2. By affiliate marketing.

3. Using Sponsored Links.

Earn Online Using Google Adsense

When a visitor comes to your website, through that visitor you can earn online using Google Adsense on your website.

When your website visitors view or click on the Google AdSense ad, $ dollars will be added to your AdSense account, which means you will have income.

But to get Google Adsense your website needs to fulfill some conditions. Which Google has shared Google AdSense rules on their blog. If you want, you can read all those rules from the Google AdSense blog.

You need to apply for Google Adsense when you start getting organic visitors to your website. According to me, when your website starts getting organic 100-200 visitors per day, then you should apply for Google Adsense.

Online income by affiliate marketing

Affiliate links are one of the best ways to earn online through website in 2022. To use affiliate links you need a website on which you will use links from other affiliate websites.

All the visitors who go to the affiliate website and buy any product or thing with the affiliate link used on your website, the affiliate website will share a certain amount of revenue with you. In this way, you can earn online by using the affiliate link.

To get affiliate link you have to go to affiliate website and show your website and apply. After applying for affiliate links, they will review your website to see if your website is suitable for using affiliate links according to their guidelines.

If your website is relevant then they will approve you this affiliate link. Then you can earn online using affiliate links on your website.

Special Note: Using affiliate links or affiliate marketing can be done without own website. If you want, one can use social media or some free website building platform to do affiliate marketing. But it is better to do it on your own website.

Earn online with sponsored links

Website Sponsor Link is a website link that you contract to use on your website. That link can be an image link, direct link, or some other way. By using that link you will get money from that website owner monthly, depending on clicks or impressions.

2. Earn from YouTube

As far as I know, YouTube is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to earn online . If you want, you can easily earn online using YouTube.

Nowadays getting YouTube monetization is a bit difficult.

Because a YouTube channel has a long way to go before getting monetization which can only be achieved through hard work and patience.

YouTube Monetization means Adsense on YouTube. Ads will appear on your YouTube videos when your YouTube channel is monetized. You earn money by showing ads on your YouTube videos.

But to get monetization on your YouTube video you need to fulfill some conditions.

The conditions are:

  • Your YouTube channel must have 4,000 hours of video views and 1,000,000 subscribers in the past year.
  • Your YouTube video must be Google advertisement friendly.

3. Earn from Facebook

Facebook is the world's largest social media. A large portion of the world's people are connected to Facebook. An average of 05 Facebook accounts are created every second.

There are 2.5 billion monthly active Facebook users. 1.45 billion people log into their Facebook accounts every day.

More detailed information about Facebook can be found from Wikipedia: Details about Facebook 

But you can use this huge social media for online income. However, earning from Facebook is a bit difficult. But with patience and following the right guidelines, it is possible to earn from Facebook very quickly.

There are many ways to earn from Facebook. But I will discuss a few popular mediums. Which you can use to earn from Facebook.

Income from Facebook page

You can earn money from Facebook by uploading videos to Facebook pages like YouTube. It is usually monetized by displaying ads on videos. However, some conditions of the Facebook page must be fulfilled before the ad appears on the video of the Facebook page.

Must have a Facebook page.

  • Facebook page should have 10,000 or more followers.
  • The page's videos must have at least 30,000 views (watched for more than 1 minute) in the last 60 days. Only those videos that are longer than 3 minutes will count in this case.
  • Ad will be eligible to appear on video on your Facebook page after fulfilling these conditions of Facebook. Then you need to apply to Facebook authority for monetization of your Facebook page.

They will review your Facebook page and if it is suitable for Facebook page monetization according to their guidelines, Facebook authorities will add an ad to your video. And by showing ads in your videos, you can earn online through Facebook page.

Income from Facebook groups

It is possible to earn from Facebook groups. I have seen a lot of Facebook groups online, where you have to pay for a website link or an ad.

For example, there are some popular Facebook groups in Bangladesh. In which the owners of many job websites in Bangladesh share their website links. And the owners of those Facebook groups have to pay monthly to share the link.

However, to earn money from a Facebook group, the group needs a large number of active members. Which is possible if some people work together for a long time.

It will be very difficult to monetize a Facebook group alone. So you can create a Facebook group with some of your close friends to earn money.

4. Earn by writing articles on blogs/websites

If you can write SEO friendly website articles , you can use that skill to earn good amount of money online.

But writing SEO friendly articles for a newbie is very difficult in the beginning. But if you put your mind to it, you will be able to write SEO friendly website posts very quickly.

You can work as a content writer in major online marketplaces. For example: Upwork, Fiber, Freelancer These online markets have a very large category, on content writing.

If you can write, or learn, S-friendly website posts, you can earn money by writing articles on our website .

We will add this option to our website in a few days. To those who post on our website, we will pay a certain amount according to the quality of the post.

5. Earn by designing graphics

Graphics, also known as "the art of drawing" Graphics design is a similar medium that refers to drawing pictures or designs on a surface (eg, on a canvas, on a screen, on a piece of paper, or on a wall). Which conveys a certain meaning and conveys to us an idea or an entertainment or a self-portrait.

If you can become a good quality graphic designer, you can earn more than thousand dollars per month.

You can learn graphic design by searching Google or YouTube by watching tutorials. If you have strong interest in learning this job. Also if you wish you can take a course on graphic design under any trusted IT company.

6. Web design

Web designing is designing the layout, content production, webpages etc. for the website. The cost of web designing is very high in the current market.

 As many websites as there are, every website needs a web designer.

If someone wants to make a professional website then he must take the help of a web designer.

Good quality web designer freelancing marketplace is worth a lot. The rate of work is also very high according to the skill of the work.

If you can learn design well it will be very easy for you to earn online. And that will be the long lasting online income path for you.

If you have a strong interest in learning this task, you can learn web design by searching Google or YouTube by watching tutorials.

And if you wish you can take a course on web design under any trusted IT company.

The best free website to learn web design is: www.w3schools.com

7. Programming

According to the Cambridge University Dictionary definition of programming,

“Programming is the act of writing computer programs.”

How does a computer work? Computers can do all these tasks from saving images and videos to keeping track of excel sheets. But the computer can do all this by itself?

No, computers certainly don't do these things on their own. That is why these programs must be set in it.

Just as humans use language to communicate with each other, computers also need to use specific language to give correct instructions. C++, Python are some of the programming languages ​​with the help of which instructions are given to the computer.

A computer programmer gives instructions to the computer in such a way that the computer can run various software and applications.

Computer programming is one of the top freelancing jobs. A programmer learns these programming tasks over a long period of time and can instruct the computer to run any application.

If you want to learn programming academically then you can study in computer science and engineering department. In this department you will get certificate as well as learn about programming language.

Moreover, you can learn by watching YouTube. And if you want to do any course online then I will recommend these 3 websites Udemy, Udacity, coursera.

Learning the job of programming is time consuming but if you learn the job of programming well, endless opportunities will open up for you. Then you can earn good amount online by doing programming.

8. Digital Marketing

You must all have heard about LinkedIn, the famous online job website.  The most sought after job on this website is Digital Marketing. 

Digital marketing is difficult to define in one word. But I will explain it to you with an example.

Digital marketing is all about promoting products by posting on social media, email marketing, promoting products by advertising on YouTube and formulating these strategies. 

If you want to come to digital digital marketing site, you must struggle a little at first. But the good news is that the more experienced you are in digital marketing, the more valuable your work will be.

9. Translation

Translation There are many advertisements for translation on various freelancing websites online. 

First of all I said that for the students of Qaumi Madrasah, there will be ways to earn money online especially.

The easiest way for them to earn online is - Qoumi Madrasa has two languages ​​usually taught along with Bengali. 

Arabic and Urdu. Although Urdu is not taught everywhere, Arabic language is known by almost all students of Qaumi Madrasas.

Students of Qaumi Madrasa can easily earn online by translating from Arabic to English or from Arabic to other languages. 

Besides, those who have skills in other languages ​​such as German, Chinese, Japanese, can earn a lot of money online by translating various documents. 

Translation is a reliable means of income from online.

If you know the language, you can do e-translation on mobile. No need for laptop or PC. In this way you can earn money with mobile through translation .

I said simple is an easy medium because if you know English Bengali and another language as well then you can get any translation job very easily.

10. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a type of work that is similar to the work of an assistant, but the difference is that the work of a virtual assistant can be done from home. You can work from home as a virtual assistant.

The more multitasking capabilities a virtual assistant has, the more qualified it will be.

What a virtual assistant needs to know is:

  • Use of e-mail.
  • Communication skills.
  • Basic data entry skills.
  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.

The field of work of virtual assistant is wide.

Never mind the owner of an e-commerce company. How many mails, phone calls, complaints from clients he has to listen to every day. A virtual assistant can assist him in these matters.

One can apply on various online freelancing websites to become a virtual assistant.

The more computer savvy someone is, the more likely they are to get hired as a virtual assistant. Because, the work is completely computer dependent.

So learn as many skills as possible if you want to become a virtual assistant. For example, if you are good at typing, learn Photoshop as well. 

At first I said that the work of virtual assistant is multitasking. So the client can provide any work which he has not mentioned in his job condition.

Then you will be embarrassed if you don't know the job. So the more you know about different computer software, the higher your chances of getting a job will increase.

Virtual assistant and a freelancing job. You can become a virtual assistant of any American client sitting in Worldwide.

In this way, you can easily earn online by becoming a virtual assistant.

11. Email marketing

Making money through email marketing is another popular means of income online.

Email marketing is as many customers as you have email, you will keep them connected with your company by informing them about your new product or through various written emails. 

Email notifications will let them know about your new product.

Don't send them emails just to advertise the product. You can also send them short stories, blogs etc. to attract your readers. 

Then they won't get bored as well as they will be encouraged to open your email when it arrives.

You can earn online by selling your collected emails on various websites. If you search on Google for email selling websites, you will find many sites where you can sell your emails. More ways to earn online through email.

12. Freelancing Online Income 2022

Everyone wants to earn money .

Freelancing is the surest way to earn online . 

You have seen such famous people around you by earning money from online by freelancing.

Some of you who are reading my article may earn money by freelancing.

Web design, graphics design, content writing, programming are examples of freelancing jobs. By learning these things well, you can earn online by creating an account on a freelancing website.

The main difference between freelancers and other jobs is that freelancers do not work from 10-5.

For example, suppose a web designer receives an order for a web page design. He told the client that he would complete the work in the next 3 days.

This web designer works day or night within 3 days as per client submission. This is the specialty of freelancer work.

I will give you some basic ideas about freelancing and give some tips here and it will benefit those of you who don't know as well as those who do. 

Newbies and my readers who are thinking of becoming a freelancer may be wondering where to learn freelancing. 

If you want to learn academically, I will suggest you to get admission in Computer Science and Engineering, Software Engineering department.

And like many things, you can learn to work online on YouTube . YouTube has many detailed videos on freelancing jobs. From there you can learn.

But if you want to take courses online with money, then in that case I will recommend you websites like Udemy, udacity, coursera.

Those who take the classes here are experts in the respective subject and the classes are very practical and well explained.

Laptop is one of the essential things for freelancing. You must have a laptop if you want to do web design and programming work.

Content writing will work even without a laptop for translation.

If you want to learn from an elder brother, you must see if he is an expert in this field and earns from freelancing. 

How you can get freelancing work?

For those who are brand new, I would suggest first to get hands-on experience in the Bangladeshi market.

That's why they can follow the posts of the respective Facebook group. For example, if you are a web designer expert, you will add to this related Facebook group.

Here you can get experience as well as many of these groups advertise jobs or small jobs. 

The more you do this, the more experienced you will become. For freelancing in Bangladesh you can receive small amount of money through development.

There are many web sites in the international market where freelancers work. The most famous website is fiverr followed by upwork, guru etc. 

For freelancing your best bet is to have a PayPal account.

But if you can't arrange a paypal account, you can do freelancing by opening a payoneer account.

For that you will need some documents like National ID card your bank account etc. so that they will verify your account and you can earn online by financing from abroad. 

fiverr's gig image:

As we have already said that the fiber website is the most famous online for this.

Images are created to attract customers online on this famous website. 

Many are not experts in creating this image. For example, a content writer is an expert in writing. He will not always be an expert in creating such a gig image. 

There is a separate market online for gig images of fiber. You can earn money online by creating gig images on fiber.

13. Internet income by e-commerce website

You can register your name and product on various e-commerce websites like Daraz, Amazon and earn online easily by selling products.

For ease of understanding we will divide the e-commerce website into two types.

The first type of e-commerce site is the domestic e-commerce site in Bangladesh such as Daraz Evely.

And the second type of website is the international website like Amazon, eBay.

Doing business on domestic e-commerce websites of Bangladesh such as Daraz Evalley etc. is relatively easy compared to international e-commerce websites. 

Registration You can easily do business on Daraz Evally from Bangladesh by uploading product images, providing product details and adding payment methods.

But inside Bangladesh the market of Daraz Evalley is full of competition.

And here there is fierce competition with products. However if you can maintain the quality of your product, customers will speak for you and give you good reviews which will be very helpful in selling your product.

Doing e-commerce business within the country is comparatively less profitable but hassle is very less here.

If you want to rent a shop in a shopping mall, you have to pay a monthly rent of several thousand dollers in addition to giving your security deposit. E-commerce websites do not have such problems.

If you can do the marketing of your product well, then you can sell millions of rupees from e-commerce websites to Bangladesh market and earn online income very easily.

Now let's come to the international e-commerce websites.

The world's most popular online payment method paypal does not support Bangladesh. 

This is our main obstacle in trading products from big websites.

But if you can open a paypal account abroad through a business partner or relative, then you can easily skip this step.

Also you can manage e-commerce website business through payoneer account. But the number of customers in Pioneer account is much less than the number of customers in PayPal account.

So if you want to grow your business then you must arrange to open a paypal account.

Some international e-commerce websites such as Amazon which is the most famous e-commerce website do not allow their business operations from Bangladesh.

What you can do in that case is you can do business in partnership with someone abroad where he will open an account abroad and you will send him the goods from Bangladesh and thus do business internationally on e-commerce websites.

But this method is relatively troublesome method. If you are new to e-commerce business, I would advise you not to follow this method.

You are the first to do business on international websites where business can be done from Bangladesh.

There are a few things you must keep in mind while running an e-commerce business. 

  • Make sure that your product reaches the customer on time. 
  • The quality of your product should be good.
  • Try to give the customer a real idea about the product. Don't exaggerate about the product.
  • In e-commerce websites, especially if you want to do business in the international arena, most of the e-commerce websites provide the facility that if the customer does not like a product, he can return the product to the seller.

Although the number of such incidents is extremely low, you must keep this account in mind while doing business.

14. Instagram

Instagram is currently the most famous site for just uploading pictures. Many people in the world including Bangladesh are using Instagram along with Facebook.

Apart from photos, Instagram app's specialty is hashtags. With hashtags you can inform everyone about your product and if someone else searches for this product, they will find your product from this hashtag.

You cannot open a personal account on Facebook with the name “Rashed's Departmental store” or something like that.

Opening a personal account with such a name is against Facebook policy. If you want to open a business store with such a name, you have to open a page on Facebook. 

But Instagram doesn't have this problem. On Instagram you can open a business shop with the name of your choice. 

For example: Butterfly gadgets, Sahara Electronics, you can easily use such names on Instagram.

Instagram is all about images. So you have to take care that people can get the right idea about your product just by looking at the picture.

Again, along with providing the image of the product, you have to use the hashtag of the product name. 

For example, if you sell clothes, you can use the hashtag #clothes #winter_clothes #beautiful_clothes. 

Many people use hashtags on Instagram to find products, so using these hashtags is especially important. 

Some tips to increase online income through Instagram:

  • There is an app called canva where you can create different designs of your choice for free. The app contains a variety of free-tremplates. From there you can get ideas about the templates you need for Instagram as well as create the images you need for your products.
  • If you want to publish your image in the form of charts or infographics, there are many pre-made templates from which you can easily create the image you need for free. 
  • When taking pictures for Instagram you need to make sure that the pictures are of high resolution and taken with a good camera.
  • With the image you need to find related and nearby hashtags and give few hashtags.

  • Follow the people you know on Instagram from your business ID will increase your followers as well as promote your products.

15 .Social media influencers

There are many of you reading my post here who have thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram. You can easily earn thousands of rupees monthly online by using your social media followers.

While watching various videos on YouTube, you may have noticed that YouTubers often promote various products.

As someone says that his video was shot with this camera, another says that all the money required for this video has been sponsored by such and such a company.

You can do the exact same thing from your Instagram or Facebook account.

For example, a friend of mine has 13k followers on Instagram but does not do any influencer marketing from his Instagram account. He doesn't really know enough about the subject.

For example, if you took a picture of a t-shirt and posted it on Facebook or Instagram, then you wrote that this t-shirt was made by such and such a company.

This means that you will say that your t-shirt is from such and such a company and as a result your friendlist and all your followers will know that such and such company's shirt design is like that.

As a result, Tarab will be encouraged to buy the t-shirt of that company and the company will give you some money for it, so you can earn online as a social media influencer. 

The main reason for this is not knowing about the strategy of becoming a social media influencer.

Here's what you can do to let everyone know you're a social media influencer:

  • You can write that you are a social media influencer in your Facebook and Instagram bio.
  • You must upload posts and photos related to your influence on social media. 

16. Earn by participating in various online contests

There are different types of contests online. Various organizations or magazines organize such competitions.

You can participate in language competitions if you have skills in subjects like languages.

Again, if you are interested in puzzles and mathematics, you can participate in various competitions in puzzles and mathematics.

You should regularly visit the websites where such contests are held so that you can participate in the contest as soon as they announce it.

You can easily earn online by participating in these contests.

17. Earn by participating in surveys

A study showed that 42% of the time spent online is spent reading various articles from websites and the rest of the time is spent doing other things like viewing pictures, watching videos, etc.

Here I am telling you about a study. This study was applied to a group of people and this result was taken from the data obtained.

Based on their opinion, it has been decided that online people spend most of their time reading various texts.

Here are the different types of surveys you may have heard of that you can participate in. 

There are basically two types of such survey websites.

The first type is where you have to do voluntary work i.e. you don't get paid for your answers.

Again there are some web sites like one poll, branded surveys from where you can get money by participating in surveys. These are all different international websites. 

But since this is an international website, you need to have a PayPal account to receive money from it.

You should always try to tell the truth in surveys. Based on your answers they will ask you further questions.

But I will tell you not to earn money by participating in surveys if you have other work. This is because it is a time-consuming task as it involves a lot of effort.

But if you have absolutely no work or free time, you can earn online by participating in surveys.

18. Earn online by Dropshipping

Drop shipping is a unique way of earning online where you can sell products from other websites without buying any products. Shopify is very famous for dropshipping.

Shopify You can open a free account on trial basis for 14 days and then you have to choose any package from 30$ to 130$.

You will need to pay this amount to Shopify every month. Exchange Shopify will showcase your products on its website.

You can easily display and sell products on your web page by downloading them from other websites without buying any products.

After opening Shopify account you need to install Oberlo extension. You can download all your products from various online shopping stores including Alibaba Ali Express to your Shopify store.

After adding the products to your Shopify store, you can price the products at your convenience. 

Provide product descriptions so that customers can easily find them when they search using the keyboard. 

In this way, you can earn thousands of dollars online through dropshipping without being associated with any product production.

19. Domain Buying:

You can earn online by buying and selling domains.

If you go to some websites online, you will find that there is no content on the websites and it is written on the top or in the middle of the website that "websites name is for sale".

Basically this is domain buying and selling where you come up with a famous name that can open a website with that name. 

You then buy the domain name and domain extension in advance, then when someone opens a website with this name, you can easily earn online by selling the website to him at the price you like.

20. Selling photos and videos

There are many famous travel bloggers online. So I often watch videos of travel bloggers like this.

While watching videos of travel bloggers, a travel blogger described how he earns money traveling around the world.

He was saying that one of his main sources of income is that he earns money by selling his photos and videos. 

I didn't understand it then but I understand it now. That means you can earn a lot of money by selling photos and videos online.

There are some web sites like istockphoto, shutterstock from where you can sell your photos and videos and you can earn a lot of money online in this way.

21. Earn by selling old stuff

There are things in your home that you want to throw away that you no longer need, such as an old wardrobe.

Now if you want to sell the wardrobe to the shopkeeper, he will buy it from you at a very low price. 

But if you can sell this thing online then you can sell it at a high price.

From my own experience, I have sold my books online. But if I went to the shop to sell the old books then I had to sell the books at the rate of Tk 10 per kg whereas I sold them at around Tk 32 each.

Bikroy.com is Bangladeshi site to earn online by selling old stuff . 

You can also advertise the sale of antiques in related Facebook groups.

For example, if you want to sell a laptop or sell a mobile then there are many Facebook groups with names like laptop and mobile sale where old laptops, mobiles etc. are bought and sold.

There you can post your related laptop or mobile or other related products and earn online by selling your products online.

22. App to earn money

You have many apps installed on your mobile now. 

Maybe one for listening to news, one for playing games and one for watching videos.

These are the apps that you install at various times. Developers earn a lot of money from various mediums including Google by installing these apps. You too can earn a lot of income online by developing apps like this. 

All you need for development is your unique idea.

There are apps where various services like police hospital fire service etc publish the service name and mobile number and their address etc. and through this the app developer earns a lot of money.

People are interested in many things online but they don't find reliable information about it. If you can make this related app then you can easily earn a lot of money online by making app.

 You don't need to know any programming language to develop apps. You just give ideas and make suggestions about it. 

Then if there are many app developers with very little money you can develop apps from them.

Then your app will become money making apps .

There is a post on our website about apps to earn money. Apps to earn money

23. Earn by reviewing websites and apps

You can earn online by sharing opinions about your website after using an app or visiting a website or what you like or dislike about the website.

There are various websites for this where they take opinions about it and if your opinion is acceptable to them then you can earn online through it.

24. Earn by publishing books from Kindle

From Kindle you can earn money by publishing a book without any money. All you need to do is write an e-book. Then you have to submit your related work like your name, income tax details and publish your book. Then you will get paid by those who buy the book online.

In this way, many people have earned a lot of money online by publishing books. This is one of the methods of income without investment. 

To become a successful Kindle bookseller you need to advertise your book extensively through social media. Then people will know about your book and be interested in buying it.

25. Income from GTP

GTP stands for Get paid to. Various websites like Inbox Patola give you cash for doing various offers or activities online. This is the online income from GPT.

26. Earn by solving Captcha

Many of you may remember when you signed up to Facebook or Google that you were asked to enter some wacky weird English letters written slightly differently by Facebook Google. 

This was done to check whether you are a robot or human. These are captchas. You can earn a lot of money by solving such captchas online. Mega typer, Captcha club are some such websites where you can earn by solving captcha.

#Beware of scams online

Let's talk about my real experience.

That's when I first started content writing. So suddenly one day someone called me and said that he will give me a job with a salary of 8 thousand rupees / 100 USD but before that I have to do a course for 2000 rupees / 25 USD.

Then he will give me a job with a salary of eight thousand rupees. Those who talk about this rule of getting a job with money are some kind of online fraud or scammer.

There are many such scammers scattered online, you need to remember a simple formula to recognize these scanners. That is, they will lure you with big jobs but will tell you that you have to pay some money for these jobs.

 You should be careful from them and remember that no money is asked for doing online work and if someone wants to, mark him as such and send him to the block list.

I had to do a lot of research to write this article about earning online, I had to find many websites and blogs.

If you found the article useful, please share like comment.

And what method you want to use to earn online in 2022 or if you have any question related to online income 2022 you can comment in the comment box of the post. Thank you for reading the article.