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If you have a proper understanding of the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease, it is much easier to get rid of this disease . According to statistics, more than two crore people in Bangladesh are suffering from kidney disease and every hour more than five people die due to kidney failure . So it is very important to have proper knowledge about kidney disease symptoms and remedies . Let's know in detail about  the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease .  

Symptoms of kidney disease : Kidneys work as secret guards to remove waste materials from the body. of the bodyBlood pressure control, maintaining water balance, production of hormones to make red blood cells, keeping bone marrow strong etc. are very important functions done by kidneys. Usually, when the kidney starts to fail, the patient does not feel it before 70% to 80 % of the kidney function is lost . Therefore, one should have a proper understanding of the symptoms of kidney disease and be aware. Symptoms of kidney disease are:

1. The body swells, and the swelling starts from the face.

2 . The amount of urine decreases compared to normal .

3. Urine becomes red and even bloody.

4. Urine burns , and has an unusual smell .

5. There is pain on both sides of the hip. But the pain also occurs in the lower abdomen .

6. High blood pressure occurs.

7. There is nausea and loss of appetite .

Kidney disease is a serious disease because the symptoms of this disease are not easily revealed and spread slowly in the body. This is why kidney disease is called a silent killer . Therefore, if the above symptoms appear, the nearest doctor should be consulted immediately . It is possible to save life from this disease if you take treatment at the right time. And awareness should be created among all about the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease .

Treatment of kidney disease: The rate of kidney patients is increasing day by day . Therefore , increasing awareness about the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease has become imperative. And the kidney patient should receive the right treatment at the right time.

Kidney disease is divided into two categories . Sudden kidney disease is called acute kidney disease and gradual kidney disease is called chronic kidney disease. Both diseases can be cured by taking the right treatment at the right time.

Blood urea, creatinine and electrolytes are done to diagnose acute kidney disease remains. _ If the patient has acute kidney disease for diarrhea and vomiting, and the patient is dehydrated, treatment with saline is given . Doctors advise Gramganj children to eat oral rehydration salts. According to doctors, the importance of fixing the dehydration of the person is more important than the importance of antibiotics. 

However, if the patient's eyes suddenly water, and albumin is excreted in the urine, the doctor will diagnose the type of kidney disease by conducting a kidney biopsy and give proper treatment to the patient, and the patient will recover completely. It can be seen that 90 percent of children recover. And in adults, treatment depends on the biopsy report, but 50 to 60 percent of patients recover completely. And the rest are controlled with medication. So in this case there is less risk of kidney becoming useless .

On the other hand, in the case of chronic kidney disease, doctors say that whenever micro-albumin passes through the patient's urine, the kidney function is normal. However, various drugs have been discovered to treat this micro-albumin . But the patient has to control diabetes and stay healthy. And the patient must visit the doctor every three to six months for follow-up .

Food for kidney patients: Food awareness is very important for kidney patients . Choosing the right food plays an important role in keeping the kidney patient healthy and recovering quickly. 

At the beginning, let's know about the excluded foods for kidney patients . Kidney patients should avoid chocolate, chocolate milk, cheese, chicken meat, beef , goat meat, sauces, peaches, broccoli, almonds, mushrooms, sweet pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes, bananas , dates and pickles etc.

Beneficial foods for kidney patients are:

Fruits and vegetables: Doctors advise kidney patients to drink at least one glass of water a week . And every day at least four Thankuchi leaves ,  cucumber, watermelon, gourd, bangi, lemon, orange , malta, pomegranate, beet, carrot, sugarcane juice, barley, onion, sajna etc. should be eaten in quantity by the kidney patient. And the patient should take grains or seeds like bread , noodles, nuts etc. regularly .  

Goksur : Studies have shown that regular consumption of 3 grams of Goksur powder in people who have reduced urination and water accumulation in the hands and feet improves the urine volume and reduces the amount of water accumulated in the body.

Rakta Chandan: Rakta Chandan is a very important herb for kidney patients. Blood sandalwood increases the volume of urine and stops burning during urination . 

Patharkuchi : Research shows that the contribution of Patharkuchi leaf extract is extensive in destroying kidney stones .

Prevention is more important than cure in kidney disease . And awareness of kidney disease symptoms and remedies should be increased among the general public to strengthen prevention . According to the instructions given on the World Kidney Day, it is possible to prevent kidney diseases if children can develop the habit of following several rules from the school level. And all the weight, blood pressure andTo control diabeteswill be Along with keeping the food moderate and balanced, one should drink moderate amount of water during the day. Avoid taking antibiotics without doctor's advice. And regular urine and blood creatinine tests can be done at regular intervals By following these rules it will be possible to prevent kidney disease . And the rate of kidney disease can be reduced. So there is no option to convey the correct idea about  the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease to everyone.


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