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Detailed information on travel insurance

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People almost go out to travel to get a break from the monotonous life. Traveling to distant countries is a hobby of some people. But everything is fine, but tell us what is the guarantee of our life? When there is danger in our life, say stay at home and go on a trip. Going out on a trip, we can face any danger. For example, bag theft or robbery or accident can get sick again. So insurance companies have come up with travel insurance cover keeping you travel lovers in mind.

The insurance company will cover all the risks related to your travel in the insurance policy. This means that the insurance company will take responsibility for the financial cost of any damage from the beginning to the end of your trip. For that you need to buy travel insurance or travel insurance policy. But before buying this policy you should know all the information about this travel insurance. And from today's article, you can get detailed information about travel insurance.

Let's know what is travel insurance and its benefits and coverage and types of travel insurance.

What is travel insurance or travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a travel risk protection contract. If a person buys a travel insurance policy, the insurance company will provide financial compensation to him in case of any loss during the trip. That is, if you are traveling abroad, your bag is stolen or you are injured, the insurance company will pay you the financial loss. Travel insurance is a good insurance policy for travelers.

Travel Insurance Cover:

The coverage offered by insurance providers varies for different providers. Below these are usually included in the travel insurance cover.

  • Emergency medical expenses.
  • Loss of bags and personal documents.
  • Emergency dental expenses.
  • Cash approval in hospital.
  • Accidental death or permanent total disability.
  • personal liability.
  • Hijack disaster allowance.
  • Late trip.

How many types of travel insurance ?

This insurance can be done under different categories. You can choose it according to your needs and requirements.

Student Travel Insurance:

Student travel insurance plan provides medical and financial support for students. Insurance companies provide financial assistance for any medical or financial emergency while studying in a new country. It is only for students who are planning to study abroad.

Domestic Travel Insurance :

If you like to travel anywhere in India, then you can enjoy the benefits of this travel insurance. Under this insurance policy , medical and financial assistance for medical, bag theft, trip cancellation are included.

Family Travel Insurance:

Family travel insurance can be purchased directly for any member of the family. This insurance policy covers accidental expenses, hospital expenses, and bag theft etc.'

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance:

This travel insurance policy is a travel insurance policy for people aged 61-70 years. It provides coverage of medical expenses, health care benefits etc.

Group Travel Insurance:

If you are a group of 20 or more people and you are planning to travel. Then you can buy group travel insurance policy. It covers trip cancellation, baggage theft, medical and travel delay etc.

Asia Travel Insurance:

If you are traveling to Asian countries, you can buy Asia travel insurance policy. Your medical and other unexpected expenses are covered under this policy.

Customized Travel Insurance:

Some people prefer customized travel insurance plans, as they can customize the insurance coverage according to their needs. This service is offered by some insurance providers in certain regions of the world.

Benefits of buying travel insurance:

Medical expenses:

When you are traveling abroad or in India. There may be hospital expenses due to illness. And travel insurance covers you for surgery, injury, hospital expenses. You can get 24 hours benefit in this.

Lost bag:

Accidents are a very common thing when traveling. If you do not purchase this insurance, you may lose valuables including your luggage. As per this insurance policy you will be reimbursed for all the valuables in the luggage.

Travel cancellation:

If your trip is canceled due to a natural calamity, all your hotel bookings and travel bookings may be lost. In case of cancellation of your trip in travel insurance policy you will get full refund

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Q.  Why is travel insurance necessary? 

A. Travel insurance is required to insure against the risk of accidents while travelling.

Q. What is covered in travel insurance? 

A. Emergency medical expenses, loss of bags and personal documents expenses, accidental death or permanent total disability, hijack disaster allowance, trip delay etc.


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