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What is Motorcycle insurance?

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How are you friends? I hope you are all well. Friends, motor cycle is one of the inventions among our many vehicles for our transportation convenience since long ago.

Many people use motorcycles for convenience of movement. Accidents are relevant when talking about these types of vehicles. When you go out on the road, you can see many kinds of accidents. In most cases, the guilty has to pay an immediate fine or the person is sentenced to various terms. But if your motorcycle gets damaged due to such an accident then there is no limit to regret. This is why you need to insure your motorcycle. If there is any damage to your motorcycle due to an accident, the insurance company will bear all the cost of repairing your motorcycle. If your motorcycle is insured with a valid insurance company. For this you have to pay an annual fee. In return you don't have to spend a single penny even if your motorcycle gets major damage due to accident.

Government General Insurance Corporation provides motorcycle insurance. There are also some private insurance companies that provide this insurance facility. General Bima Corporation was established on May 14, 1973 under the Insurance Corporation Act as a single state-owned enterprise. It is an organization run under the Ministry of Finance. In order to get insurance services, first you need to insure your motorcycle. For this, the application form must be collected from the general insurance corporation office or from the following link. After filling the application form correctly and submitting it to the concerned office, General Insurance Corporation authorities will check your documents and give approval for insurance.

Other benefits of this insurance

  • Payment of accidental compensation to the insured or any other known passenger other than the working driver, aged between 16 and 65 years.
  • Accidental compensation to any other unknown passenger other than the insured and working driver, aged between 16 and 65 years.
  • Payment of accident compensation to a subordinate of the insurer (who is in any way connected with the care or maintenance of the motorcycle) under Workmen's compensation act 1923, Fatal accident act 1855 and other general laws.

Limitations  : Insurance is not applicable for certain reasons. These are:

  • If affected by strikes, strikes or terrorist activities.
  • If damaged due to earthquake.
  • If the vehicle is damaged due to flood, typhoon, cyclone, fire, hail, heavy storm and snowfall etc.

How to do Bike insurance?

You have to go to the insurance office to insure the bike. While going there, you have to take the bike documents with you. If you can't find the insurance office, go to the bike selling company. You can get bike insurance from there.

What is covered by motor vehicle insurance?

Motor vehicle insurance is present with full indemnity benefits, which protects you against riots, fires, thefts, explosions, strikes, terrorist activities and acts of cruelty. This motor vehicle insurance also protects you against natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones, floods, tsunamis etc.

Apart from this, it also provides additional benefits in case of various critical situations (while driving) such as internal breakdown, battery discharge, flat tire, missing key etc. Each scheme under our online vehicle insurances is designed to serve investors through a remote network.

Last word 

Friends any thing should be insured now or die everyone is insured. Especially for our vehicles we have to go out with insurance. If you don't have any insurance as per the government rules then you have to pay a fine every time. Then when you drive your vehicle on the road, you may be in danger, causing damage to your vehicle or water. In that case you need to get insurance so that you don't face any problem. There are many other reasons for the bomb, to put it bluntly, for your sanity, for your leverage, and to drive according to government rules, you need insurance. thank you.


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