What is Self Discipline

Discipline is the way to freedom from discipline

A barrage is built on the banks of a river to control the flow of the river and prevent it from overflowing the city. If left unchecked, the water will wash away the city. Similarly, we can control our brain through self-discipline. Our brain is like a knife with two halves of a simple blade. Sharp parts and handles.

We all know that with sharp parts we can cut cooking curries fruits etc. Now what happens if you leave the handle and hold the sharp part in your hand. You surely know the answer and you would never make this mistake knowingly. The nature of our brain is such that it is always running around and if it cannot be controlled.

Then it becomes dangerous for you to catch the sharp part of that knife. And you will face many problems in life. So today I am a book written by Rajal Gupta. Let me share with you some smart ideas on self discipline from Rajal Neeti Time Management. So let's get started.

What is Self Discipline?

Self Discipline is forcing yourself to do something that is important for your future. Although you have to do that right now, you don't want to. Eg: Your exam is going on and meanwhile India Pakistan World Cup match is going on. What will naturally come to your mind is whether the India Pakistan match can be missed or not. It's the World Cup again.

What you decide in this situation is up to you. You can watch the game without reading. But it won't get you good marks in exams. But if you convince yourself that till date India have never lost to Pakistan in the World Cup. I won't lose today, but if I skip studying and watch the game, I will fail the exam. Then reading will also be wise. You have selected reading and succeeded.

Self Discipline requires you to learn to let go of instant and momentary pleasures. Only then can you enjoy long-term and large-scale happiness. Rajalji talks about his heavenly Dadaji here. He started his watch business. With just a few watches. He had two options either to spend the money earned by selling the watches on himself or to save the money and become a businessman.

So that he can give his family a beautiful future. He chose the second option. By maintaining Self Discipline, he gave up his instant gratification so that his family could be happy for the long term. Because of his sacrifice, today his next generation is living happily. You have to practice self-discipline in every field. Talking about food, you can eat spicy food regularly for momentary pleasure. But in the long run, you'll find that both your digestion and health deteriorate.

Likewise you can blow your money partying with friends. But same thing long-run you will see you have nothing to say savings. And if I say you can spend your time listening to music, watching TV or party entertainment. But inda long-run your study condition will not improve at all.

Thousands of successful people have been studied with the question of how they became so successful. The answer that was found was that they never found joy in their daily routines like others. But still they had control over their own mind and they did things even if they were forced and as a result they have signed as new examples of success today.

Even if the qualifications of a self-discipline person are low, it is possible to achieve great success. I know and believe Self Discipline is a very difficult thing but I want you to believe it too. What you can achieve through Self Discipline cannot be achieved in any other way. Rajalji has given some suggestions in the book to increase self discipline. First of all ask yourself what will be the result if I do the work that I am doing.

And the second question is whether I am controlling my mind or my mind is controlling me. Do I have the remote control of the mind or does the mind have me? There is a saying An Apple A Day Keeps Doctor Away that means if we eat an apple every day for 30 days of the month then this is possible. You can't do that from 1st to 30th of the month you don't eat apples and go on 30th and eat 30 apples at once. It is neither possible nor desirable.

Similarly, if you want to do very well in studies, you must read regularly every day. Do you want small trouble or big trouble? It totally depends on you. You prefer mobile before examCar gamesIf you don't play and study, you will feel bad at that time, but later when you get good results in the exam, this small trouble will become a reason for your great happiness. Self Discipline is the ability to do the right thing at the right time whether you want to or not.