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Why is the iPhone at the top of the world's popularity?

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Tech giant Apple's iPhone is ruling the world of mobile phones around the world. Millions of technology lovers in the world are waiting for the new model, even if a few versions of the phone are launched in the market every year, the stock ends in an instant.

Long lines fell in front of the Apple store to get the new series of new design phones. The store opens at 10 a.m. but long queues of customers have been seen in front of the apple store since early morning.

All right but now the question is why iPhone is so popular? Moreover, if you compare it with the price of the mobile phone in the market, there is a huge difference. Why is everyone so eager to buy an iPhone?

I hope you will read and watch this report trying to find out the reasons behind the popularity of iPhone.

1. The design of the iPhone and others.

It is easy to identify which is iphone from any mobile phone due to its unique design and novelty features. The mobile phone company has been able to create uniqueness in the iPhone with just one button.

This single button can be used to enter the phone's main menu, while other smartphones, especially Android phones, have multiple buttons. For many, these multiple buttons are an added hassle, besides the iPhone's graphics interface, the experience a customer gets when entering the phone. It is undoubtedly different from any other smartphone.

Apart from the external design of the iPhone, the company also emphasizes on the design of how the phone works. And for all these reasons, the iPhone has captured the hearts of billions of technology lovers in a short period of time, and customers get a polished and smooth experience even in the softer version.

Apple's design language can be said to be a symbol of mediocrity for techies as well as common people.

2. Maximum security measures.

In the age of digital, a lot of confidential information including almost personal information is easily spread on various platforms including social media. However, the personal information of an iPhone user is not so easy, Apple has always prioritized security in its products.

iPhone is no exception, and a hacker cannot easily hack an iPhone user's information. Hacking an iPhone or extracting data from an iPhone without permission is almost impossible at present.

Even an agency as sophisticated as the FBI tried to unlock a suspect's iPhone a few years ago. In the end, the FBI had to go to Apple after not being able to open it.

But the more interesting thing is that the Apple authorities did not open the lock. That means they give utmost importance to a user's personal security.

So this aspect of Apple's personal security makes Apple's mobile phone the first choice of tech lovers. Apple's iOS is said to be the most secure mobile operating system.

Again, there is a risk of third party apps getting into Android phones very easily. But Apple apps can be installed only from apple store.

Because of that the risk of virus on average is very low compared to iPhone.

Also, if the iPhone is lost, the Find My Phone feature can be used to locate the lost iPhone very easily.

3. Own hardware and software.

Where all other phones use third-party hardware and software, Apple has built its own hardware and software. Processor Jam body camera almost everything is Apple's own, so keeping in mind the user's needs, Apple is not willing to discount any part in terms of quality.

This feature of Apple is one of the reasons behind its popularity.

4. Innovations and surprises in the operating system.

Starting from talking with an iPhone or smartphone, almost all the technical tasks of the modern world can be done, but another big reason for the popularity of the iPhone is the innovation of the iPhone's own show operating system.

And because of this feature, Apple lovers go crazy for the new series of iPhones. Every new iPhone operating system is full of new surprises. Apple has always surprised Apple users with some hidden features in their OS.

5. Apple Eco System.

An Apple Eco system is an environment consisting of multiple Apple devices. Where users can use multiple Apple devices.

For example, if one has an Apple iPhone and a MacBook, it is very easy to share files between these two devices.

Even if the iPhone call is actually working on the Macbook, you can receive the call and talk from the Macbook. The same goes for the Apple Watch or Apple Watch.

Each Apple device works very well with each other because of this amazing Eco system created by Apple. An Apple Ecosystem makes user life quite easy, which is largely why the iPhone is so popular.

6. Sales service

Even after years of buying Apple device or iPhone, service is easily available from Apple service center. As a result, even if there is a problem with the iPhone, it is possible to get a solution from the Apple service center at any time.

Surprising as it may sound, the truth is that iPhone 7 users, released in 2015, still receive regular software updates. Due to years of updates, the old model phones are still working like new with all the latest features.

7. Why is the price of the iPhone so high?

First of all the operating system that iPhone runs on is made by them, other mobile phone companies use Android or some other operating system. Due to which their cost is also reduced.

However, apart from using its own operating system, Apple spends a lot on its own software development. And as a result, the price of the phone also increased a lot.

Apple's processor is also made by itself, which works much faster and faster than other company's processors. Apple often tries to get the best samples from suppliers and therefore increases the price of the product.

Apart from this, the mobile phone maker company Apple spends a huge amount of money every year due to ensuring the highest level of security. And because of all these reasons they have to sell at a higher price, besides the flagship product due to which the price of Apple products is higher. That is, Apple does not compete in the medium or low price smartphone market.

All the other smartphone companies that compete with Apple are priced very close, like the Google Pixel 4 is priced very close to the iPhone. The price difference between Macbook and Microsoft Surface is not much.


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