Find out about BUFT, how to apply and how much it costs

Many of us have a dream to build a very helpful and beautiful career.

For this we have to study hard in life, so that we can brighten the face of parents and make them smile.

After completing our school and college life, we join universities and other sectors to pursue higher education.

But currently most of the unemployed in our country can be seen with the institutional education of the university. So many are studying in other sectors. and building his career.

Today I am going to talk about one of the leading educational institutes in Bangladesh with which you can build your career.

Today I will talk about BGMEA University of fashion and technology whose short name is BUFT.

Where thousands of students wait for admission every year. Traditional education is not very popular with the present generation.

Everyone wants to do something with their creativity. Everyone is now choosing different ways to express their creativity.

One wants to be, fashion designer, textile engineering manufacturer and many more.

Now those who have joined these professions have acquired their formal education in different subjects.

For this, you become a successful entrepreneur by doing various short term courses in BGMEA University.

What are the eligibility requirements to get admission in BUFT?

BUFT is managed under the supervision of BGMEA, the largest organization in Bangladesh. A total of 7.00 points out of 3.50 in SSC and HSC is required for admission here.

Admission to this sector like public universities is to be done through an entrance exam. If 9.50+ in SSC and HSC then direct admission is available.

Cost of Study at BUFT

BUFT is said to be one of the largest universities in Bangladesh.

A student can develop himself in various sectors so that BUFT has its own many subjects in which a student can develop his career.

Bangladesh has gained a strong position in the garment industry. To enrich it, BUFT has made AMT department to study Fashion Design which has a total semester cost of 7 lakh 50 thousand rupees for 4 years.

Also they have FDT department, KMT department and many more sectors in total all departments will spend like 8 targets for 4 years.

Graduate program

The University offers the following Master degree programs:

1. MBA in Apparel Merchandising

2. One year MBA in Apparel Merchandising

3. MBA Regular (majoring in Accounting, Finance, HRM & Marketing) – Proposed

4. MBA Executive (majoring in Accounting, Finance, HRM & Marketing) – Proposed

5. MBA in International Business – Proposed

6. Master of Science in Fashion Design & Technology (M.Sc. in FDT)

7. Master of Science in Textile Engineering (M.Sc. in TE)

What job opportunities are there in BUFT?

You can become a main designer by studying fashion design in various big fashion designing houses, you can do fashion designing for big celebrities.

You can become a chip designer for various industrial factories, which is worth a lot. Your salary will be between 1 lakh to 3 lakh.

Which is enough to last a man's life. You can be a Mercantiser of various buying houses.

There can also be many other things that can change your life.

So, according to me if you want to change your destiny choose BUFT for higher education beyond traditional education.

So guys this was the detail thanks everyone for reading my post.