Some of the causes of acne and get rid of it in a completely natural way

Acne, a known problem:

The skin structure of the human body is quite amazing and complex, which covers the entire body. Skin has three main functions. As it protects the internal structure of the body. Regulates body heat and removes waste products from cells. Acne is a common yet chronic skin problem. If it is not treated with care, it eventually becomes painful. Acne is more common in the sebaceous gland tissue of the body. Such as face, neck, chest and shoulders. Usually children of 12-14 years suffer from this disease more. Acne is more common in oily skin. Meanwhile, after 20-30 years its effect decreases and becomes better. Acne clogs the pores on the face and neck and can lead to blackheads, small pimples and small scars on the face. Blackhead or black mole is the most common. It affects the forehead, sides of the forehead, throat, chin, Chest and back. These blackheads are contagious and spread quickly. If the acne persists for a long time, it can cause ugly spots on the face. Girls suffer from this disease more than boys. However, its exact cause could not be ascertained. However, acne is thought to occur because girls have more fat under the skin and hormonal changes are more pronounced than boys.

Acne can occur due to wrong diet, irregular diet, unsuitable food, too much sugar, too much fat. Unhealthy lifestyle is also one of the causes of acne. Drinking too much tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, etc. are also causes. Also during puberty, sitting up and studying all night can cause acne due to indigestion, general weakness and anxiety.

8-10 glasses of water and oil-free and spicy food should be consumed in a day. It is better to avoid too much spicy food. It is good if you can eat lemon water, fresh fruit juice, apple, pear, grape, pineapple without sugar. Raw vegetables like sprouted chickpeas, pulses, raw almonds, barley and red rice are very good. More sugar, more sweets, more fat should be avoided.

Certain foods aggravate acne problems. E.g. Deep fried foods, soft drinks, preserved foods.

Strong tea and coffee, gourmet food, etc.

It can be seen that the use of vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin B6 removes acne. Either way, constipation needs to be eliminated. According to doctors and dermatologists, acne requires skin care and cleanliness. Face skin care is to first wash the face with lukewarm water. Apart from that, using cucumber juice, carrot juice in the mouth will be beneficial. Don't eat too much rich food, don't wake up late at night, don't let dust build up in the body, sweat, don't allow acidity. Sometimes it is good to take steam of hot water.

Zinc, vitamin E and vitamin B6 are among the mineral salts that work well in treating acne. For this you have to eat grains, fish, beef liver, lentils, beans, rice, cheese, cow's milk, cornflakes, eggs, oil, root vegetables, oilseeds, nuts, green vegetables, etc.