Minute check code for all BD sims

After availing minutes offer on your SIM it is necessary to check minutes to know how many minutes you have received or if the offer has arrived. And if you don't know how to check minutes on Teletalk, GP, Airtel, Banglalink or Robi. So in today's post you will know the minute check codes of all sims.

So welcome to its telecom related articles anyway. Without further ado let's start today's post.

All sim minutes view code

Listed below are all the SIM minutes viewing codes separately for different operators. By doing this you can easily know how to check your SIM minutes.

Banglalink Minute Check Code

If you are a Banglalink subscriber then to check Banglalink minutes first go to your dial option then dial *121*100#. Then you will get to see your Banglalink SIM minutes .

Or if you want to easily view or check everything on Banglalink including minute check. Then you need to install My Banglalink app on your phone. You can get My Banglalink app on Google Play Store.

Robi Minute Check Code

Do you want to know how to see Robi's minutes? So first go to the dial pad and dial *222*2# directly when the button is called. Only then you can check Sunday minutes . Hope you got the correct Rabi Minute Check Code.

Also you can easily check Robi minutes using My Robi app. My Robi App is available on Play Store.

How to Check Airtel Minutes

If you are an Airtel SIM subscriber, you can check Airtel minutes by dialing the code below. Airtel minutes check code is *778*0#. You can see the remaining Airtel minutes by typing this code directly on the button phone and on the dial pad on the smartphone.

Or the task can be completed by installing the My Airtel app. If you want to check minutes with My Airtel app, install the app from Play Store.

Know Teletalk Minute Check Code

To see how many minutes are left on your Teletalk SIM, you need to know the Teletalk Minutes Check Code. The code to view teletalk minutes is *152#. You can easily check Teletalk SIM minutes by typing this code on smartphone or button phone.

To view Teletalk SIM minutes more easily, you need to install the official app of Teletalk. You can find the app by typing Teletalk in Play Store. Then you can easily check the remaining minutes with the help of the app.

Code to view GP Minutes

Dial *121*1*2# to check Grameenphone or GP SIM minutes. As soon as you dial, you will see your GP SIM minutes on a pop up screen. Maybe you got this code to check GP minutes

Moreover, minutes can be checked very quickly by using the My GP app. You can see the minutes after installing the app and logging in by going to Play Store and searching for My GP .

Last word

Get to know Robi, Airtel, Grameenphone, Teletalk and Banglalink minute check codes in this post. Hope the post was helpful to you.