10 effective hair care tips for boys

So, let’s start our today’s topic.

Choosing a good shampoo:

Different types of shampoos for boys hair are available in the market. But not all shampoos are effective. There are also shampoos that contain a variety of chemicals that can make your hair rough or damaged.

These chemicals can damage your hair and scalp and cause various diseases and hair loss problems. So it is very important to choose a good shampoo.

Use of conditioner after shampooing:

After shampooing, use conditioner to make the hair smooth. So conditioner should be used after shampooing. You can also wash your hair with lemon juice in a mug of water instead of conditioner.

In case of using conditioner, you must also take care that the conditioner does not stick to the hair roots and scalp.

Massaging the scalp:

While applying oil or shampooing the head, massage by rotating with fingers. It will increase the blood circulation of the scalp. Also, comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb several times a day. As a result, your hair and scalp will be better.

Do not use gel, hair spray etc. for a long time:

The most common mistake that boys make is to use gels and hair sprays on their hair for a long time. It easily gets dirt and dust stuck in the hair.

Besides, using the gel for a long time can cause scalp problems. So don’t use gel during the day when you are more likely to work outside. And whenever you use gel or hair spray, try to wash your hair quickly back home.

Otherwise, your scalp and entire hair from the root will start to fall out very quickly and at some point you will have a lot of hair problems that you don’t want at all.

Drink :

Drink a lot of water, tea-coffee, quit smoking. In the salon, many people massage the head after cutting their hair. It causes severe damage to the hair. These cannot be done. And choose a hair fashion or style that can be done in five minutes.

Otherwise you will always have to comb your hair for a long time and this will make you rush during your important moments. It can cause a lot of problems in daily life.

Use of Fenugreek:

Boys can use fenugreek for regular hair care. You can use it as a hair pack. Fenugreek is a very beneficial ingredient for hair.

What you can do is: Coconut oil Heat coconut oil and then mix fenugreek powder in it. Then soak this fenugreek overnight and apply it on the roots of your hair in the morning.

After an hour, shampoo and wash the entire hair with water. If you use these tips three days a week, you will see changes very quickly. As a result, your hair will look more beautiful, thick and shiny.

What you can do to remove roughness of hair:

Boys’ hair can get rough very quickly due to being outside all day. To remove this roughness, you can make a pack with ripe banana paste, honey, lemon juice and apply it on your hair.

You can also use aloe vera gel. It protects the hair from roughness and dandruff. By using these packs at least two days a week, you can see drastic changes.

And here everything is completely natural. So there is no adulteration here. As a result, there is no fear of any damage to your hair.

Oiling the hair:

Many people hate it or many people do not like it. So they don’t want to do this.

But did you know that oiling your hair has more benefits than just shampooing it? Yes, you heard right.

One of the effective tips to reduce your hair loss is massaging the hair with oil. Take some time a day and lightly massage almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil on your scalp.

You will notice a huge change as a result. As a result, your scalp and hair will look very healthy and beautiful and shiny. As a result, your scalp will be very good and your hair will not get damaged.

Correct rules for washing hair:

Never use hot water while washing your hair. This can make your hair rough or frizzy. Moreover, hot water destroys the hair fungus, makes the scalp dry and tangles the hair very quickly.

So avoid salt water and chlorinated water for hair care as much as possible.

Must take nutritious food for hair care:

There are many guys who want to make their hair thicker. Your body must be supplied with sufficient amounts of amino acids to grow hair.

If you can include such foods as fish, meat, cheese, milk, eggs in your daily food list, then surely they will help a lot in your hair care.

You must ensure that your body gets enough vitamins when it comes to hair care. One of the main reasons for hair fall from the scalp is lack of adequate oxygen in the hair.

Therefore, to prevent hair loss, you must eat zinc and iodine rich foods such as liver, nuts, beans, meat, milk etc. And of course, drink as much water as you can during the day. If smoking, drinking or any such habit persists, try to quit as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you will do more harm than good. So follow these tips to build a healthy and beautiful life and take care of your hair.

By starting now, you can see rapid changes in a very short period of time. Definitely try to be worry free. As a result, both your scalp and hair will be healthy.

Many people are busy worrying about various problems in life. But these worries can be easily removed by trusting in God. The better you take care of your brain, the better your body and mind will be.

There is no substitute for regular exercise, exercise and walking. Through these both your body and mind will be well enough. Laughing at yourself and with people close to you will also keep your mind and brain healthy, which can ease your anxiety.

Here are some ways to lighten skin with Jenin Potatoes

Today I will share with you several ways to lighten skin and complexion with potatoes. So let’s start today’s post without further ado.

Making face pack 1:

First of all, I am sharing an amazing way to make skin fair with potatoes. Here I will teach you how to make and use a face pack through which you can lighten your skin in a very short time and remove rough skin, dark spots under the eyes, any dark spots on the skin, dark spots and holes caused by acne. With these tips you can make thin and sagging skin thinner and tighter. And the interesting thing about these tips is that you will get the desired result of your skin in just 15 minutes.

Necessary materials:

  1. a potato.
  2. an egg.
  3. A facial tissue or tablet tissue mask.
  4. Two small bowls or pots.
  5. A blender machine.
  6. a filter.
  7. the knife.


  1. Cut a few pieces of potato from the potato. (Cut off the upper part of the potato.)
  2. Make a paste of the potato pieces through a blender machine.
  3. After blending, strain the potato paste well through a sieve and pour the juice into a bowl.
  4. Once the juice is taken out, this juice should be left undisturbed for ten minutes.
  5. Break the egg in the other container and keep only the white part of the egg in that container.
  6. After 10 minutes, throw out the potato juice from the pot, you will get a white part at the bottom, save it.
  7. Now mix egg white and potato white together. Then stir well.
  8. Now our face pack is ready. Apply this face pack all over the face.
  9. Then cover the entire face well with facial tissue.
  10. It will wet the tissue. Then remove it from the mouth.
  11. After removing it, you will see that your skin will be much tighter and fairer than before. Then wash with water.
  12. Also, if you have a tablet tissue mask, soak the egg and potato white mixture well with the tablet tissue mask.
  13. Then put the tissue mask on your face.
  14. Remove the tissue mask after twenty minutes.
  15. Then wash your face.
    friends The tissue mask that I mentioned should be seen at least once. Then you will understand how effective it is.

Making face pack 2:

These tips are easier and more effective than ever. It is only a matter of 15 or 20 minutes. Also the last face pack is only effective for the face. But you can use this face pack on any part of the body.

Necessary materials:

  1. a potato.
  2. A spoonful of honey.
  3. a spoon.
  4. 2 spoons of rose water.
  5. the knife.
  6. Blender machine.
  7. a pot.


  1. First, peel the potato well with a knife.
  2. Then cut the potatoes into pieces.
  3. Then make a paste by blending the potatoes.
  4. Then take a spoonful of honey.
  5. Mix honey with potato paste well.
  6. Take two spoons of rose water.
  7. Mix the rose water well with the potato paste and honey mixture.
  8. Once everything is mixed, apply the face pack on the black parts of your body or skin.
  9. Apply and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  10. After 20 minutes you will see the change yourself.

And one of the advantages of these tips is that if you apply it once every week, your skin will never turn black.

So our two tips are all ready. Before the next tips, let’s know why potatoes are so useful for making our skin fair.

Why is potato useful?

Potatoes contain vitamin B complex, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. Each ingredient in potato acts as a natural bleaching agent, i.e. helps in changing the color of the skin. Helps to make the skin fair and beautiful in a very short time.Don’t know about the next tips.

Cut into rounds and put in the mouth.

Gee, these tips need to be rounded up by the team. These tips give results in just 10 minutes.

Necessary materials:

  1. A medium potato.
  2. a knife.


  1. First, cut the potatoes into small pieces.
  2. Then place the potato pieces on your face.
  3. Remove it after 10 minutes and your skin will be fairer than before.

You can also use these tips with potato juice. You can use it three days a week.

How to increase your body weight very easily? What do you eat toincrease your body weight

If you want to increase body weight very easily, now see how easily you can increase your weight. Gaining weight doesn’t matter, just a little desire.

Increase body weight

There are many people who cannot gain weight even after eating a lot and exercising . Those who cannot gain weight after eating a lot are called hard gainers. Digestive power is not the same for everyone. It is congenital. Those who have a high digestive power, as soon as they eat, they burn calories and do not absorb nutrients. And those who eat a little and become fat, their digestion power is very low. Too little or too much is bad, the middle is better.

What is the way to improve digestion?

Exercise our body burns a certain amount of calories per hour. Typically, 75 calories are burned per hour while doing nothing. A healthy adult needs 1800

calories a day. The body can consume a certain amount of calories for a certain amount of time (a little less than three hours) . If more , the body will automatically store the rest of the calories in the body as fat. Because once consumed it takes two and a half to three hours to digest . The rest of the time without sleep is our daily calories to be accepted. Eating 300 calories six times every two and a half or three hours fills 1800 calories. If 300 calorie food is digested in three hours, after three hours the healthy and normal body will be waiting for new food again.

What to do to increase body weight very easily?

  • Gain weight : First of all, the body will burn the stored fat to provide energy. Gradually the muscles will start to burn. In this way the body will decay and the person will slowly become thin.
  • If you consume 300+ calories in 3 hours instead of 300, then your body will burn 300 calories in 3 hours to fuel the body . The rest of the calories will begin to accumulate directly as fat.
  • If you eat three times, then on an average you should eat 600 calories every five to six hours . In three hours 300 calories will be properly digested, the rest of the food will start getting fat without being properly digested and in the next three hours the body will start feeling weak.
  • When the body sees you three hours After not feeding again, it will start to store energy to keep itself alive and that is as fat.
  • Eat food after three hours as soon as the food is digested, then the body does not have to work hard to store internal energy ; That is, fat will not accumulate. In other words, to keep digestion good , you should eat regularly little by little .

What to eat to gain weight?

Eat balanced meals. Each meal should contain a combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat . Roughly 40 percent protein, 30 percent Carbohydrates, 30 percent should be fat . Fish, meat, eggs, milk, sour yogurt, red rice, flour bread, vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water. Eat at least 2500 calories in the first two weeks . Do not eat by measure. Protein should be sufficient. Eat something every two hours . Also lots of water.

What not to eat to gain weight?

White rice, round potatoes, flour, sugar, sodium, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, processed food, canned food, oily and spicy foods.

What kind of exercise to gain weight?

Go to the gym and exercise very hard . Weight is high, strategy is low. Exercise three days a week (one day after another). Keep each session between 60 and 75 minutes . All such exercises should be done, those exercises put pressure on multiple muscles at the same time. These are called ‘core’ or ‘compound’ exercises. Because then the body will be tired. If you continue to exercise then the muscles will lose. Eat two hours before starting the gym and definitely again within an hour of finishing will eat Get as much rest as possible .

Sleep 8-9 hours every day.

What Is The Easiest Way To Get Fat

Easy way to get fat

While the word fat is offensive to some of us, being fat is a desirable thing for others. Because those who are a little dry get lost without knowing their own name. Why don’t you have rice in your house! They know how long the rice would fly away in the wind. Even if the husband or wife comes to see the side, they have to hear whether they are sick or not, why worry so much, how much more or what! They get bored after hearing this. They try to get fat. But the result is zero.

So today we will discuss what is the easiest way to get fat! And you can know the easy way to get fat how to get fat ,food list to get fat ,food to get fat healthy ,way to get fat tips to get fat ,what medicine to get fat ,what to eat to get fat ,vitamins to get fat etc. then stay with us and keep reading our The writing.

Before that, let’s find out the reasons for not being fat:

Many people are not fat for many reasons such as not eating properly, sleeping too much, smoking/drinking, doing extra physical labor, thinking too much, any latent disease in the body, etc.

Doing extra physical labor: If you work more than you eat, you won’t gain weight.

In the beginning, let’s see what are the easy ways to get fat

  • exercise
  • Changes in eating habits.
  • moderate sleep
  • Being stress free.
  • take vitamins
  • Getting fat by eating diseases etc.

Exercise : We exercise to lose weight ie slim down. But you can do physical exercises not only to get slim but also to get fat. It will make your muscles thick and make you look fat. For this you can contact the gym specialist at any gym center. This is the way to be healthy.

Change in food habits: If you want to gain weight, the most important thing is to eat right, it is the real way to be healthy. Because no matter how hard you try, you will never get fat without eating.

Pictures : Fitness Girl Run

Let’s see a chart of foods that can make you fat:
Alu: Yes, you read that right. Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and complex sugars. These ingredients will help you gain weight very well. For this, eat boiled potatoes twice a day. If not, you can fry potato chips in olive oil and preserve them. Regularly playing this will be the way to stay healthy.

Raisins: These raisins help you gain weight in a healthy way. Because raisins have a lot of fructose, glucose and potential energy. This is why body builders or athletes are asked to eat raisins. They require a lot of energy, which raisins are very filling. Eating raisins for weight gain can also help in healthy weight gain. This is one of the easiest ways to get fat.

Oily foods: Eat more foods that are cooked with a lot of oil or add a little more oil while cooking the foods you eat regularly. Oily foods make the body fat quickly.

Beef: If you want to gain weight, eat more beef. Eating more beef is also a fattening tip. If you want to get fat fast, eat more beef regularly. It will help you gain weight fast.

Eggs: Eggs are a good ingredient for weight gain. Eggs contain fat, protein and calories which are very important for the human body. For this reason, eat 3-4 egg whites daily. But never eat raw egg. It contains gelatin. So only white part of boiled egg should be eaten.

More calories intake : When we lose weight we burn more calories and lose weight. But in this case it will not happen, on the contrary, you have to consume twice as many calories as you burn. Consume more calories than the body needs to gain weight. If you want to gain weight quickly, you need to consume more than 600-700 calories a day. And if you want to gain weight slowly then you need to consume 400-500 calories more per day. Eating like this for a week will increase your weight.

Carbohydrate intake: Carbohydrate intake is essential for weight gain. If you want to gain weight, you must include carbohydrates in your diet. Rice, bread, wheat are the main sources of carbohydrates. So eat carbohydrates at least 3 times a day. But nothing extra is good. But you also need to watch out for excess fat. So eat carbohydrates every day but in moderation. This is also an easy way to get fat. Apart from this, dates, milk, yogurt, sugary food, cashew nuts, fast food will help you gain weight. But don’t take too much as it may cause harm.

These are natural ways to gain weight:

Sleep: We generally think that less sleep leads to less health. But it is not a wrong idea. Sleep less than you need. Your health will improve.

Be stress free: The biggest cause of all our problems is stress. Many diseases are also caused due to it. Just as it is necessary to be stress-free to lose weight, it is very important to be stress-free to gain weight. It is very difficult to be stress free these days so try to be stress free as much as possible. It should always be accepted that whatever God does is for our good. And everything will be according to my mind, but not. Therefore, no tension can be done

If you have a habit of smoking or drinking, leave it. Because of this, people can become thin or thin. These are the tips to get fat at home.

Now let’s look at vitamins for weight gain:

There are a lot of fattening vitamins available in the market these days but they are basically taste enhancers. However, it is not right to take any fat vitamins without the doctor’s permission. It can cause many physical problems. You will even find many medicines that will sell you as a weight loss medicine but they have deadly side effects, which can even cause cancer .

Now we know the easy way to get fat. Now we can get fat in any way. But keep one thing in mind that excess dry/low weight is not desirable, just like excess fat is not desirable for anyone and fat should not increase while getting fat. It can be counterproductive.

If you can’t get fat even after following everything, then definitely take the advice of a doctor. Because maybe you have a latent disease inside you because of which you are not getting fat.

How To Do Makeup At Home

How to do makeup at home: Girls mean doing makeup. There are many girls who love to wear makeup. It’s hard to find a girl these days who doesn’t like to wear makeup. Applying makeup is a common thing in this era. Makeup must be done in various events, weddings, birthdays, seminars etc. Moreover, those who are models will do makeup. Because makeup increases their beauty .

However, nowadays boys wear makeup as well as girls. It is not just about doing makeup but you need to know the right method. So there is a proper makeup method . Applying the method will make makeup easy and beautiful. To make the makeup beautiful, one must have a proper understanding of the makeup. And to know the name and price of all the ingredients used for makeup.

Here you can know the correct method of applying makeup and also know the names of all the ingredients used for making up. You can easily understand what kind of makeup you will do on any occasion .

How to do makeup at home
We all want to present ourselves well. To present yourself well, you need to keep yourself tidy. And we have to use some cosmetics to keep this tidy. Which makes us more beautiful externally. How to do makeup ? Many of you hesitate on this question. But now we can do makeup at home. Hey, we have to remember some necessary steps or rules to do makeup at home.

But many of us are afraid to do makeup at home. If we know the right method or technique and can use it then we have no more fear. We can prepare ourselves for any occasion at home.

And the rules for doing makeup at home are

First of all, you need to clean your face before applying makeup. And you can use any good quality face wash or scrub to clean your face.

  • Next you need to use a good quality toner.
  • After waiting a while after using the toner, you should use a good quality moisturizer.
  • If you are going out during the day then you should use sunscreen cream after using moisturizer.
  • Then you need to blend the foundation and concealer well to make the face makeup.
  • Now set foundation and concealer with loose powder.
  • You can do your eye makeup according to your desired occasion.
  • After applying eye makeup you should use blush and highlighter to control your face.
  • Then you can use lipstick according to your desire and taste.
  • Finally, apply a setting spray to set your entire face makeup well. But remember to close your eyes and breath while giving.

Name of makeup item

Makeup item

Many of us want to do makeup, but we don’t know what it takes to do makeup . Before applying makeup or buying makeup products, the first thing you need to remember is your skin type. Make-up products should be purchased according to the skin type. Skin can be of different types.
Such as: natural skin, oily skin and dry skin. Also what is your skin color i.e. you need to buy makeup according to your skin color. Especially foundation and concealer.
Then you have to keep in mind that good makeup is the name . To buy good quality makeup you need to have a general idea about good quality makeup. And keep an eye on which brand of makeup is best in the market. You also need to have an idea about the price of the type of makeup you are going to buy.

All you need to know to do makeup is-

  • face wash
  • scrub
  • Toner 
  • Moisturizer
  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Face powder
  • Eye shadow box
  • Masquerade
  • Eyeliner
  • Eye lashes
  • controller
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • lipstick
  • Setting spray
  • Banana Luxury Powder
  • kajal
  • Makeup remover
  • Makeup brushes etc etc

(The price of any of your makeup products will vary. This is because it varies by market demand and company.)

Eye makeup

The most attractive part of your face is your eyes. And when you can decorate your eyes attractively then your eyes will become a priceless gem. When you look at a person, the first thing you notice is the eyes. So we girls like to decorate our eyes very beautifully. And we have to adopt many types of methods to decorate the eyes. If we follow these rules well then the eye makeup will be attractive and not too beautiful.

Let’s know what it takes to do our eye makeup .

Eye brows:
First you can draw your eyebrows with any eyebrow pomade you like.

Eye Foundation:
You have to apply the foundation well on the upper lids and blend it.

One of the most fun and beauty staples for eye makeup is eyeshadow. When you do eyeshadow you can do your eye makeup as you wish. In this case, you can choose your eyeshadow according to the color of the event and the type of clothes you will wear.
Ailana is a type of kajal that is applied to your upper eyelids. But if you don’t want to, you can’t.

Kajol is the same you can give it if you want or not. But applying kajal increases the beauty of the eyes.

You can use me mascara on eyelashes to make your eyelashes more attractive.

False Eyelashes:
You can use false eyelashes to enhance the attractiveness of your eyes and make your small eyes look bigger. In this case, to use false eyelashes, you must first take the false eyelashes and apply the glue to the eyes and dry them.

Parlor makeup (Makeup shop)
In terms of makeup, you can do it at home or go to a parlour. If you have an invitation for an important event or if you yourself are the chief guest in an event, then you should go to the parlor to get your makeup done. Because the parlor has makeup artist they can make you look very good and make you more attractive.

Basically when you want to go to a wedding house function, birthday, housewarming or any kind of interesting event, it is better to go to a makeup parlor to get your makeup done. Because we can only do our daily makeup at home. Can’t do heavy makeup like in the parlor. For example: party makeup look, natural makeup look, yellow event look, bridal look, engagement look can do different types of makeup look.

Going to the parlor is not just about makeup. Different types of hair styles for girls can be done in the parlour. There are many hair styles that cannot be done alone. So going to our parlor and doing makeup along with hair style is very good and makes us look attractive and beautiful.

Also many other services are taken by us by going to the parlour. Such as manicure-pedicure, hair spa, body spa, eyebrow pluck, hair cut and various types of facials. And we cannot do this kind of service by ourselves sitting at home alone. Because this type of service requires many types of equipment and many types of products which are not readily available to us. So we go to the parlor and take various skin care and body care services including makeup.

Natural makeup

Natural makeup means an attractive makeup look that looks exactly the way you look naturally or naturally. Where you won’t see too much white or too much black. A very simple simple makeup will bring the look. And even though multiple products are used to make this kind of makeup, it looks quite ordinary. Many famous companies use products while doing natural makeup.

But many people say that natural makeup means the ones that are done in nude colors, but actually it is not. Natural makeup will transform you from ordinary to extraordinary. And the kind of product you used will not let you understand. You’ll look like you’re wearing a little kajal, lipstick and blush. But actually it is not.

And natural makeups last much longer. Because this type of makeup is mostly waterproof makeup. But nowadays girls prefer to do natural makeup in any occasion. Because all girls want to highlight their own beauty through makeup. Excessive makeup spoils one’s beauty and excessive makeup is bad for one’s skin.

So nowadays girls bring their attractiveness through natural makeup. As a result, they look quite ordinary. You won’t be able to tell from a distance that they have used any makeup. But their makeup looks are made to look normal. And this is what we call natural makeup.

Boys makeup

Girls are worshipers of natural beauty so they like to dress up more. But nowadays boys also like to dress up. Because currently the type of makeup used by girls, this type of makeup is used by boys to highlight their beauty. But boys like girls don’t use so much colorful makeup. If they use makeup, they look normal.

Most of the time guys create a very natural makeup look. Because their excess makeup will not look good at all. So boys make up in a white way. Also boys do body care, skin care and hair care. Currently, salons for boys have been created in different countries of the world including Bangladesh. Where boys are provided with various services and they have facilities where boys can do makeup.

All the guys who work on the television screen use a lot of makeup. They do not appear in front of the camera without makeup. Because they don’t look that attractive. And the light of the camera is very damaging to the skin. So they have to use some makeup to work in front of the camera. Foundation, face powder and setting spray are one of the components of boys’ makeup. But these days boys do makeup. Many things have become commonplace.

We children are all worshipers of beauty. We are all attracted to beauty. And through this attraction we satisfy our wants and needs. Beauty always attracts us because we give more priority to beauty and necessity in choosing anything. We all know girls love to wear makeup but nowadays boys love to wear makeup.

Important: Hope we have given you a complete idea about makeup for boys and girls. And I have been able to give you a complete idea of ??how to do makeup . Only then we have to do makeup keeping this in mind so that our makeup does not harm our skin after using it. Look carefully and use good quality makeup. However, before buying any makeup product, we must check the expiry date. And any makeup product should be used up to two years from the date of use. Using more of it can cause various problems on our skin.

So we should know about makeup well before and after using makeup. And on the other hand, when we remove the makeup after using the makeup, we will clean our skin with a good makeup remover. And clean the skin better with a good face wash. Clean the skin in such a way that no makeup is left on the skin. Be careful before using makeup and it is best to gain complete understanding and knowledge when using makeup products.