The risks of excessive computer use

In this digital era, life is almost impossible without the use of computers. But not using the computer in a healthy way is creating various health complications. Doctors say that using a computer for 4 hours or more can cause many physical problems. Prolonged use of the computer keyboard and mouse causes extra tension or stress on the tendons, nerves, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck. So if you don't take enough rest between work, these organs can cause various problems including pain.

What problems can occur with excessive computer use? What is the remedy? Know them.

1. Muscular problems

People who use computers a lot often suffer from this problem. If the sitting position is not correct, problems like back, neck or waist pain may occur.


  • Chairs and computer tables should be placed in such a way that the monitor screen is at eye level.
  • The spine should be straight.
  • Both legs should be spread straight. As a result, the muscles will not be strained.
  • You have to get up and walk between jobs. 

2. Pain in the neck, fingers and shoulders

If you work with a mouse for a long time, blood circulation in the fingers decreases. As a result, you can feel pain in the finger. Pain in the shoulder muscles may also occur. Wrists and fingers are more prone to carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • Should the mouse be placed next to the board in such a way that the whole hand can move?
  • Use the wrist and hand together when using the mouse, not just the wrist.
  • Type lightly and gently. It is better to work without keeping the wrist in a fixed position while typing.
  • When not typing, do you move your hand away from the board, stretch your arm. Let the hands relax.

3. Eye problems

Human eyes are structurally inclined to look at objects more than six meters away, so any close work puts extra strain on your eye muscles. Working on the computer for a long time can cause various problems in the eyes, it is called computer vision syndrome. This syndrome includes burning eyes, dry eyes, itchy eyes, red eyes and dry tears.


  • The monitor screen must be 50-60 cm away from the eyes.
  • Tilt the screen slightly to avoid reflections or glare.
  • If using a document holder, keep it close to the screen.
  • The light from overhead lamps and table lamps should be dimmed so that it does not shine into your eyes or the computer screen.
  • Don't stare at the screen. Close both eyes occasionally. After every 10 minutes
  • Then look at something in the distance for a while, it will relax the eyes.
  • Work by lowering the screen brightness. So as not to put too much pressure on the eyes.

4. Headaches

Headaches can occur when the muscles of the head and neck are not functioning properly. Sitting in front of the computer for a long time every day can also cause headaches due to eye problems.


Get regular eye checkups. It is better not to work on the neck. Try to keep your neck straight.

Minute check code for all BD sims

After availing minutes offer on your SIM it is necessary to check minutes to know how many minutes you have received or if the offer has arrived. And if you don't know how to check minutes on Teletalk, GP, Airtel, Banglalink or Robi. So in today's post you will know the minute check codes of all sims.

So welcome to its telecom related articles anyway. Without further ado let's start today's post.

All sim minutes view code

Listed below are all the SIM minutes viewing codes separately for different operators. By doing this you can easily know how to check your SIM minutes.

Banglalink Minute Check Code

If you are a Banglalink subscriber then to check Banglalink minutes first go to your dial option then dial *121*100#. Then you will get to see your Banglalink SIM minutes .

Or if you want to easily view or check everything on Banglalink including minute check. Then you need to install My Banglalink app on your phone. You can get My Banglalink app on Google Play Store.

Robi Minute Check Code

Do you want to know how to see Robi's minutes? So first go to the dial pad and dial *222*2# directly when the button is called. Only then you can check Sunday minutes . Hope you got the correct Rabi Minute Check Code.

Also you can easily check Robi minutes using My Robi app. My Robi App is available on Play Store.

How to Check Airtel Minutes

If you are an Airtel SIM subscriber, you can check Airtel minutes by dialing the code below. Airtel minutes check code is *778*0#. You can see the remaining Airtel minutes by typing this code directly on the button phone and on the dial pad on the smartphone.

Or the task can be completed by installing the My Airtel app. If you want to check minutes with My Airtel app, install the app from Play Store.

Know Teletalk Minute Check Code

To see how many minutes are left on your Teletalk SIM, you need to know the Teletalk Minutes Check Code. The code to view teletalk minutes is *152#. You can easily check Teletalk SIM minutes by typing this code on smartphone or button phone.

To view Teletalk SIM minutes more easily, you need to install the official app of Teletalk. You can find the app by typing Teletalk in Play Store. Then you can easily check the remaining minutes with the help of the app.

Code to view GP Minutes

Dial *121*1*2# to check Grameenphone or GP SIM minutes. As soon as you dial, you will see your GP SIM minutes on a pop up screen. Maybe you got this code to check GP minutes

Moreover, minutes can be checked very quickly by using the My GP app. You can see the minutes after installing the app and logging in by going to Play Store and searching for My GP .

Last word

Get to know Robi, Airtel, Grameenphone, Teletalk and Banglalink minute check codes in this post. Hope the post was helpful to you.

Bangladeshi All sim number check code

Come to know the code to see all SIM numbers? Welcome to This article teaches how to know all SIM numbers.

Nowadays we all use smartphones. Without smartphones, our life is stagnant. Every day we spend a lot of time on various websites, social media and even talking to our loved ones with this smartphone.

The need for SIM is immense in all these activities. And if our SIM number is not known then we have to face various problems.

So to solve this problem in this post we will know the codes to check all SIM numbers.

Be it Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, Grameenphone, it is very important to know our SIM number.

Because suddenly someone can come and look for your number or your SIM may need internet, minutes or recharge or someone may check his SIM number with you.

Just then you need to check your desired SIM number. And for this you need to know how to see all sim numbers. So let's now know the rules of knowing all SIM numbers.

Banglalink number check code

Want to know how to see Banglalink SIM number ? Then know that the code to view Banglalink number is *511#.

You can check banglalink number after dialing this code on your dial pad. And this is the easiest way to see Banglalink SIM number.

How does robi see the number?

The rule to check robi number is very simple and with its help you can see your robi number in one click. So the code to see Robi number is *2#. You can check your Robi SIM number by dialing this code on your phone.

How to see teletalk number 2022

To check teletalk number you need to dial a code. Be it a smartphone or a button phone. However, the code to view the teletalk number is *551#. You can see your Teletalk SIM number by dialing it. Hopefully you have found out how much by looking at the teletalk number.

Grameenphone number check

Code to see GP number is *2#. You have to type this code on your dial pad only then you can check Grameenphone or GP number. And this is the rule to see the GP number.

airtel number check

Want to know how to see airtel number? So first go to your dial pad and dial ( direct dial in case of button phone ) *2#. Then you will see your Airtel SIM number.


Here all the methods are very easy and anyone can check his sim number. Besides, you can see your SIM number by dialing these codes directly on the button phone.

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Learn the causes and solutions for site hits in Google's spam update

Today in this post we are going to know why your site has been downgraded in this spam update. So if your site is already hit then today's post is for you.

Those who do not have any problem with the site can also see this post. Because if you stick to the contents of the discussed checklists, you will not be likely to make mistakes in the future.

So let's see those checklists

1. Link Spam

2. Keyword Stuffing

3. Cloaking

4. Doorway pages

5. Hacked Content

6. Hidden Content

7. Scraping other

8. Artificial Content

9. Malware

10. Misleading Functionality

11. Sneaky Redirects

12. Lazy Affiliate Pages

13. User generated spam

14. Real Scam

1. Link Spam

Link Spam is when you create links or backlinks by cheating Google. For example:

Purchased Links: When you buy backlinks from other sites in exchange for money.

Exchanged Links: When you exchange backlinks with other sites, i.e. your site's link on their site, their site's link on your site. This is called link exchange which is outside of Google's policy.

Automated Links: Taking backlinks through various online tools is called automatic links.

Forum Signature Links: When you mention your website link in the profile of a forum site it is called forum signature link.

You can mention your site name in the profile but refrain from mentioning links.

Footer Links: Many people import their site links in different blog themes hoping to get backlinks. Which can seriously affect your site's ranking.

Low Quality Bookmarking Links: There are various sites available on the internet where anyone can publish links to any site. These links are called bookmarking or directory links.

If you are getting links for your site in 6 ways given above. Then these can be one of the reasons for your site ranking down.

Now the question is how to remove these links easily?

Google has disavow tools to remove these links. Through which the spam links of your site will be removed very easily.

Remove will not remove the link but Google will no longer prioritize these links.

Link Disavow Rules

Step 1: Collect your spam links.

Step 2: Save the spam links to a file in .txt format.

Step 3: Go to Google Disavow Tool and select your domain name by clicking on Select Property.

Step 4: Upload the .txt file of your spam link list by clicking the Upload Disavow List button.

2. Keyword Stuffing

If you forcibly use the same keyword in your site content, then this is called keyword stuffing.

And keyword stuffing is outside of Google's policy. So if you are keyword stuffing in any content of your site. Then fix it immediately.

3. Cloaking

When you show one content to Google bot on a page and another content to visitors it is called cloaking content.

So if you have content on your site where visitor and Google bot are showing different content then remove that page immediately.

4. Doorway pages

assume you or a writer wrote a 1,000 word post. The post is like “Top 10 Mobile Shops in Dhaka”.

Now if you copy this content multiple times. That means using the same content like "Chittagong", "Rajshahi", "Khulna" only instead of Dhaka.

More simply…

Top 10 Mobile Shops in Dhaka Top 10 Mobile Shops

in Chittagong Top 10 Mobile Shops

in Rajshahi.

If you publish the same content again and again by changing the name of the content, it will enter the Doorway Page and the ranking power of your site will decrease.

5. Hacked Content

If your site has hacking related content then remove that content immediately. Because hacking content is also outside of Google's policy.

So if your site has any post about hacking then delete that post.

6. Hidden Content

When some part of a particular page is hidden from the visitors it is called hidden content.

Because your content visitors see in the form of text, images. But the same content is seen by Google bot in code form. So naturally Google can catch the hidden content.

Hidden content usually looks like this:

setting the font size to zero.

Use the site's background color to match the font color.

Making fonts transparent via CSS

Using images above text.

Note: Hidden content also violates Google's policies. So don't hide any content on the site. If you have already hidden it, fix it immediately.

7. Scraping other Scraping other

means publishing other's content directly on your site, changing other's content and publishing it on your own site or rewriting other's content with the help of spin or tools.

If you do this, this is one of the reasons why your site is getting hit with spam updates.

8. Artificial Content

If your site has artificial content (AI) then it must be removed. This is one of the reasons why sites get hit with spam updates.

Because currently (as of 2022) Google does not look favorably on content created with AI or artificial intelligence.

9. Malware

Malware means that someone hacks your site by coding it in such a way that forces the visitor's device to click on various malware software, files, links.

If this happens on your site or you are giving different malware software, files, links content then remove it immediately.

Special Note: Different crack themes or plugins do something like this. So check your site immediately for malware.

10. Misleading Functionality

When you promise to give a certain thing to the visitor in your content but do not give it in the content then it will fall under misleading functionality web spam.


suppose you wrote a post on your site today about “Cow Essay Pdf Download”.

But in the entire content, you have not given the PDF file anywhere to the visitor.

Then to Google it will be considered as misleading functionality and will be marked as a spam site and your site will lose rank.

11. Sneaky Redirects

When you send visitors and bots to different URLs on the page, it is considered a sneaky redirect.

However, if the same page is redirected to a different URL for mobile visitors and a different URL for desktop visitors, then it is also called a sneaky redirect.

So make sure your site page URL is same for google bot, mobile visitors and desktop visitors. Avoid redirecting to different URLs for two devices.

12. Lazy Affiliate Pages

If you copy the text, images from various e-commerce or brand product review sites and publish them on your affiliate site, you will get hit with spam updates.

So write your own, avoid copying, make your affiliate site's text, images unique.

13. User generated spam

Many site visitors are spammed with links in their comments. This is called user generated spam. So you need to moderate your site regularly. Spam comments cannot be approved.

Also if the user can edit the post on your site and if everyone gives a link, or if many sites have a guest posting feature. If most of the users link more then that will also fall under these rules.

So moderate your site regularly to save it from user generated spam. Remove spamming links from sites.

14. Real Scam

Copying other websites is called real scam. Copying of content is not intended here. Here is the meaning…

If a brand website fakes exactly like that i.e. if the user is fooled into thinking your site is that brand website then it will be a real scam. So if you copy the design, color, name of any big website then it will come under real scam. So design your site as you like. Refrain from copying.


if your site is already getting hit by spam updates, modify your site by keeping the above 14 points in mind.

Those whose sites are not ranked down, avoid doing these things.

Things to do before buying a new phone

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone, but some people have a habit of waiting, when a new phone is launched and buy it. Such people use the phone for a month or two at most and then sell it.

Do you know, nowadays it is not wise to buy only new and expensive mobile phones. It is also true that a common man cannot change his phone frequently. So want to buy a phone that will last for a long time.

Things to keep in mind while buying a smartphone:

You must know that every day some company launches a new smartphone to attract customers. In such a scenario, it becomes our duty to do an investigation and choose the best smartphone for ourselves. All of you don't worry, today we are going to tell you complete details through this post on Smartphone Buying Guide.

Keep these 6 things in mind before buying a mobile:

Let's know  what to keep in mind while buying a new smartphone   and together we will tell you what qualities a good mobile should have.

1.  Price:  First of all, if we talk about the price of smartphone, then it depends on our budget, what range of smartphone we can buy. Some people spend a lot of money to buy a good phone. But speaking of reality, nowadays there is no need to spend a lot of money and we can only buy good mobile phones in the mid range.

2. Smartphone Build Quality: Talking about Smartphone Build Quality, how sturdy our phones are, these days phones are available in the market with three types of quality (plastic back, glass back and metal back). Those have their own advantages but when we talk about most phones, almost all phones come with a plastic build. Because it doesn't heat up the phone too much which is a big advantage. So if you love to play games then you should buy plastic build phone. If scratches are a problem, using a phone cover won't be a problem.

3.  Display Quality:  The display of the phone very important These phones have many qualities. Like – HD+, Full HD+, AMOLED and Super AMOLED. Nowadays, a smartphone with a good display costs 15 to 20 thousand rupees. This budget comes with an AMOLED display which is very good. You can buy a phone with an AMOLED display so that you get a better experience while watching movies or playing games .

4. Camera Performance :  You can't buy a mobile and not talk about the camera. Because nowadays the craze of taking pictures is very high. So many companies think of doing their best in terms of camera quality. That's why even if you buy a budget phone, you will get the best camera. There are many people who buy mobile after checking the camera. Whatever the rest of the feature doesn't look like, it shouldn't. Because having the best camera alone doesn't make a phone perfect.

5. Battery backup :  There are many people who change their phones frequently only because of battery problems. But you don't have to be wrong. You first need to decide how much phone you want to use. If you are a casual user and don't play games, your phone will last a day. But if you do a lot of gaming and face battery issues, you should buy a phone with at least 5 or 6000 mAh battery and which supports fast charging.

6. Processor :  After the display quality in the phone, the processor is very important. Because the processor is the base of the phone, or rather everything depends on it. If you go with a cheap phone, you will almost certainly get a lower quality processor in it. Due to which the problem of hanging on the smartphone comes a lot. So you have to be very careful about which processor is used in the mobile you are buying.

What you learned through this article

What to keep in mind when buying a smartphone  ?

Smartphone Buying Guide.

What should be kept in mind before buying a phone? 

What should be considered when buying a mobile?

What should be considered while buying a mobile phone?

These must be checked before marriage

Both boys and girls should undergo some physical and mental tests before marriage. Let the reader know about the required tests.

General health examination: Age, body height, weight, blood pressure, whether all vaccinations including hepatitis are done or not, whether or not you are addicted to beedi-cigarettes, alcohol-marijuana or any other drugs, mental condition should be known. Age is very important in marriage. In the case of boys, early marriage can lead to infertility. Some studies conducted abroad have shown that children of older fathers may have several problems.

Hereditary Diseases: The most common hereditary diseases are thalassemia, muscular dystrophy, certain nerve disorders, epileptic disorders, mental illness. For example, schizophrenia, depression, cystic fibrosis, certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure and stroke), diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, obesity, asthma, glaucoma, etc. There are some hereditary diseases that are passed on to children, which may not manifest physically. Essentially, testing is needed for diseases that do not manifest physically. Especially if the marriage is between relatives or if they belong to the same tribe, it is important to do such a test before the marriage. In the case of hereditary diseases i.e. the disease is inherited from both parents, Many times parents can also get sick from genes of one of them. Both children may have genetic or hereditary disease problems. However, in some cases, such as hemophilia (blood clotting problem), problems like color blindness, the risk of the mother is more than that of the son. Girls are usually not affected in this case. In many cases, genetic diseases are transmitted through women who carry them, but the disease does not manifest itself in her case. It can be harmful if contracted in children. These diseases are diagnosed through DNA testing with blood or tissue from the body. Problems such as color blindness are often more likely to affect the son than the mother. Girls are usually not affected in this case. In many cases, genetic diseases are transmitted through women who carry them, but the disease does not manifest itself in her case. It can be harmful if contracted in children. These diseases are diagnosed through DNA testing with blood or tissue from the body. Problems such as color blindness are often more likely to affect the son than the mother. Girls are usually not affected in this case. In many cases, genetic diseases are transmitted through women who carry them, but the disease does not manifest itself in her case. It can be harmful if contracted in children. These diseases are diagnosed through DNA testing with blood or tissue from the body.

Infertility: Problems like sexual impotence or impotence, azoospermia and infertility do not bode well for the future of the couple. A solution can be found through hormone and semen (Venus-containing semen) analysis. Hopefully, 98 percent of young people have no physical problems. Only 2 percent of young men are diagnosed with azoospermia, or infertility. Through marriage man desires his children and preserves heredity. Infertility can happen to both men and women. Likewise, infertility can be a major cause of extreme turmoil in family life. So apparently the tests related to this seem unnecessary but are important from the medical point of view.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Some diseases are transmitted through marriage or sexual intercourse, which can affect the partner. Lately, the number of people affected by various sexual diseases including syphilis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, sancroid is increasing. These diseases can be treated. So if possible before marriage check VDRL, Papsmear etc. (if there is disease) and treat it, your family will be disease free. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct such tests on your own initiative. Apart from this, there is a risk of diseases like AIDS. Now is not the time to turn a blind eye and say that a person is free from such diseases. Besides, in this age of science, it is foolish to think so. So check it out.

Blood test: Very important for marriage is blood diagnosis, blood group diagnosis. Differences in blood group can cause some complications in family life. Those who do not have Rh factor in their blood are called 'Negative' blood type, eg A negative, B negative etc. If a positive group man is married to a negative group woman, they may have complications during childbirth. In such cases, abortion may occur. The child may die. Apart from this, thalassemia, hemophilia, any blood disease should be checked.

If something bad is found in the test: In this case we have to choose the good side instead of negative thoughts. Because most cases can be cured with treatment. However, if you are suffering from AIDS or any such deadly disease, do not keep it a secret and stay under the supervision of a doctor. Tell the matter to the one with whom the marriage is fixed or to whom the life partner is fixing. Never hide these things.

Oppo Reno 8Z VS Oppo Reno 8 Pro

Oppo is one of the global mobile phone companies. Today we are going to compare 2 phones of the same series from Oppo.

Oppo Reno 8 Z and Oppo Reno 8 Pro. After reading this article to the end you will get all the details regarding these phones and decide which one to buy.


  • The Oppo Reno 8 Pro features an FHD+ AMOLED display panel with a screen size of 6.7 inches.
  • The screen resolution of this phone is 2412*1080 pixels and it comes with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.
  • It has a pixel density of 394 ppi, and a screen-to-body ratio of 93.4%.
  • Oppo Reno 8 Z has an AMOLED display panel with a screen size of 6.5 inches.
  • It comes with a screen resolution of 1080*2400 pixels and has a refresh rate of 120 Hz.
  • Oppo Reno 8 Z has a pixel density of 402 PPI, and a screen-to-body ratio of 84.7%.


  • The height, width and thickness of Oppo Reno 8 Pro are 161 mm, 74.2 mm respectively. and 7.34 mm.
  • It weighs 183 grams.
  • Oppo Reno 8 Z, on the other hand, measures 159.90 x 73.20 x 7.66 mm in height, width and thickness.
  • The weight of this phone is 181 grams.

Camera –

  • Oppo Reno 8 Pro has a triple rear with 50 MP, f/1.8, 23mm (main camera), 1/1.56″, 1.0 m, multi-directional PDAF, MP, f/2.2, 16mm, 112 (ultrawide), 1 Camera setup is /4.0″, 1.12 m, 2 MP, f/2.4, (macro). The selfie camera has a single punch hole camera with 32 MP, f/2.4, 22mm , 1/2.74″, 0.8 m, AF.
  • Oppo Reno 8Z has a triple rear camera setup with 64 MP, f/1.7, 26mm (main camera), PDAF, 2 MP, f/2.4, (macro), 2 MP, f/2.4, (depth ).
  • On the front, it has a single punch-hole camera with 16 MP, f/2.4, 27 mm and 1.0 m.

Processor –

  • With MediaTek Dimensity 8100-Max (5 nm), an octa-core (4×2.85 GHz Cortex-A78 and 4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A55) chipset, it also offers Mali-G610 MC6 as GPU in Oppo Reno 8 Pro.
  • Oppo Reno 8 Z has a Qualcomm SM6375 Snapdragon 695 5G (6 nm), an Octa-core (2×2.2 GHz Kryo 660 Gold & 6×1.7 GHz Kryo 660 Silver) processor chipset. Also, it has an Adreno 619 as GPU.

Battery –

  • Oppo Reno 8 Pro has a 4500 mAh capacity (Li-Po ion) battery.
  • It supports fast charging up to 80W.
  • Oppo Reno 8 Z comes with a 4500 mAh (Li-Po ion) battery cell and supports up to 33W fast charging.

Connectivity –

  • Oppo Reno 8 Pro has Wi-Fi connectivity with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot, Bluetooth V 5.3, A2DP, LE, aptX HD .
  • Oppo Reno8Z comes with a wi-fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot, Bluetooth V 5.1, A2DP, LE, aptX HD.

Find out about BUFT, how to apply and how much it costs

Many of us have a dream to build a very helpful and beautiful career.

For this we have to study hard in life, so that we can brighten the face of parents and make them smile.

After completing our school and college life, we join universities and other sectors to pursue higher education.

But currently most of the unemployed in our country can be seen with the institutional education of the university. So many are studying in other sectors. and building his career.

Today I am going to talk about one of the leading educational institutes in Bangladesh with which you can build your career.

Today I will talk about BGMEA University of fashion and technology whose short name is BUFT.

Where thousands of students wait for admission every year. Traditional education is not very popular with the present generation.

Everyone wants to do something with their creativity. Everyone is now choosing different ways to express their creativity.

One wants to be, fashion designer, textile engineering manufacturer and many more.

Now those who have joined these professions have acquired their formal education in different subjects.

For this, you become a successful entrepreneur by doing various short term courses in BGMEA University.

What are the eligibility requirements to get admission in BUFT?

BUFT is managed under the supervision of BGMEA, the largest organization in Bangladesh. A total of 7.00 points out of 3.50 in SSC and HSC is required for admission here.

Admission to this sector like public universities is to be done through an entrance exam. If 9.50+ in SSC and HSC then direct admission is available.

Cost of Study at BUFT

BUFT is said to be one of the largest universities in Bangladesh.

A student can develop himself in various sectors so that BUFT has its own many subjects in which a student can develop his career.

Bangladesh has gained a strong position in the garment industry. To enrich it, BUFT has made AMT department to study Fashion Design which has a total semester cost of 7 lakh 50 thousand rupees for 4 years.

Also they have FDT department, KMT department and many more sectors in total all departments will spend like 8 targets for 4 years.

Graduate program

The University offers the following Master degree programs:

1. MBA in Apparel Merchandising

2. One year MBA in Apparel Merchandising

3. MBA Regular (majoring in Accounting, Finance, HRM & Marketing) – Proposed

4. MBA Executive (majoring in Accounting, Finance, HRM & Marketing) – Proposed

5. MBA in International Business – Proposed

6. Master of Science in Fashion Design & Technology (M.Sc. in FDT)

7. Master of Science in Textile Engineering (M.Sc. in TE)

What job opportunities are there in BUFT?

You can become a main designer by studying fashion design in various big fashion designing houses, you can do fashion designing for big celebrities.

You can become a chip designer for various industrial factories, which is worth a lot. Your salary will be between 1 lakh to 3 lakh.

Which is enough to last a man's life. You can be a Mercantiser of various buying houses.

There can also be many other things that can change your life.

So, according to me if you want to change your destiny choose BUFT for higher education beyond traditional education.

So guys this was the detail thanks everyone for reading my post.

How to become a successful freelancer

Freelancing is now a hot topic for both developed and developing countries. The number of such people is increasing day by day who are taking freelancing as their livelihood. Competition is also increasing in marketplaces like Upwork ,, Fiver etc. A local marketplace balancer has also developed in Bangladesh. To succeed here at this stage you must present yourself differently from others. But how? Today we will discuss five key points of becoming a successful freelancer.

1. Know about yourself

There are basically three types of people in the outsourcing industry or freelancing. The first type of people are freelancing full time. They are mainly professionals who don't like desk jobs. The second type of people are freelancing part-time. They work for a certain amount but regularly. And the third type of people suffer from indecisiveness. They think about what kind of work is right, whether to work full-time or part-time, and even suffer from the dilemma of freelancing at all.

If you want to come out of this third type of group, you must first have a clear idea of ​​your own qualifications, your interests, your weaknesses, your own strengths. Be confident and set goals. No legitimate profession is impossible for a man if he starts with a strong determination.

2. Option to hold

You may find many people who are after only one goal and are determined to achieve it. If you are thinking like this when it comes to freelancing, there are several other things you should keep in mind. Career is not a 'mission' but it is bigger than a 'vision'. Hope you understand the difference between 'mission' and 'vision'.

Mission is short term and vision is longer term than mission. However, backup options should always be kept as one should not rely on any one marketplace or single client. Maybe your current client is great but remember he won't be around forever. In my experience I have also seen people who lost their clients just because of payment for work.

In fact, the risk factor is very high in a competitive space. There could be many things like your project expired, marketplace closed, problem with your account etc. And that's why connect with more than one marketplace, grow clients, build network, build your portfolio profile.

3. Correct use of time

Time is a precious resource when it comes to freelancing. Organize your time so that it can be used properly. Use a time tracker app. Use tools like Evernote, Google Keep to take notes. Complete the client's work on time. Punctuality and responsibility are very important in freelancing.

4. Choosing the right job

There are also many dishonest people in the freelancing marketplace. Therefore, before taking the job, check whether the client is reliable or not. Check whether the payment method is verified, what is the rating of the client, what are the reviews of others about the client etc. Contact support directly if the client is playing hide-and-seek with payment after the job is done.

5. learning something new

Until death lies in advancing one's skills. Focus on staying updated with the world, taking skill tests, joining new communities, learning new things related to your job field, improving communication skills, etc.

If you make the right decisions about the above five things, you can succeed in the freelancing world. As I said in the beginning, career is a big thing. If you drop your studies and turn to freelancing because of the lure of cash dollars, there are chances of loss. So if you work hard from a safe position you can expect to be successful.

Best website to earn online

Online working is a very popular profession nowadays. It is possible to earn thousands of dollars from home by doing different types of work according to the skills. Many big companies around the world are hiring freelancers through outsourcing projects. These include Airbnb, Dropbox etc. Bangladesh is now one of the most popular freelancer communities in the world.

Most of this huge number of people have started freelancing through various websites. What are the addresses of those websites? Want to know? In this post we are discussing some of the most popular online earning websites.

List of best internet earning sites:

1. Upwork

Which is the most popular freelancing site in the world? At least I think the answer would be 'upwork'. It first started operations under the name Odesk. In 2015, the site changed its name from Odesk to Upwork. Then another popular freelancing platform 'Elance' integrated with Upwork.

Upwork offers jobs at fixed and hourly rates. PayPal, Payoneer and Bank Transfer methods are available to withdraw money from here. Don't worry if you don't have PayPal. Because you can directly bring money from Upwork to Bangladeshi bank account. Besides, there is Peony.

Since Upwork is a very popular freelancing site, it also has a lot of competition. You cannot apply for jobs immediately after opening an account here. Your account must be approved first. Besides, if you don't provide correct information on the site, you will have problems with your account later. So before you start working on Upwork, know the platform well.

Of course, in all freelancing platforms you must open an account with correct and true information. Because otherwise there will be complications with payment and other matters. Check out our dedicated post for details on how to earn online with Upwork .

2. Fiver

Good amount projects are posted on Fiver starting from $5. Fiverr is very popular for logo design, voice recording, article writing, etc. Buyers directly search for freelancers and offer projects on this site.

All fixed price projects on fiver (no hourly jobs on fiver yet). You can use PayPal, Payoneer and Bank Transfer to withdraw your earnings from Fiverr.

3. is a premier online job marketplace offering fixed price and hourly rate projects. There are tons of online jobs, and the number of freelancers is also huge.

The company is headquartered in Australia. has PayPal, Skrill, Pioneer and bank transfer systems for withdrawing money earned by working on projects.

4. People Per Hour

Based in London, UK, People Per Hour is one of the most popular online income sites. Projects are available at fixed price and hourly rates. People can use PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and Bank Transfer to withdraw earnings from People Per Hour.

5. Nineteen Designs –

If you are a freelance designer, then 99Designs can be a great place to work for you. Here buyers from different parts of the world offer projects and get logos, websites and other graphic designs done by professional designers.

You can use Pioneer and PayPal to withdraw your earnings from 99Designs. 99Designs is a multinational company based in San Francisco, USA, best known for online design.

6. – is an American freelancing site, offering both fixed price and hourly projects. You can use PayPal, Payoneer and Bank Transfer to withdraw money from

7. job

If you are new to freelancing then you can try a desi freelancing platform. Kaj is a Bangladeshi freelancing platform. Here you can find jobs posted by various desi buyers. Know more 👉 Bangladeshi freelancing site 'Kajkhunji' comes with great benefits .

8. –

Balancer is a Bangladeshi freelancing platform where various types of desi projects are available. Balancer also said it plans to bring in clients and freelancers from outside the country. From micro-sized (Tk 100 / 1 Doller) projects to very large amount projects come on Currently there are only fixed price jobs. You can start your freelancing career by registering on Balancer.

You can collect the money earned through Balancer by bank transfer, development, or directly by visiting the Balancer office.

26 Best Ways to Earn Online

Online income has become a popular source of income these days. There is huge potential here.

For example, if a job has a fixed salary, maybe if you do a good job you will get Rs. 21000 more. But that's not the case online.

There is no limit to online earnings. Online you can earn huge amount of money according to your skrill. Which is night and day compared to a job.

The more skill you get in an online job, the more income you will earn.

In today's post, I will guide you on how to get quick success and make long-term and good amount of online income by doing any online job with online income medium.

Who can make online income?

Yes, the answer to this question seems very difficult to many, but to me it is very easy! I am sure that anyone can come and earn online.

Because if you want to earn online, you have to have the mindset to work hard. And since most of the time there is no cash to be made online, many people give up very quickly, which is a big reason for not being successful online.

To put it simply, to get success online, you have to start looking and develop your skills. Once someone develops their skills and starts earning online, I think there is no looking back.

Online Income 2022 

We have shared a total of 26 online income sources in this post. You can choose any one of these jobs and learn it well to earn online.

Online Income Site

In this post I will share with you the ways of online income as well as some trusted online income websites. In those websites you can earn money by working according to their instructions.

Although in the beginning you may find it a little difficult. That's why if you give up, it won't happen anymore. If you can start earning once with patience, from those websites, then you can earn good amount of money in no time.

And I have a request to you in advance, read the post completely and if you like the post, then share the post with the people you know who are interested in online income. So that by reading this post they can know detailed information about online income, and can choose the right job to earn online.

1. Online Income 2022 By Creating Websites / Blogging

Earning from website or blogging is a popular way to earn online. Many people I know are making good money online through blogging. Some of them have income up to a few lakhs per month. Which is possible for a common man to believe.

First of all I will recommend you to make income from website . Because from here you will be able to generate good amount [compared to current market job] and permanent income.

Creating a website is very easy. To build a website you will need a web-hosting and domain. Moreover, websites can be created for free. But I won't recommend it for you because it may cause you various problems later on.

How to earn money from the website

Generally you can earn money from a website in three ways.

1. Using Google Adsense.

2. By affiliate marketing.

3. Using Sponsored Links.

Earn Online Using Google Adsense

When a visitor comes to your website, through that visitor you can earn online using Google Adsense on your website.

When your website visitors view or click on the Google AdSense ad, $ dollars will be added to your AdSense account, which means you will have income.

But to get Google Adsense your website needs to fulfill some conditions. Which Google has shared Google AdSense rules on their blog. If you want, you can read all those rules from the Google AdSense blog.

You need to apply for Google Adsense when you start getting organic visitors to your website. According to me, when your website starts getting organic 100-200 visitors per day, then you should apply for Google Adsense.

Online income by affiliate marketing

Affiliate links are one of the best ways to earn online through website in 2022. To use affiliate links you need a website on which you will use links from other affiliate websites.

All the visitors who go to the affiliate website and buy any product or thing with the affiliate link used on your website, the affiliate website will share a certain amount of revenue with you. In this way, you can earn online by using the affiliate link.

To get affiliate link you have to go to affiliate website and show your website and apply. After applying for affiliate links, they will review your website to see if your website is suitable for using affiliate links according to their guidelines.

If your website is relevant then they will approve you this affiliate link. Then you can earn online using affiliate links on your website.

Special Note: Using affiliate links or affiliate marketing can be done without own website. If you want, one can use social media or some free website building platform to do affiliate marketing. But it is better to do it on your own website.

Earn online with sponsored links

Website Sponsor Link is a website link that you contract to use on your website. That link can be an image link, direct link, or some other way. By using that link you will get money from that website owner monthly, depending on clicks or impressions.

2. Earn from YouTube

As far as I know, YouTube is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to earn online . If you want, you can easily earn online using YouTube.

Nowadays getting YouTube monetization is a bit difficult.

Because a YouTube channel has a long way to go before getting monetization which can only be achieved through hard work and patience.

YouTube Monetization means Adsense on YouTube. Ads will appear on your YouTube videos when your YouTube channel is monetized. You earn money by showing ads on your YouTube videos.

But to get monetization on your YouTube video you need to fulfill some conditions.

The conditions are:

  • Your YouTube channel must have 4,000 hours of video views and 1,000,000 subscribers in the past year.
  • Your YouTube video must be Google advertisement friendly.

3. Earn from Facebook

Facebook is the world's largest social media. A large portion of the world's people are connected to Facebook. An average of 05 Facebook accounts are created every second.

There are 2.5 billion monthly active Facebook users. 1.45 billion people log into their Facebook accounts every day.

More detailed information about Facebook can be found from Wikipedia: Details about Facebook 

But you can use this huge social media for online income. However, earning from Facebook is a bit difficult. But with patience and following the right guidelines, it is possible to earn from Facebook very quickly.

There are many ways to earn from Facebook. But I will discuss a few popular mediums. Which you can use to earn from Facebook.

Income from Facebook page

You can earn money from Facebook by uploading videos to Facebook pages like YouTube. It is usually monetized by displaying ads on videos. However, some conditions of the Facebook page must be fulfilled before the ad appears on the video of the Facebook page.

Must have a Facebook page.

  • Facebook page should have 10,000 or more followers.
  • The page's videos must have at least 30,000 views (watched for more than 1 minute) in the last 60 days. Only those videos that are longer than 3 minutes will count in this case.
  • Ad will be eligible to appear on video on your Facebook page after fulfilling these conditions of Facebook. Then you need to apply to Facebook authority for monetization of your Facebook page.

They will review your Facebook page and if it is suitable for Facebook page monetization according to their guidelines, Facebook authorities will add an ad to your video. And by showing ads in your videos, you can earn online through Facebook page.

Income from Facebook groups

It is possible to earn from Facebook groups. I have seen a lot of Facebook groups online, where you have to pay for a website link or an ad.

For example, there are some popular Facebook groups in Bangladesh. In which the owners of many job websites in Bangladesh share their website links. And the owners of those Facebook groups have to pay monthly to share the link.

However, to earn money from a Facebook group, the group needs a large number of active members. Which is possible if some people work together for a long time.

It will be very difficult to monetize a Facebook group alone. So you can create a Facebook group with some of your close friends to earn money.

4. Earn by writing articles on blogs/websites

If you can write SEO friendly website articles , you can use that skill to earn good amount of money online.

But writing SEO friendly articles for a newbie is very difficult in the beginning. But if you put your mind to it, you will be able to write SEO friendly website posts very quickly.

You can work as a content writer in major online marketplaces. For example: Upwork, Fiber, Freelancer These online markets have a very large category, on content writing.

If you can write, or learn, S-friendly website posts, you can earn money by writing articles on our website .

We will add this option to our website in a few days. To those who post on our website, we will pay a certain amount according to the quality of the post.

5. Earn by designing graphics

Graphics, also known as "the art of drawing" Graphics design is a similar medium that refers to drawing pictures or designs on a surface (eg, on a canvas, on a screen, on a piece of paper, or on a wall). Which conveys a certain meaning and conveys to us an idea or an entertainment or a self-portrait.

If you can become a good quality graphic designer, you can earn more than thousand dollars per month.

You can learn graphic design by searching Google or YouTube by watching tutorials. If you have strong interest in learning this job. Also if you wish you can take a course on graphic design under any trusted IT company.

6. Web design

Web designing is designing the layout, content production, webpages etc. for the website. The cost of web designing is very high in the current market.

 As many websites as there are, every website needs a web designer.

If someone wants to make a professional website then he must take the help of a web designer.

Good quality web designer freelancing marketplace is worth a lot. The rate of work is also very high according to the skill of the work.

If you can learn design well it will be very easy for you to earn online. And that will be the long lasting online income path for you.

If you have a strong interest in learning this task, you can learn web design by searching Google or YouTube by watching tutorials.

And if you wish you can take a course on web design under any trusted IT company.

The best free website to learn web design is:

7. Programming

According to the Cambridge University Dictionary definition of programming,

“Programming is the act of writing computer programs.”

How does a computer work? Computers can do all these tasks from saving images and videos to keeping track of excel sheets. But the computer can do all this by itself?

No, computers certainly don't do these things on their own. That is why these programs must be set in it.

Just as humans use language to communicate with each other, computers also need to use specific language to give correct instructions. C++, Python are some of the programming languages ​​with the help of which instructions are given to the computer.

A computer programmer gives instructions to the computer in such a way that the computer can run various software and applications.

Computer programming is one of the top freelancing jobs. A programmer learns these programming tasks over a long period of time and can instruct the computer to run any application.

If you want to learn programming academically then you can study in computer science and engineering department. In this department you will get certificate as well as learn about programming language.

Moreover, you can learn by watching YouTube. And if you want to do any course online then I will recommend these 3 websites Udemy, Udacity, coursera.

Learning the job of programming is time consuming but if you learn the job of programming well, endless opportunities will open up for you. Then you can earn good amount online by doing programming.

8. Digital Marketing

You must all have heard about LinkedIn, the famous online job website.  The most sought after job on this website is Digital Marketing. 

Digital marketing is difficult to define in one word. But I will explain it to you with an example.

Digital marketing is all about promoting products by posting on social media, email marketing, promoting products by advertising on YouTube and formulating these strategies. 

If you want to come to digital digital marketing site, you must struggle a little at first. But the good news is that the more experienced you are in digital marketing, the more valuable your work will be.

9. Translation

Translation There are many advertisements for translation on various freelancing websites online. 

First of all I said that for the students of Qaumi Madrasah, there will be ways to earn money online especially.

The easiest way for them to earn online is - Qoumi Madrasa has two languages ​​usually taught along with Bengali. 

Arabic and Urdu. Although Urdu is not taught everywhere, Arabic language is known by almost all students of Qaumi Madrasas.

Students of Qaumi Madrasa can easily earn online by translating from Arabic to English or from Arabic to other languages. 

Besides, those who have skills in other languages ​​such as German, Chinese, Japanese, can earn a lot of money online by translating various documents. 

Translation is a reliable means of income from online.

If you know the language, you can do e-translation on mobile. No need for laptop or PC. In this way you can earn money with mobile through translation .

I said simple is an easy medium because if you know English Bengali and another language as well then you can get any translation job very easily.

10. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a type of work that is similar to the work of an assistant, but the difference is that the work of a virtual assistant can be done from home. You can work from home as a virtual assistant.

The more multitasking capabilities a virtual assistant has, the more qualified it will be.

What a virtual assistant needs to know is:

  • Use of e-mail.
  • Communication skills.
  • Basic data entry skills.
  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.

The field of work of virtual assistant is wide.

Never mind the owner of an e-commerce company. How many mails, phone calls, complaints from clients he has to listen to every day. A virtual assistant can assist him in these matters.

One can apply on various online freelancing websites to become a virtual assistant.

The more computer savvy someone is, the more likely they are to get hired as a virtual assistant. Because, the work is completely computer dependent.

So learn as many skills as possible if you want to become a virtual assistant. For example, if you are good at typing, learn Photoshop as well. 

At first I said that the work of virtual assistant is multitasking. So the client can provide any work which he has not mentioned in his job condition.

Then you will be embarrassed if you don't know the job. So the more you know about different computer software, the higher your chances of getting a job will increase.

Virtual assistant and a freelancing job. You can become a virtual assistant of any American client sitting in Worldwide.

In this way, you can easily earn online by becoming a virtual assistant.

11. Email marketing

Making money through email marketing is another popular means of income online.

Email marketing is as many customers as you have email, you will keep them connected with your company by informing them about your new product or through various written emails. 

Email notifications will let them know about your new product.

Don't send them emails just to advertise the product. You can also send them short stories, blogs etc. to attract your readers. 

Then they won't get bored as well as they will be encouraged to open your email when it arrives.

You can earn online by selling your collected emails on various websites. If you search on Google for email selling websites, you will find many sites where you can sell your emails. More ways to earn online through email.

12. Freelancing Online Income 2022

Everyone wants to earn money .

Freelancing is the surest way to earn online . 

You have seen such famous people around you by earning money from online by freelancing.

Some of you who are reading my article may earn money by freelancing.

Web design, graphics design, content writing, programming are examples of freelancing jobs. By learning these things well, you can earn online by creating an account on a freelancing website.

The main difference between freelancers and other jobs is that freelancers do not work from 10-5.

For example, suppose a web designer receives an order for a web page design. He told the client that he would complete the work in the next 3 days.

This web designer works day or night within 3 days as per client submission. This is the specialty of freelancer work.

I will give you some basic ideas about freelancing and give some tips here and it will benefit those of you who don't know as well as those who do. 

Newbies and my readers who are thinking of becoming a freelancer may be wondering where to learn freelancing. 

If you want to learn academically, I will suggest you to get admission in Computer Science and Engineering, Software Engineering department.

And like many things, you can learn to work online on YouTube . YouTube has many detailed videos on freelancing jobs. From there you can learn.

But if you want to take courses online with money, then in that case I will recommend you websites like Udemy, udacity, coursera.

Those who take the classes here are experts in the respective subject and the classes are very practical and well explained.

Laptop is one of the essential things for freelancing. You must have a laptop if you want to do web design and programming work.

Content writing will work even without a laptop for translation.

If you want to learn from an elder brother, you must see if he is an expert in this field and earns from freelancing. 

How you can get freelancing work?

For those who are brand new, I would suggest first to get hands-on experience in the Bangladeshi market.

That's why they can follow the posts of the respective Facebook group. For example, if you are a web designer expert, you will add to this related Facebook group.

Here you can get experience as well as many of these groups advertise jobs or small jobs. 

The more you do this, the more experienced you will become. For freelancing in Bangladesh you can receive small amount of money through development.

There are many web sites in the international market where freelancers work. The most famous website is fiverr followed by upwork, guru etc. 

For freelancing your best bet is to have a PayPal account.

But if you can't arrange a paypal account, you can do freelancing by opening a payoneer account.

For that you will need some documents like National ID card your bank account etc. so that they will verify your account and you can earn online by financing from abroad. 

fiverr's gig image:

As we have already said that the fiber website is the most famous online for this.

Images are created to attract customers online on this famous website. 

Many are not experts in creating this image. For example, a content writer is an expert in writing. He will not always be an expert in creating such a gig image. 

There is a separate market online for gig images of fiber. You can earn money online by creating gig images on fiber.

13. Internet income by e-commerce website

You can register your name and product on various e-commerce websites like Daraz, Amazon and earn online easily by selling products.

For ease of understanding we will divide the e-commerce website into two types.

The first type of e-commerce site is the domestic e-commerce site in Bangladesh such as Daraz Evely.

And the second type of website is the international website like Amazon, eBay.

Doing business on domestic e-commerce websites of Bangladesh such as Daraz Evalley etc. is relatively easy compared to international e-commerce websites. 

Registration You can easily do business on Daraz Evally from Bangladesh by uploading product images, providing product details and adding payment methods.

But inside Bangladesh the market of Daraz Evalley is full of competition.

And here there is fierce competition with products. However if you can maintain the quality of your product, customers will speak for you and give you good reviews which will be very helpful in selling your product.

Doing e-commerce business within the country is comparatively less profitable but hassle is very less here.

If you want to rent a shop in a shopping mall, you have to pay a monthly rent of several thousand dollers in addition to giving your security deposit. E-commerce websites do not have such problems.

If you can do the marketing of your product well, then you can sell millions of rupees from e-commerce websites to Bangladesh market and earn online income very easily.

Now let's come to the international e-commerce websites.

The world's most popular online payment method paypal does not support Bangladesh. 

This is our main obstacle in trading products from big websites.

But if you can open a paypal account abroad through a business partner or relative, then you can easily skip this step.

Also you can manage e-commerce website business through payoneer account. But the number of customers in Pioneer account is much less than the number of customers in PayPal account.

So if you want to grow your business then you must arrange to open a paypal account.

Some international e-commerce websites such as Amazon which is the most famous e-commerce website do not allow their business operations from Bangladesh.

What you can do in that case is you can do business in partnership with someone abroad where he will open an account abroad and you will send him the goods from Bangladesh and thus do business internationally on e-commerce websites.

But this method is relatively troublesome method. If you are new to e-commerce business, I would advise you not to follow this method.

You are the first to do business on international websites where business can be done from Bangladesh.

There are a few things you must keep in mind while running an e-commerce business. 

  • Make sure that your product reaches the customer on time. 
  • The quality of your product should be good.
  • Try to give the customer a real idea about the product. Don't exaggerate about the product.
  • In e-commerce websites, especially if you want to do business in the international arena, most of the e-commerce websites provide the facility that if the customer does not like a product, he can return the product to the seller.

Although the number of such incidents is extremely low, you must keep this account in mind while doing business.

14. Instagram

Instagram is currently the most famous site for just uploading pictures. Many people in the world including Bangladesh are using Instagram along with Facebook.

Apart from photos, Instagram app's specialty is hashtags. With hashtags you can inform everyone about your product and if someone else searches for this product, they will find your product from this hashtag.

You cannot open a personal account on Facebook with the name “Rashed's Departmental store” or something like that.

Opening a personal account with such a name is against Facebook policy. If you want to open a business store with such a name, you have to open a page on Facebook. 

But Instagram doesn't have this problem. On Instagram you can open a business shop with the name of your choice. 

For example: Butterfly gadgets, Sahara Electronics, you can easily use such names on Instagram.

Instagram is all about images. So you have to take care that people can get the right idea about your product just by looking at the picture.

Again, along with providing the image of the product, you have to use the hashtag of the product name. 

For example, if you sell clothes, you can use the hashtag #clothes #winter_clothes #beautiful_clothes. 

Many people use hashtags on Instagram to find products, so using these hashtags is especially important. 

Some tips to increase online income through Instagram:

  • There is an app called canva where you can create different designs of your choice for free. The app contains a variety of free-tremplates. From there you can get ideas about the templates you need for Instagram as well as create the images you need for your products.
  • If you want to publish your image in the form of charts or infographics, there are many pre-made templates from which you can easily create the image you need for free. 
  • When taking pictures for Instagram you need to make sure that the pictures are of high resolution and taken with a good camera.
  • With the image you need to find related and nearby hashtags and give few hashtags.

  • Follow the people you know on Instagram from your business ID will increase your followers as well as promote your products.

15 .Social media influencers

There are many of you reading my post here who have thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram. You can easily earn thousands of rupees monthly online by using your social media followers.

While watching various videos on YouTube, you may have noticed that YouTubers often promote various products.

As someone says that his video was shot with this camera, another says that all the money required for this video has been sponsored by such and such a company.

You can do the exact same thing from your Instagram or Facebook account.

For example, a friend of mine has 13k followers on Instagram but does not do any influencer marketing from his Instagram account. He doesn't really know enough about the subject.

For example, if you took a picture of a t-shirt and posted it on Facebook or Instagram, then you wrote that this t-shirt was made by such and such a company.

This means that you will say that your t-shirt is from such and such a company and as a result your friendlist and all your followers will know that such and such company's shirt design is like that.

As a result, Tarab will be encouraged to buy the t-shirt of that company and the company will give you some money for it, so you can earn online as a social media influencer. 

The main reason for this is not knowing about the strategy of becoming a social media influencer.

Here's what you can do to let everyone know you're a social media influencer:

  • You can write that you are a social media influencer in your Facebook and Instagram bio.
  • You must upload posts and photos related to your influence on social media. 

16. Earn by participating in various online contests

There are different types of contests online. Various organizations or magazines organize such competitions.

You can participate in language competitions if you have skills in subjects like languages.

Again, if you are interested in puzzles and mathematics, you can participate in various competitions in puzzles and mathematics.

You should regularly visit the websites where such contests are held so that you can participate in the contest as soon as they announce it.

You can easily earn online by participating in these contests.

17. Earn by participating in surveys

A study showed that 42% of the time spent online is spent reading various articles from websites and the rest of the time is spent doing other things like viewing pictures, watching videos, etc.

Here I am telling you about a study. This study was applied to a group of people and this result was taken from the data obtained.

Based on their opinion, it has been decided that online people spend most of their time reading various texts.

Here are the different types of surveys you may have heard of that you can participate in. 

There are basically two types of such survey websites.

The first type is where you have to do voluntary work i.e. you don't get paid for your answers.

Again there are some web sites like one poll, branded surveys from where you can get money by participating in surveys. These are all different international websites. 

But since this is an international website, you need to have a PayPal account to receive money from it.

You should always try to tell the truth in surveys. Based on your answers they will ask you further questions.

But I will tell you not to earn money by participating in surveys if you have other work. This is because it is a time-consuming task as it involves a lot of effort.

But if you have absolutely no work or free time, you can earn online by participating in surveys.

18. Earn online by Dropshipping

Drop shipping is a unique way of earning online where you can sell products from other websites without buying any products. Shopify is very famous for dropshipping.

Shopify You can open a free account on trial basis for 14 days and then you have to choose any package from 30$ to 130$.

You will need to pay this amount to Shopify every month. Exchange Shopify will showcase your products on its website.

You can easily display and sell products on your web page by downloading them from other websites without buying any products.

After opening Shopify account you need to install Oberlo extension. You can download all your products from various online shopping stores including Alibaba Ali Express to your Shopify store.

After adding the products to your Shopify store, you can price the products at your convenience. 

Provide product descriptions so that customers can easily find them when they search using the keyboard. 

In this way, you can earn thousands of dollars online through dropshipping without being associated with any product production.

19. Domain Buying:

You can earn online by buying and selling domains.

If you go to some websites online, you will find that there is no content on the websites and it is written on the top or in the middle of the website that "websites name is for sale".

Basically this is domain buying and selling where you come up with a famous name that can open a website with that name. 

You then buy the domain name and domain extension in advance, then when someone opens a website with this name, you can easily earn online by selling the website to him at the price you like.

20. Selling photos and videos

There are many famous travel bloggers online. So I often watch videos of travel bloggers like this.

While watching videos of travel bloggers, a travel blogger described how he earns money traveling around the world.

He was saying that one of his main sources of income is that he earns money by selling his photos and videos. 

I didn't understand it then but I understand it now. That means you can earn a lot of money by selling photos and videos online.

There are some web sites like istockphoto, shutterstock from where you can sell your photos and videos and you can earn a lot of money online in this way.

21. Earn by selling old stuff

There are things in your home that you want to throw away that you no longer need, such as an old wardrobe.

Now if you want to sell the wardrobe to the shopkeeper, he will buy it from you at a very low price. 

But if you can sell this thing online then you can sell it at a high price.

From my own experience, I have sold my books online. But if I went to the shop to sell the old books then I had to sell the books at the rate of Tk 10 per kg whereas I sold them at around Tk 32 each. is Bangladeshi site to earn online by selling old stuff . 

You can also advertise the sale of antiques in related Facebook groups.

For example, if you want to sell a laptop or sell a mobile then there are many Facebook groups with names like laptop and mobile sale where old laptops, mobiles etc. are bought and sold.

There you can post your related laptop or mobile or other related products and earn online by selling your products online.

22. App to earn money

You have many apps installed on your mobile now. 

Maybe one for listening to news, one for playing games and one for watching videos.

These are the apps that you install at various times. Developers earn a lot of money from various mediums including Google by installing these apps. You too can earn a lot of income online by developing apps like this. 

All you need for development is your unique idea.

There are apps where various services like police hospital fire service etc publish the service name and mobile number and their address etc. and through this the app developer earns a lot of money.

People are interested in many things online but they don't find reliable information about it. If you can make this related app then you can easily earn a lot of money online by making app.

 You don't need to know any programming language to develop apps. You just give ideas and make suggestions about it. 

Then if there are many app developers with very little money you can develop apps from them.

Then your app will become money making apps .

There is a post on our website about apps to earn money. Apps to earn money

23. Earn by reviewing websites and apps

You can earn online by sharing opinions about your website after using an app or visiting a website or what you like or dislike about the website.

There are various websites for this where they take opinions about it and if your opinion is acceptable to them then you can earn online through it.

24. Earn by publishing books from Kindle

From Kindle you can earn money by publishing a book without any money. All you need to do is write an e-book. Then you have to submit your related work like your name, income tax details and publish your book. Then you will get paid by those who buy the book online.

In this way, many people have earned a lot of money online by publishing books. This is one of the methods of income without investment. 

To become a successful Kindle bookseller you need to advertise your book extensively through social media. Then people will know about your book and be interested in buying it.

25. Income from GTP

GTP stands for Get paid to. Various websites like Inbox Patola give you cash for doing various offers or activities online. This is the online income from GPT.

26. Earn by solving Captcha

Many of you may remember when you signed up to Facebook or Google that you were asked to enter some wacky weird English letters written slightly differently by Facebook Google. 

This was done to check whether you are a robot or human. These are captchas. You can earn a lot of money by solving such captchas online. Mega typer, Captcha club are some such websites where you can earn by solving captcha.

#Beware of scams online

Let's talk about my real experience.

That's when I first started content writing. So suddenly one day someone called me and said that he will give me a job with a salary of 8 thousand rupees / 100 USD but before that I have to do a course for 2000 rupees / 25 USD.

Then he will give me a job with a salary of eight thousand rupees. Those who talk about this rule of getting a job with money are some kind of online fraud or scammer.

There are many such scammers scattered online, you need to remember a simple formula to recognize these scanners. That is, they will lure you with big jobs but will tell you that you have to pay some money for these jobs.

 You should be careful from them and remember that no money is asked for doing online work and if someone wants to, mark him as such and send him to the block list.

I had to do a lot of research to write this article about earning online, I had to find many websites and blogs.

If you found the article useful, please share like comment.

And what method you want to use to earn online in 2022 or if you have any question related to online income 2022 you can comment in the comment box of the post. Thank you for reading the article.

What is Self Discipline

Discipline is the way to freedom from discipline

A barrage is built on the banks of a river to control the flow of the river and prevent it from overflowing the city. If left unchecked, the water will wash away the city. Similarly, we can control our brain through self-discipline. Our brain is like a knife with two halves of a simple blade. Sharp parts and handles.

We all know that with sharp parts we can cut cooking curries fruits etc. Now what happens if you leave the handle and hold the sharp part in your hand. You surely know the answer and you would never make this mistake knowingly. The nature of our brain is such that it is always running around and if it cannot be controlled.

Then it becomes dangerous for you to catch the sharp part of that knife. And you will face many problems in life. So today I am a book written by Rajal Gupta. Let me share with you some smart ideas on self discipline from Rajal Neeti Time Management. So let's get started.

What is Self Discipline?

Self Discipline is forcing yourself to do something that is important for your future. Although you have to do that right now, you don't want to. Eg: Your exam is going on and meanwhile India Pakistan World Cup match is going on. What will naturally come to your mind is whether the India Pakistan match can be missed or not. It's the World Cup again.

What you decide in this situation is up to you. You can watch the game without reading. But it won't get you good marks in exams. But if you convince yourself that till date India have never lost to Pakistan in the World Cup. I won't lose today, but if I skip studying and watch the game, I will fail the exam. Then reading will also be wise. You have selected reading and succeeded.

Self Discipline requires you to learn to let go of instant and momentary pleasures. Only then can you enjoy long-term and large-scale happiness. Rajalji talks about his heavenly Dadaji here. He started his watch business. With just a few watches. He had two options either to spend the money earned by selling the watches on himself or to save the money and become a businessman.

So that he can give his family a beautiful future. He chose the second option. By maintaining Self Discipline, he gave up his instant gratification so that his family could be happy for the long term. Because of his sacrifice, today his next generation is living happily. You have to practice self-discipline in every field. Talking about food, you can eat spicy food regularly for momentary pleasure. But in the long run, you'll find that both your digestion and health deteriorate.

Likewise you can blow your money partying with friends. But same thing long-run you will see you have nothing to say savings. And if I say you can spend your time listening to music, watching TV or party entertainment. But inda long-run your study condition will not improve at all.

Thousands of successful people have been studied with the question of how they became so successful. The answer that was found was that they never found joy in their daily routines like others. But still they had control over their own mind and they did things even if they were forced and as a result they have signed as new examples of success today.

Even if the qualifications of a self-discipline person are low, it is possible to achieve great success. I know and believe Self Discipline is a very difficult thing but I want you to believe it too. What you can achieve through Self Discipline cannot be achieved in any other way. Rajalji has given some suggestions in the book to increase self discipline. First of all ask yourself what will be the result if I do the work that I am doing.

And the second question is whether I am controlling my mind or my mind is controlling me. Do I have the remote control of the mind or does the mind have me? There is a saying An Apple A Day Keeps Doctor Away that means if we eat an apple every day for 30 days of the month then this is possible. You can't do that from 1st to 30th of the month you don't eat apples and go on 30th and eat 30 apples at once. It is neither possible nor desirable.

Similarly, if you want to do very well in studies, you must read regularly every day. Do you want small trouble or big trouble? It totally depends on you. You prefer mobile before examCar gamesIf you don't play and study, you will feel bad at that time, but later when you get good results in the exam, this small trouble will become a reason for your great happiness. Self Discipline is the ability to do the right thing at the right time whether you want to or not.

Ways to get rich

 Learn to manage money wisely.

I ask you a simple question. Do you want to be rich…? You might wonder what kind of question that is. Because of course the answer is yes. Everyone wants to be rich. Although money is not everything, money plays an important role in our lives. If you have a good amount of money, you can lead a comfortable life. Having pocket money is even more necessary in today's uncertain times.

Many of us have dreams like traveling the world, owning a big car or a house but need money to fulfill them. So everyone wants to be rich but the truth is that only few can be rich. Do you want to know why? So keep reading the article to know the secret of getting rich. Lack of financial education is the main reason why some people become rich and others remain poor throughout their lives. People earn money by working hard in job or business.

But what they do with their hard earned money matters most. You can earn millions every month but if you don't know how to manage your money you will never become rich. Spending money unnecessarily can lead you to debt and financial crisis.

And only financial education can save you from this danger. Your first and most important task is to save 10 to 15 percent of your monthly income. You will divide this accumulated amount into three parts.

1. Emergency Funds 

Whenever an emergency situation arises, create the fund in such a way that you can withdraw cash money from this fund and use it.

2. Slush Funds.

These funds will help you survive for three to six months if you ever get sick or lose your job.

3. Retirement Funds.

You will invest this money in a right place so that this money keeps growing till your retirement. Assume you live to be twenty years old. Accordingly, you have to save money according to a plan by calculating how much money you may need after the reinvestment. After deciding how much money to save, your task is to determine how much money you will spend each month.

You can use 80/20 principal in case. Identify where you are spending 80% of it. It is usually behind food, rent, electricity bills etc. The remaining 20 percent of spending you might spend on things of unimportance. Which you can minimize if you want. So I am not talking about giving up all hobbies. You should enjoy life.

But try to keep a balance main and spend money only on useful things. Anything that goes down in value day by day is called Liability… and anything that goes up in value day by day is called Asset… Your next step is to invest your savings carefully. A car is a liability because its price keeps decreasing day by day. So when you've saved as much as you need to, you're done.

Buy a car only then or a great way is to buy a second hand car or rent a car instead of buying a new car. Although own house is seen as an asset. However, it is a huge investment so only take this decision if you have enough savings to spare. Not only investing early but investing in the right place is the only secret to becoming rich.

Now the question is where is it better to invest money, many people are afraid to invest their money. But you have to understand that investing is the only way through which you can make money with money. That means you don't have to do any work to earn money here. Your money will work for you. So you should not be afraid of investing money, you have to take calculated risk.

From bank accounts to stock market, there are many options available today to invest money. You can also invest in bonds where you lend money to a company and if that company makes a profit, you also make a profit. If you are confused about where and how to start investing then you can invest in mutual funds.

Your invested money will be divided and invested in different areas. As a result, the risk will also be reduced. But before investing money you must have a basic understanding of how the investment world works. For this you can take the help of a trusted financial advisor. If you want you can take help of Zerodha for this.

If you want to know more about it, you can search on Google. If you go to Zerodha and submit your name and mobile number, Zerodha team will call you and they will personally guide you to make your investment decision. But remember one thing too greedy weavers ruined. If you run blindly after money, you will be in danger. Take a thoughtful decision and invest for the long term.

If you can do this, you will become rich very soon. Financial education is a superpower of the present time, so keep learning something new every day. These things I learned from the book Millennial Money Makeover by Conor Richardson.