Quotes by successful people that will change your life

 Life Changing Inspirational Quotes:

The words of world renowned philosophers, thinkers and successful people act as our guide. They have gone through many ups and downs in their long life. Enriched himself, the society and the country.

It is said that a beautiful word is more precious than a precious diamond. When depression, gloom, failure surrounds us - then some precious words of hope, the simple sayings of famous people who observe life from different angles can light the torch of hope in our minds.

By following their thoughts we can easily become successful in our life.

Likewise, our discussion today on various inspirational quotes of 15 successful people. Let's find out what famous people thought about success, failure and life and what they have to say for us as Patheya.

Brian Tracy is a world renowned motivational speaker. Not only that, he is a great writer, self development and performance coach. Hundreds of people have succeeded in life by following his lessons.

What is the key to success? In answer to this question he said-

"The key to success is to focus our conscious mind not on what we fear but on what we want."

– Brian Tracy

Napoleon Hill is an American author. The one who showed you yourself is capable of helping you. We dream a lot but few work hard to make those dreams come true. On how to nurture your dreams and goals, Napoleon Hill said:

"Cherish your goals and dreams as the children of your soul, they will be the blueprint for your ultimate success."

Napoleon Hill

"I can't solve this problem" - we often say. We sit on our heads without making the least effort, but no problem in this world is permanent. The world famous comedian Charlie Chaplin said about it-

"Nothing in this world is permanent, not even our problems."

Charlie Chaplin

Can we make what we dream of doing a reality? I may forget what I say today and blame myself in the end. When you truly have a dream, you will not be relieved before realizing it. APJ Abdul Kalam said about this-

“Dreams are not what man sees in his sleep; A dream is that which the expectation of fulfillment keeps people from sleeping.”

APJ Abdul Kalam

Abraham Lincoln is one of the successful people of the world who came from a poor family. He said the most powerful thing in the world. And that is-

"He who has a mother is never poor."

Abraham Lincoln

Bill Gates is a successful entrepreneur, successful businessman and successful man. His breakthrough quote about success is-

“Success is like a teacher who inspires.

It makes skilled and intelligent people think that they will never lose.”

Bill Gates

The most talked about and successful person today is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. He said-

“Get past others by acting quickly. If you can't do that, you know you're not working fast enough."

Mark Zuckerberg

Are we loving what we do or what we are constantly doing? Or why I can not be successful in what I am doing? Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple Computer, said about it-

“If you love what you are doing and are willing to do everything to succeed in it, it will come to you.

Every minute behind the work needs evaluation. Think and think; That's really what you want to do."

Steve Wozniak

Swami Vivekananda is one of the greatest philosophers of the world. About how to move towards the goal, he said-

"Awake, be aware and don't stop until you reach your goal."

Swami Vivekananda

The implementer of a revolutionary idea to change the world. Muhammad Yunus. Most people don't know why he works. If you don't have a clear idea of ​​where your destination is, what you want to do, how you want to do it, it's very difficult to get a touch of success. Dr. in this regard. We can follow what Muhammad Yunus said.

“If we cannot imagine a desired society or world, it will never come true. For that we need a destination, a direction.

If you know where you want to go, you can definitely get there. Your technology, communication skills will take you there.”

- Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Chanakya, an ancient Indian scholar on economics and political science. He was a professor at the famous Taxila University of ancient India. Taapsee of knowledge says this man-

“Nothing is impossible for those who work hard to conquer. No country is foreign to an educated person. The soft-spoken have no enemies.”


Popular poet Humayun Ahmed said-

We all have curiosity, but we don't do the work necessary to satisfy it. don't want to

Humayun Ahmed

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the greatest Bengali of a thousand years, said-

"If you love people, people love you too. If you make a small sacrifice, people may even give their lives for you.”

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Good thoughts will ensure your good health, good health will make you live longer. Mahatma Gandhi said-

"Think well, for our thoughts turn into vows."

Mahatma Gandhi

Gautama Buddha tells us about Suchinta-

“Thoughts are reflected in nature or nature. If one speaks or acts with evil intent, sorrow follows him.

And if one speaks or acts with good thoughts, happiness follows him like a shadow.”

Gautama Buddha

Why is the iPhone at the top of the world's popularity

Tech giant Apple's iPhone is ruling the world of mobile phones around the world. Millions of technology lovers in the world are waiting for the new model, even if a few versions of the phone are launched in the market every year, the stock ends in an instant.

Long lines fell in front of the Apple store to get the new series of new design phones. The store opens at 10 a.m. but long queues of customers have been seen in front of the apple store since early morning.

All right but now the question is why iPhone is so popular? Moreover, if you compare it with the price of the mobile phone in the market, there is a huge difference. Why is everyone so eager to buy an iPhone?

I hope you will read and watch this report trying to find out the reasons behind the popularity of iPhone.

1. The design of the iPhone and others.

It is easy to identify which is iphone from any mobile phone due to its unique design and novelty features. The mobile phone company has been able to create uniqueness in the iPhone with just one button.

This single button can be used to enter the phone's main menu, while other smartphones, especially Android phones, have multiple buttons. For many, these multiple buttons are an added hassle, besides the iPhone's graphics interface, the experience a customer gets when entering the phone. It is undoubtedly different from any other smartphone.

Apart from the external design of the iPhone, the company also emphasizes on the design of how the phone works. And for all these reasons, the iPhone has captured the hearts of billions of technology lovers in a short period of time, and customers get a polished and smooth experience even in the softer version.

Apple's design language can be said to be a symbol of mediocrity for techies as well as common people.

2. Maximum security measures.

In the age of digital, a lot of confidential information including almost personal information is easily spread on various platforms including social media. However, the personal information of an iPhone user is not so easy, Apple has always prioritized security in its products.

iPhone is no exception, and a hacker cannot easily hack an iPhone user's information. Hacking an iPhone or extracting data from an iPhone without permission is almost impossible at present.

Even an agency as sophisticated as the FBI tried to unlock a suspect's iPhone a few years ago. In the end, the FBI had to go to Apple after not being able to open it.

But the more interesting thing is that the Apple authorities did not open the lock. That means they give utmost importance to a user's personal security.

So this aspect of Apple's personal security makes Apple's mobile phone the first choice of tech lovers. Apple's iOS is said to be the most secure mobile operating system.

Again, there is a risk of third party apps getting into Android phones very easily. But Apple apps can be installed only from apple store.

Because of that the risk of virus on average is very low compared to iPhone.

Also, if the iPhone is lost, the Find My Phone feature can be used to locate the lost iPhone very easily.

3. Own hardware and software.

Where all other phones use third-party hardware and software, Apple has built its own hardware and software. Processor Jam body camera almost everything is Apple's own, so keeping in mind the user's needs, Apple is not willing to discount any part in terms of quality.

This feature of Apple is one of the reasons behind its popularity.

4. Innovations and surprises in the operating system.

Starting from talking with an iPhone or smartphone, almost all the technical tasks of the modern world can be done, but another big reason for the popularity of the iPhone is the innovation of the iPhone's own show operating system.

And because of this feature, Apple lovers go crazy for the new series of iPhones. Every new iPhone operating system is full of new surprises. Apple has always surprised Apple users with some hidden features in their OS.

5. Apple Eco System.

An Apple Eco system is an environment consisting of multiple Apple devices. Where users can use multiple Apple devices.

For example, if one has an Apple iPhone and a MacBook, it is very easy to share files between these two devices.

Even if the iPhone call is actually working on the Macbook, you can receive the call and talk from the Macbook. The same goes for the Apple Watch or Apple Watch.

Each Apple device works very well with each other because of this amazing Eco system created by Apple. An Apple Ecosystem makes user life quite easy, which is largely why the iPhone is so popular.

6. Sales service

Even after years of buying Apple device or iPhone, service is easily available from Apple service center. As a result, even if there is a problem with the iPhone, it is possible to get a solution from the Apple service center at any time.

Surprising as it may sound, the truth is that iPhone 7 users, released in 2015, still receive regular software updates. Due to years of updates, the old model phones are still working like new with all the latest features.

7. Why is the price of the iPhone so high?

First of all the operating system that iPhone runs on is made by them, other mobile phone companies use Android or some other operating system. Due to which their cost is also reduced.

However, apart from using its own operating system, Apple spends a lot on its own software development. And as a result, the price of the phone also increased a lot.

Apple's processor is also made by itself, which works much faster and faster than other company's processors. Apple often tries to get the best samples from suppliers and therefore increases the price of the product.

Apart from this, the mobile phone maker company Apple spends a huge amount of money every year due to ensuring the highest level of security. And because of all these reasons they have to sell at a higher price, besides the flagship product due to which the price of Apple products is higher. That is, Apple does not compete in the medium or low price smartphone market.

All the other smartphone companies that compete with Apple are priced very close, like the Google Pixel 4 is priced very close to the iPhone. The price difference between Macbook and Microsoft Surface is not much.

What to do if the mobile phone falls in water

Android mobile falls into the water due to various needs. Or many other types of phones fall into water. Now what do you do if water gets into the mobile phone? Many people do different things when the Android phone falls into the water!

In reality, if the mobile phone falls into the water, the mobile phone will be fixed again by following the correct rules. That is, the mobile phone will return to its previous state without any problem if it falls into water. Now let's talk about what works so that the mobile phone will not be a problem even if it falls in water.

What to do if the mobile phone falls in water?

Basically first you need to do some mobile phone activity. Without doing this, your mobile phone will face various problems. So, first of all, the following are the functions that you should do with your mobile phone.

What to do if mobile phone falls in water:

  • First turn off the phone quickly.
  • Put the phone in the rice.
  • Do not fan dry.
  • Check the battery.
  • Keep in the sun or under the bulb.
  • Show experienced electrician.
  • Do not fan dry.

If the mobile phone falls in water, first, check the battery!

First of all, this step will play a very important role if the mobile phone falls in water! The battery has small white stickers that turn red or pink when wet. If the mobile phone is anything like this then you have a problem with the battery.

And if there is no problem with your battery then remove the battery. And mobile phone as much as possible separate the battery and mobile phone. That's a lot of work for you to stay mobile.

If the mobile phone falls in water, turn off the phone quickly!

The sooner you turn off your mobile phone, the better. Many times the mobile phone falls into water and turns on. Which is very effective in damaging your phone. So turn off your mobile phone as soon as possible if it falls into water. You must take this step to save the mobile phone.

Mobile phone falls into water, put the phone in the rice!

Keeping your mobile phone inside the rice will be very beneficial. But keep your mobile phone inside the rice drum or rice inside the bag. Switch off the mobile phone and separate the battery and try to keep your mobile phone inside the rice.

But yes, definitely do not turn on the phone or put the battery at this time. Rice has the ability to absorb water from fresh things. So if you want, this step i.e. you can keep your mobile phone inside rice if it falls in water. And this rice will absorb the accumulated water in your mobile phone very quickly.

If the mobile phone falls in water, put it in the sun or under the bulb!

Additionally, if your mobile phone gets wet in water, you must wipe the mobile phone, the water is very important. Because if the water does not move from the mobile phone, there is a possibility of damaging the mobile phone. So for that, if you drop the mobile phone in water, keep it in the sun or under the bulb.

It generally saves your mobile phone very much, if you leave your mobile phone in the sun or under the bulb, the water vapor inside the mobile will fly into the sky. Which will play a very important role in protecting your mobile phone. Therefore, if the mobile phone falls in water, keep it in the sun or under the bulb.

If the mobile phone falls in water, show it to an experienced electrician!

Friends additionally shows problem if your mobile phone falls in water. So take it to an experienced electronics guy as soon as possible. Because they are always researching about mobile phones, they are always researching how to fix things that are the same.

So, if your mobile phone falls in water, you must go to an experienced electronic market before further problems. Hope this will help you to know your mobile phone problems in detail if there is problem. And besides, knowing more about your mobile phone will allow you to know many types of unknown information. For that definitely go to an experienced electronic mobile phone repairman.

So friends, this was the main topic of our article today. What to do if the mobile phone falls into the water? I have tried to convince you with several points in this regard! Hope every point is useful to you.

As always everyone stay well stay healthy and stay safe. Today's article so far. Hope to see you again in another article. If you like the article, don't forget to share it with your friends. Thank you all for reading today's article.

What is the way to get loan from Bkash

Ever since the announcement of the launch of Bkash and City Bank loan services, many people have expressed interest in knowing how to get a loan from Bkash. Recently, Bkash and City Bank have joined forces to launch loan services. It is said that this is the first digital loan distribution service in Bangladesh.

Currently the development is running the service experimentally. It is said by Bkash that when this service is fully available, a maximum digital loan of 10,000 taka will be available under it. Today we will know how to get loan from Bkash.

The best part about Bkash Loan 2022 is that you can get this loan without any collateral in your account. Which will be paid through City Bank. What is the way to get loan from Bkash? Let's know some important information about Bkash and City Bank Bkash Loan 2022 disbursement.

What is the way to get loan from Bkash?

With the help of Bkash app you can take loan from Bkash without any hassle. At present, the development loan service program is being conducted on an experimental basis. That means, not all but a select number of customers can avail the loan service from BKash.

Customers will see the loan icon in their Bkash app as a way to avail Bkash loan. In order to take a loan, the customer has to give permission to give the information given to Bkash in his e-KYC form to City Bank. Then enter the loan amount and Bkash account pin code and get the loan amount in your account instantly.

Although this service is not available for everyone now. However, if this project of Bkash and City Bank is successful, the service will be opened for more Bkash customers.

What are the terms of Bkash Digital Loan?

You can borrow Tk 10,000 without any collateral in this Bkash digital loan service of Bkash and City Bank. That means you don't have to give any collateral and don't have to follow any additional rules to withdraw money.

If you are a selected customer in the experimental project, you can easily take a loan of 10 thousand rupees anytime through Bkash Digital Loan Service. It is envisaged that the Bkash Digital Loan amount may be increased later based on transactions and loan repayments.

How much interest should be paid on development loan?

Apparently, you don't need to provide any security to take Bkash Digital Loan. But since City Bank is managed under Bangladesh Bank, interest has to be paid to take the loan from Bangladesh Bank. And this interest amount is only 9 percent. And by following this rule you can get Bkash Digital Loan at 9 percent rate. That means you have to pay interest at the rate of 900 taka for every 10,000 taka.

Development Loan Repayment Rules

The loan will be automatically disbursed from the customer's development account in three equal installments over the next three months on the due date. But before the loan is disbursed, you will receive a notification on your phone through messages and apps.

But here it most be remembered that whether you are repaying the loan on time will also be monitored. Your development loan repayment transparency will be considered in subsequent loan disbursements. That is, if you take a loan and pay off the loan late, then you may not get the loan later. So you must be keen to repay the loan on time.

10 Profitable Business Ideas in 2022

Are you looking for the most profitable business ideas? From traders to entrepreneurs, everyone looks for businesses that have less risk of loss on investment. And truly profitable business ideas are ongoing, which will never stop. These businesses will continue even until the end of the world.

Almost every day we get news of some business going out of business. Because not everyone can be successful in business. There can be many reasons behind this. Which includes making mistakes in choosing the right and profitable business ideas, lack of proper investment and other guidance.

Profitable Business Ideas

Before suddenly investing in any business, one should first have a good idea about its market value. There are many businesses that are for a specific period of time. There are also businesses whose demand will never end. Today I will describe some such profitable business ideas, which you yourself know about but do not think of doing. So let's get started.

1. Food Business

Food is basic human need. From the beginning of life to the last day, people need food to survive. Not only people of a certain age, everyone from children and older needs food. As long as people live, they will eat food.

So the food demand of people will never end. And for this reason traders in foodstuff business usually do not suffer. So if you are still wondering what business to start, then a food business could be a great idea for you.

If you are already involved in this type of business, increase your focus. And if you are thinking about starting a new business, then it is time to leave the other thoughts and get into the food business . There are several food business ideas that can be done with little capital, following which you can be successful in this business.

2. Pharmaceuticals business

Not a single person can be found who has not been sick in life. People only get sick and take medicine to get well. And as long as people live, they will take medicine for some illness of life. So pharmaceuticals business is an idea that has no chance of failure. Those who manufacture and market medicines are running the business very successfully.

If you have enough capital, you can start a pharmaceuticals company that will manufacture medicines for all diseases. And if your capital is low, you can also open a medicine shop in your area.

But pharmacy business is a very profitable business. In this case the profit of your business completely depends on your capital. The higher your capital the higher the profit. Generally, if you sell medicines, you get a profit of 12-15%. Many medicines have gains of up to 50%.

3. Healthcare business

You must have had the experience of being admitted to a hospital or have admitted your relatives even if you have not been admitted yourself. When people are seriously ill, there is no option but to go to the hospital. And to some extent felt how much business the hospitals are doing.

Although health care is not a business, you can be successful in a health-based business. Like food and medicine, healthcare is a non-flopping business. And in terms of profit, its position is after pharmaceutical companies.

Healthcare and hospital are almost close words. However, healthcare is a small scale and hospital is a large scale. According to 2018 statistics, there are about 5534 registered hospitals in the United States. Which is used by about 10 lakh people every day. So if you want to be successful in a short time, go into this business with big capital. If you can't do it alone, start with some people if necessary.

4. Businesses related to educational institutions

Illiteracy rates were once high in many Third World countries, but now they have decreased. This is because people are realizing the need for institutional education. Now there is a growing trend of increasing signature among people.

Education has long been established as a basic human need. Every parent wants their child to be educated in higher education. And for that purpose, since childhood, he is active in enrolling in a good school. So education among others is also a profitable business idea that never has the fear of flop.

If your capital is high, give importance to institutions like schools, colleges or universities. And capital is not a problem. You can earn a good amount by opening a kindergarten or a small coaching center.

But it would be wise to provide not only academic education but also other technical education. You can set up a separate training center just for technical education. Currently, it has skyrocketing demand.

5. Book Business

Bookselling is currently a very profitable and growing business. Which you can do in your urban area and it is also in demand in the village. Knowledge-hungry people flock to the city's best bookshops to acquire knowledge. At present online market is also good but books are bought and sold well. So you can become a successful entrepreneur by using this opportunity.

To start a bookstore you need to have a license from your local Book Publishers and Sellers Association. Also to start a business one must understand the needs of the customer and store the required books accordingly. The type of book you deal with will largely depend on the needs of the buyers.

In this regard, books ranging from academic textbooks to stories, poems or novels are in great demand. Generally, book libraries or shops are built around any school, college or any educational institution. So a suitable location should be fixed for this.

On the other hand, if you want to start this business through the website. Then no shop or library is needed. You can start a book selling business completely at home. In this case, customers should have the ability to deliver any books they order. In this case, you may need to hire some staff to do the delivery.

6. Clothing Business

People buy clothes throughout the year. And on various occasions or festivals, the amount of clothes purchased increases several times. So clothing business is an idea that has no risk of loss. Because people have to wear clothes forever. And you have to come to the merchant to buy clothes.

But now people are not only interested in clothes but also very interested in its fashion. So if you want to start a clothing business, you need to keep up with the times and bring new clothes to the market. People should know what kind of clothes they want to wear.

The demand for different clothes increases according to the season. For example, clothing that is in demand in winter is not available in summer. So you have to collect clothes according to the needs of the buyer and the season. And only then can you become a successful clothing business.

Although the clothing business is highly competitive, if you have a good idea, you can open a garment, wholesale or retail store.

Among the different types of clothing businesses, the following are quite popular:

  • Yard cloth business.
  • Rental clothing business.
  • Clothing embroidery business.
  • Block and batik business.
  • Boutique House.

7. Event management

Event management is one of the most popular and profitable business ideas these days. There are many event management firms all over the world and the number is constantly increasing as the field of work grows.

Event management firms work with innovation, creativity, conscious customer needs and budgets. You can do part time job in various such institutes while studying for graduation. Or you can build an event management company yourself.

However, the event management business is quite competitive nowadays due to the increasing demand. But there are also ample opportunities to enjoy career life here. Any business can be challenging in the beginning. Which can be mastered later in the light of experience and skill.

But before starting, you can work for some time under some other organization without going directly into event management business. Only then can you truly know yourself. Knowing yourself will make your position clear to you.

You can start from home with little capital without having an office in the first place. Start with small events instead of big events. There will be less stress and no need to invest much. However, if you want to start working with an office, you need to increase your investment amount depending on the location.

8. E-commerce business

Do you know which is the best way to earn online today? E-commerce of course. People worldwide are earning millions of rupees by doing e-commerce. One of the reasons why so many people around the world are opting for e-commerce is that this business can be started with very little capital.

You don't need to rent a shop for e-commerce business. You don't even have to take any office. You can sell your products from home through website. And now the shop feature is readily available on various social media, so there is no need for a website.

But to start this business you have to choose a product that is in high demand. Come up with products that can attract customers. Besides, there will be no compromise on quality with product innovation to bring more success to the e-commerce business. Buyers will think of buying from you again and again once they get a quality product.

Some of the most popular products for e-commerce are:

  • Book..
  • clothing.
  • Handmade showpiece.
  • Homemade food.
  • Mobile Accessories.
  • Documents used.
  • Children's toys etc.

9. Gift shop

Have you ever given gifts to your loved ones? If you have given, then you must have seen how high the price of the gift is. On various occasions we give gifts to our relatives, loved ones or colleagues. The exchange of gifts all over the world is a sight to behold.

You can create a wonderful business based on this tradition of love exchange. And that is the gift shop. Find a popular place to stock a gift shop. It can bring you success within few months especially if you start around school, college or shopping mall.

If the budget is very small, you can pick up all the gifts at relatively low prices. But you must bring a variety of gifts. Remember, gifts are bought for children, but not for adults. Similarly, there are variations in wedding or party gifts.

So stock up on gifts of different prices according to age and occasion. Also, by collecting some unique collections, the store should be decorated in such a way that a person can choose his desired gift as soon as he comes to the store.

10. Furniture business

We need different furniture to decorate the house. Especially when someone is building a new house, there is a need for a lot of furniture. And then we have to spend a lot of money to buy beautiful and suitable furniture for the house.

Not just for homes, furniture is in great demand everywhere from corporate offices to shops or shopping malls. Nowadays furniture is required in offices as well as various outlets and organizations.

So if you start a furniture design workshop with creative ideas, you can easily achieve success in your business. Well designed furniture shops are a profitable business worldwide. It is a low investment business and there are also opportunities to take bank loans.

Last word

It is very important to follow a proper plan before starting any business. The above mentioned profitable business ideas will help you to choose the right business. By following certain guidelines you can dramatically increase your product promotion and sales.

Around eighty percent of people's income worldwide comes from business. The remaining twenty percent is earned from employment or other sources. So there is no greater source of income than business. But risk cannot be traded in such a way that there is a possibility of loss. So choose any of the above businesses and start planning today.

What is blood pressure? What causes blood pressure see details

Today we know what blood pressure is and how blood pressure occurs in detail, then let’s start our today’s post.


Pressure Blood pressure is the force exerted by your blood against the walls of your arteries. This number can fluctuate throughout the day and night. High blood pressure is defined as over 140 over 90 (systolic) or under 80 diastolic. A normal blood pressure number is below 120/80

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a condition in which your blood pressure is consistently higher than normal. If left untreated, high blood pressure can eventually lead to heart problems, stroke, kidney disease, vision loss or even death.


Diabetes has been described as the “silent killer” because it often goes undetected until it leads to other serious health problems. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 diabetes affects only the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas; Whereas type 2 diabetes affects multiple organs and systems in the body. Both types increase blood glucose levels. Glucose comes from the food we eat and our own bodies make it from carbohydrates that enter the blood.

Insulin helps move glucose into cells to provide energy. People with type 1 diabetes produce little or no insulin, while people with type 2 have low insulin levels and insulin resistance.

Blood pressure (BP) is defined as the force of your blood against the walls of your arteries; This force is called arterial blood pressure. When we talk about BP measurement, we are talking about systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure is the maximum pressure exerted by your blood during the contraction of your heart and diastolic pressure is the minimum pressure exerted by your blood between heartbeats.

Systolic pressure measures the highest point your blood reaches during a heartbeat. It is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). Diastolic pressure is measured in mmHg. A normal reading would be around 120/80 mmHg.

Four Types of High Blood Pressure Systolic Blood Pressure: Systolic refers to the top number in your blood pressure reading. Normal readings are between 120/80 mm Hg and 140/90 mm Hg.
Diastolic blood pressure: Diastolic refers to the bottom number in your blood pressure. Normal readings are between 80/60 mm Hg and 90/70 mm Hg.

What if my blood pressure is too high? If you have high blood pressure, it can lead to many health problems over time. High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke, diabetes, heart disease, kidney damage, and even vision loss. Some people may experience headaches, neck pain, dizziness and fainting, especially when they stand up too quickly.

If you think your blood pressure may be higher than is healthy, talk to your doctor right away. They can help you learn how to lower your blood pressure naturally.

Blood pressure is the force exerted on the walls of your arteries. This force has two components: systolic (first digit) and diastolic (second digit).

Your systolic pressure is measured at any given time during the contraction of your heart. Once your heart relaxes, your blood pressure drops.

Diastolic pressure, or the bottom number, measures the amount of pressure in your vessels once. Both numbers add up to your total blood pressure – this measurement is taken over several minutes.

Some people have high blood pressure without knowing it, but if you have high blood pressure or high blood pressure, your doctor can help you control it.

High blood pressure is linked to many other health problems, including stroke, heart disease, kidney disease and vision loss. You may already be taking medication for high blood pressure. If not, talk to your doctor about ways to lower your blood pressure naturally.

High blood pressure is often called “hypertension”. It affects more than 50 million Americans. But don’t worry; Only 20 percent require treatment.

Treatment includes medications that lower your blood pressure or lifestyle changes such as eating well and exercising regularly. A good diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

7 types of fruits that should be eaten in case of diabetic patients

Usually it is said to avoid sweets in case of diabetes. Because of this, many people stop eating fruits again, which is not the right thing to do. Because in case of diabetes, it is necessary to eat fruits regularly to protect the body from weakening. Of course, eating all the fruits does not mean that diabetic patients will benefit.

Useful fruits for diabetes are:-

  1. Currants

Currant is a fruit that every person needs to eat, not just diabetics. This is because currants do not allow the nest of cancer in the body. At the same time it prevents any disease from entering the body. It also removes excess cholesterol and helps maintain proper insulin levels in the blood.

  1. Guava

Whether it is raw or ripe or spiced or just salted, everyone loves to eat guava in any way. And do you know what the guava game is!!? This fruit eliminates the possibility of diabetes. So this fruit is very beneficial for those who have diabetes. This is because guava contains a lot of fiber. As a result of which the blood circulation process is completed properly.

  1. Jam

Who does not love to eat jam!!! This fruit is very beneficial for diabetics. Jam can break down sugars. It also helps in maintaining proper insulin levels in the body. Jam has many beneficial components. So people with diabetes should consume some amount of jam regularly.

  1. Amalaki

Amalaki does a great job of caring for hair etc. Also works in liver and kidney problems. But how many people know that Amalaki helps with diabetes? Chromium present in amlaki is very beneficial for inflammation. As a result, insulin and sugar levels in the body are maintained properly.

  1. Apple

Apples contain a lot of fiber. This fiber is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Apples also help lower blood sugar levels. At the same time, it plays a major role in maintaining proper insulin levels in the body.

  1. Oranges
    Oranges have a substantial amount of vitamin C. Also, due to the presence of magnesium in oranges, blood pressure can be properly controlled. So eating oranges and lemons regularly can get rid of diabetes problems. It is good to make orange juice and eat it.
  2. Ripe papaya

There are many people who love Pepe very much. Many people turn their noses up when they see Pepe. But if you know the quality of Paka Pepe, everyone will start drinking Paka Pepe. Pap contains anti-cancer properties. Also works wonderfully against diabetes. Basically due to diabetes, the blood sugar level increases at a very high rate. As a result, it affects the nerves. It is possible to get rid of such problems by playing Pepe.

What is insurance and how many types

In the current market, people are very careful about their lives, people are increasingly interested in insurance, many of them do not know what is insurance?

Many people have misconceptions about insurance , such as many people think that insurance is a type of investment scheme where money can be deposited for a specific period of time and the money can be withdrawn in the future with interest.

But this idea is completely wrong, remember that insurance is not a medium where you can deposit money and withdraw that money with interest after a certain period of time.

So in this article I will discuss insurance (Insurance) or what is insurance? How many types and what? List of insurance or insurance companies in Bangladesh.

What is insurance?

Insurance is a lump sum payment to an organization to protect itself against possible future losses. In return you can get help from that organization in case of loss.

Thus, when something unfortunate happens, the insurer helps you through the situation.

As I said before, this is not a medium where you can deposit money and withdraw it after a certain period of time, as is the case with fixed deposit, saving scheme, mutual fund.

That’s why common people misunderstand the difference between Insurance and Investment Scheme.

Remember that insurance will never pay you as a director.

Through insurance, you can get help (money) from them in exchange for various types of losses that may occur in the future.

Therefore, even if you do not get money directly through insurance, you can get help (money) from them (insurance company) in exchange for various types of losses that may occur in your future.

If you don’t understand yet, you can understand with examples.

Example: Suppose you have taken a “health insurance” from any health insurance company and according to the rules of that insurance company, you have given them 5 thousand dollers as premium every year.

But nothing will be given to you instead of that 5000 thousand dollers premium paid every year.

However, if in the future you have any health risk problem or you have to be hospitalized then the insurance company will bear all your medical expenses.

Hope you have understood what insurance is.

What are the types of insurance?

Insurance can be of many types, but general insurance is of 2 types:

Term Insurance or Life Insurance
General Insurance or Non-Life Insurance
The following figure shows the types of insurance –

General insurance is again divided into many parts, such as:

  • Home Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Vehicles Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Corporate Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Accidental Insurance

Life Insurance:

Life insurance is a strategy to transfer or avoid human risk of death, loss, peril.

Where a person pays a regular premium to an insurance company with the intention of receiving a specified amount of money at a specified time in the future or after the person’s death.

What are the effective ways to increase memory

There are various techniques to improve memory in psychology. Today I discussed some of those strategies. You can apply them in your life.

Many complain that my memory has decreased, I can’t remember like before, I forget something when I read. Many are not satisfied with their current memory. Memory actually involves many things. If you think about something over and over again, if you are seriously physically ill, if you have gone through a trauma, if you have a brain injury, if you try to memorize a lot of information at once, A person with a mental disorder may fail to retrieve information from memory. Due to physical and mental ailments we fail to memorize new material and in some cases forget the memorized material. Moreover, people’s memory can be lost due to old age. Each memory in our brain is formed by the connection of neurons. If we first receive some general information with our senses, it creates a new connection between neurons in our memory. If that information is repeated over and over again, the connections between neurons become stronger.

Our food has a close relationship with memory. Certain foods, such as omega-3 acids, play an important role in building brain and nerve cells. And omega-3 is found in fatty fish. And some foods that can have a negative effect on your brain such as sugar, processed food, butter, red meat, fast food, salt etc. We can avoid these foods to eliminate memory related problems. When we are under stress, our brain releases a type of neurotransmitter called cortisol that inhibits our ability to retrieve information from memory. So living a stress-free life can play a role in improving memory.

Although memory cannot be improved through practice, practice can speed up the functioning of memory components (eg, learning, storage, retrieval, retrieval, spatio-temporal orientation, etc.). This is discussed below:

  1. Pronunciation: Reading aloud is much better at memorizing information than reading silently. A special advantage of pronunciation is that it works equally well with the two senses, the eye and the ear. If you read something out loud, the connections between memory neurons will be stronger and it will be easier to remember. Besides, it is easy to memorize if it is recited through rhythm and melody
  2. Holistic vs. partial approach : When memorizing a short piece of information, it is better to read as a whole than to read in parts. Partial method is more effective in learning meaningless content
  3. Interruption method: Intermittent learning while memorizing a particular lesson gives enough time for the information to be permanently stored in the memory, thereby making the learning permanent.
  4. Understanding the meaning: If you practice reading by understanding the meaning of the content, you will memorize it quickly. If you practice reading without understanding the meaning, it takes more time to memorize
  5. Routine Method: Studying according to routine will increase the amount of memory
  6. Organization: After reading, it is easier to remember if the content is well organized. It is not easy to remember if read randomly
  7. Reading before sleep: Memorizing reading before sleep does not easily fade from the memory. Because going to sleep does not interrupt memory traces. Moreover, adequate sleep helps to improve memory
  8. Deep concentration : Deep concentration acts as a condition for improving memory. It can be easily remembered if read with deep attention
  9. Survey Q 3R: Robinson formulated a groundbreaking rule for memorizing a subject. His rule is known as the Survey Q 3R method. Here, Survey stands for Q stands for Question, Read (R-1), Recite (R-2) and Review (R-3). In this method, the student will first survey the subject and ask questions on his own and search for the answers to those questions on his own. Cover reading while reading and try to recall the content after reading. In this form of process a student can easily master any subject
  10. Abbreviations/mnemonics: You can use abbreviations/mnemonics to memorize information. In this way you can make a short word by omitting the first letter of how many words. Eg: How many points you have to memorize. You can easily memorize it by forming a word or sentence with the first letter of those points. For example: As a child we learned Beni Asahkala i.e. Purple, Blue, Sky, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. In this case, if the word or sentence is meaningful, the result is better.

By following the mentioned techniques we can speed up the working of our memory components.

16 professions that can make you rich

The job market is constantly changing and over the past two decades the job market has been moving tremendously towards technology. Technology fields such as electricity, internet, and transportation are currently contributing significantly to the job market. Today we will discuss the top 16 careers that can earn you a lot of dollars.

Mechanical Engineer:

The average annual salary for a mechanical engineer is $93,000 and is rising steadily. Mechanical engineers make important contributions in pharmaceuticals, aerospace and nanotechnology fields. Qualified mechanical engineers can lead the entire company. Mechanical engineering graduates are seen playing a leading role in innovation in agriculture, finance and other sectors.


Realtor can be another profession to earn more money. People who are involved in real estate business are basically called realtors. Skilled realtors can earn up to $100,000 annually. They are housing specialists and this profession will never disappear. People need a middleman to buy land or flat, otherwise these decisions can never be taken alone. There is no need to look back if you can make a name for yourself in this sector. In most cases, realtors receive a commission of a certain percentage of the property if the transaction is successfully completed.

To do well in this sector one must be friendly, know diplomatic affairs, have a good understanding of various laws related to housing, keep abreast of various economic and political news. Real estate business is becoming a lucrative profession day by day with the increase in property value.

To give an example of one of the most successful realtors in the world, the name Hui Yan will come up. He is one of the richest real estate magnates in the world. At first, he started the business with buying buildings at low prices, but now he has earned about 30 billion dollars from it.

IT Specialist:

There is no income limit for specialists in any sector. As everything is moving towards technology nowadays, the demand, acceptance and income of IT specialists will all increase in the coming days. Any commercial organization needs web experts and system administrators, and specialists can perform multiple duties there. Most of the time they don’t do the work themselves, they help make decisions in tasks like programming and data processing. Their job is to provide technical decisions.


Accountant is another profession that earns a significant rate every year. Although this profession is an ancient profession, the demand for it will increase greatly in the coming few years. To do well in this field, a person must have the ability to make strategic decisions. Accountants with advanced degrees are always ahead of the competition. That is why it is necessary to have good academic knowledge in this subject. Every company needs a good accountant to manage economic and financial affairs. General responsibilities of an accountant include maintaining financial and management records, looking after tax payment matters, paying staff salaries and contract payments. At the same time they can deal with issues like counterparties and audits as well as optimize business performance and procedures.

Best seller:

You can earn a lot of money by becoming a writer. If you can gain popularity among readers and if they buy your book then you can generate good income through it. You can write novels or comic books.

But in this case you must have the qualities of being a writer. But this whole process is not so easy. Books must be written and publishers must be approached. The whole process is quite laborious. But once you gain popularity, everything becomes easier.


Nothing can be better than being an entrepreneur. Be your own boss there. You own all the money, even if it is at risk. If you can create a unique product or service in your field, the world will pay you. All the richest people in the world right now are entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. They all started with unique concepts and built their own billion dollar businesses.

The inventor:

The world is constantly improving and inventors contribute to it. There is no doubt that anyone can become rich by coming up with unique concepts that work and are accepted in the market.

But nowadays, even if something revolutionary is created, it has to go through various legal processes. Like getting validation, patenting, building the concept and finally selling it in the market. But once he succeeds, no one can stop him. Some of the inventors in the world are Cleo, Udvidia, Michele Pereiro and Mark Zuckerberg.

Chief Executive:

In order to get the chief executive position of a company, such as CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO, one must be the owner or entrepreneur of that company but it is not like that. These positions can be achieved with one’s ability, talent and intelligence. It is definitely possible to become a millionaire sitting in these places of any company but you have to be very talented and smart as well as hardworking. You can only be in these positions if you can get 100% of what the company wants from you

Some of the most successful chief executives around the world include Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, Meg Whitman and many more.

Day Trader:

You can become rich as a day trader if you want. For this you need dedication, good internet line, and a computer. Traders basically buy and sell stocks for short periods of time. Traders basically buy stocks for a day and aim to sell at a profit. In this way, there is an opportunity to own many dollars at a time by selling shares. To do well in this sector, a person needs to have enough skills, to have a proper understanding of the ups and downs of the market. Must have analytical knowledge to understand market patterns and trends.

Game developer:

Game development is currently a good career with good earning opportunities. Game developers at entry labels can earn $50,000 a year, while seniors earn much more. Depending on the type of firm, location, project, and position in the company, a developer can earn up to two and a half million dollars a year. The success of game development depends on the preferences and tastes of the users. Many companies develop games with millions of dollars and cannot sell them, while many companies earn millions of dollars with low graphic games. For example, the game Minecraft sold for more than 1.3 billion dollars in total, but we know how its graphics are.

Data scientist:

Data Scientist job is tough and quite lucrative at the same time. Here your salary will depend on your skill level. If you have special skills then you can earn from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh dollars a year. It is currently the second highest paying job in America. Data scientists can work in a variety of industries. Their job is to develop algorithms through which huge amounts of data can be easily organized. From all that data it becomes easy to check performance and make decisions. The advantage of this job is that you can sit anywhere and work as you wish.


An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in straightening and beautifying crooked, crooked, and crooked teeth. They are experienced in solving such dental problems. Orthodontists simultaneously examine the jaws of the teeth, diagnose any abnormalities and provide necessary advice. They replace devices like braces, retainers, and bands for various dental problems.

An orthodontist’s annual income can be two and a half lakhs on an average. This profession is in great demand all over the world and can earn a lot of money from it as no one can do this job without them.

Earnings here will depend on the location you are in, your experience and how popular you are.

Full Stack:

Developer The basic income of a full stack developer is above 1 lakh dollars per annum. Moreover, web app development has a lot of income opportunities. Many businesses need developers for program development, internal tools and automation. In these problems companies can hire full stack developers instead of hiring back and front end teams. Because a full stack developer has knowledge in all aspects.

F1 engineer:

An F1 engineer’s annual salary will start at $40,000 as a junior engineer. But it will change quickly based on work, success and sponsors. Here is an opportunity to earn 1 lakh dollars a year very easily. They mainly work for a specific industry and employ many engineers including software engineers, mechanical engineers. They also have many other benefits including travel, insurance, performance bonus.

Risk Analytic:

On average, a risk analyst’s annual income is $80,000. Risk analysts are experts in specific fields and are involved in the company’s overall risk management strategy. They study the data and try to infer patterns. and share this information with those who build strategy so that the company minimizes risk. A risk analyst can work at any level of the company depending on his position in the company.


Freelancing is a game changer in the job sector. There is no income limit here. Unlimited income is possible here if you have skills. Freelancers are constantly earning thousands of dollars through various marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr and Guru. Freelancers can earn more than five hundred thousand dollars a year if he has such good skills. Freelancing is a profession where one can start working on any niche from the comfort of their own home. Its success will depend on how much effort you can put into the marketplace.

Finally, there are many other professions in the world to earn money but if you follow the legal and upcoming trends, these professions will come first. Considering the way new technologies are constantly coming, it would be wise to rely on your career technology.

7 Ways to become a successful entrepreneur

Today’s article is written about how to become a successful entrepreneur. Those who want to become a successful entrepreneur should know the following ways. So let’s find out what you need to do to become a successful entrepreneur.

7 Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur:

The obvious goal is steady and hard work:

To be successful as an entrepreneur you must set clear goals. This is important in every job. A successful entrepreneur is fixed on his goal and with that goal in mind he establishes himself through hard work and concrete actions. That is, to reach the goal, no matter how many obstacles come, you have to work hard.

Good knowledge and skills on specific tasks:

You must have thorough knowledge or skills about the business you are setting up. That is, he should have full experience about that business. If necessary, learn well by taking the advice of experts in that work so that you become experienced and later you will be successful in running your own company.

Risk taking and strategic:

You have to be strategic and have a risk-taking attitude in any task. According to the condition of the buyers and market demand, the business should be done. That is, the purchasing power of the buyers and the products that are in demand in the market should be traded with the products. Keep an eye on what products your competitors are bringing to the market. All things considered, you have to produce with risk. When you see that the profit is high and the risk is low, it is wise to take the right risk.

To lead:

To be a successful entrepreneur one must have the qualities of leading from the front. A person is not good at everything. In this case, team formation should be done through coordination and team management should be efficient. As a successful entrepreneur can control himself, he also guides others in the right direction. One can easily catch what one is told will do well and act accordingly. A successful entrepreneur has the innate ability to bring out the best in employees [ HinduNews24 ].

Financial management and accounting:

A new venture takes quite some time to see the face of profit. Until this profit comes, the money in hand should be used properly. If necessary, stop spending where there is excess and keep an account of every income and expense of your organization. As a result, the amount of profit or loss will be known.

Liaise with customers and receive complaints:

Talk to customers sincerely and take their complaints with a smile and resolve them as quickly as possible. This will establish a good relationship between you and your organization with the customers. You need to be adept at using modern technology to interact with customers.

Be confident and prepared for failure:

It is very important to have complete confidence and faith in one’s abilities and all qualities. You have to gain faith that you will overcome all obstacles and reach your goals. Successful entrepreneurs enjoy their work, so they work tirelessly. Moreover, there are both success and failure in any work. Your business may fail. You have to accept this failure and move forward. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must possess the above-mentioned traits. Develop yourself competently and competently with integrity. You will see that everything seems easy.

Last word:

Clayton M Christensen was an American economist and business consultant. His book The Innovator’s Dilemma is a classic book in business. The book shows that large corporations cannot maintain their control for long in a market in which industry and technology are constantly changing. He also said in this book that if a company’s assets, processes and standards are not market-friendly, then nothing can sustain that company. A must read book for entrepreneurs. Then they will understand how to deal with big rivals in the market.

Some characteristics and qualities of an ideal leader

Think, mr. Mallik is the owner of an engineering in Old Dhaka. After passing Diploma Engineering, he started his career by learning to work in a lathe factory without taking any other job. After much difficulty, he installed the lane machine himself and gradually built this firm.

Many diploma engineers and skilled craftsmen are working in his firm now. Various parts and machinery are manufactured here. Mr. Mallick actually started researching foreign machinery in the country. The purpose is to do something like that or not?

On the one hand, the work of making machines and parts is done on the basis of orders, on the other hand, new machines and parts are made and marketed. Separate departments for manufacturing similar products.

He entrusted the responsibility of the department to those people who are efficient and sincere about the organization. He understands the needs of everyone in the organization. Mix with them. Try to solve the problems yourself. Many a times he gives the responsibility of solving the problem to the heads of departments.

So that they are qualified to solve problems. He is very serious about creating and retaining skilled workers. As the employees are improving, the organization is also improving. In this case Mr. Mallick is an entrepreneur and industry leader. The discussion brought out many of the qualities that a leader should possess.

Although there is some variation in the requirements of qualities depending on the time, place and environment, in general, all the qualities that a leader must have are outlined below:

Education and experience:

Acquiring knowledge or knowledge through learning, practice, etc. is called education. Learning in an educational institution is like learning, so is driving learning. What a person learns through experience also counts as education. And all education is light.

Nowadays it is desirable for an ideal leader to have the necessary educational qualifications and experience. Such competence enhances the leader’s image among subordinates. Besides, education and experience empower a leader to carry out his duties.

Organizational Knowledge and Skill:

Organizational knowledge and skills are the knowledge and skills to establish and manage organizations competently. A successful leader must be a competent organizer, therefore, the leader must possess the necessary knowledge to properly divide work in terms of reality, select suitable personnel according to work, properly determine and distribute responsibility and authority, establish a sound communication system, make effective coordination and establish accountable administration.

Power and ability:

A leader’s strength and ability are considered to be the physical, mental, cognitive, technical, etc. ability to do the necessary work and thinking.

An ideal leader is required to take the leading role in all activities. Various complications in the field of work often cause severe mental stress among the leaders.

A leader has to think about work virtually 24 hours a day, ready to act at any time. Therefore, the leader must have sufficient physical and mental capacity.

Courage and strong morale:

A leader’s courage and tenacity is considered to be the quality of going forward with mental strength to aim fearlessly or fearlessly in any situation. An ideal leader must be courageous and strong-willed. If the leader breaks down a little, panics, then it is not possible for him to take new initiatives and lead the followers through various adverse conditions.

Mentality of undertaking responsibility and risk:

Responsibility to perform an action or perform a duty is called responsibility. On the other hand, risk is the mentality of accepting loss with the possibility of financial loss and is considered as the leader’s responsibility and risk-taking mentality. A leader not only has the authority but also has to accept all the responsibilities and risks of the work. If the leader fails to take the responsibility of the work of the subordinates on his shoulders, then the respect and loyalty of the subordinates is not possible for him.


The quality that enables a person to persevere even in times of danger is called patience. It is an essential quality of a leader. If the leader is not able to show patience in adverse environment then it is never possible for him to lead the followers in the right direction. Subordinates do not always behave as desired. In that case, the leader has to take initiative to correct it with patience.

Knowledge about subordinates:

Sense, intelligence and consideration are called knowledge in one word. Such knowledge, intelligence and consideration about subordinates is called knowledge about subordinates. A leader’s job is to direct all the efforts of the subordinates towards goals.

If the leader does not have a clear idea about the thoughts and aspirations of the subordinates, it is not possible for him to gain and manage the loyalty of the people in all situations.


Justice is the quality of establishing fairness and justice especially in managing subordinates by avoiding injustice in all situations. An ideal leader must be fair.

If he fails to establish justice among the subordinates or cannot see everyone equally and if the subordinates do not consider the superior to be honest and equally sympathetic to all, then it is not possible for him to gain the loyalty and respect of the followers.

Hard work and endurance:

Labor is called labor. Sometimes the leader has to work harder than usual. Even in difficult environment, he has to move forward with patience. In which case he needs to be patient enough.

So if the leader is lazy, does not work, breaks down a little then it is not possible for him to properly manage the followers. A leader should always remember that Industry is the mother of good luck.

Skill in communication:

Communication skill is the ability to express thoughts, information and news to others in a beautiful way and get the desired response from him or them. Communication is a key factor in effective leadership.
As easily and beautifully as the leader can present his thoughts, views, orders to the subordinates, it becomes easier to implement them. Similarly, the leader needs to have constant information about the thoughts, actions and reactions of subordinates. Which a leader can achieve only through communication skills.

Power of encouraging:

A leader’s motivational ability is the ability to ensure that subordinates are motivated and motivated to perform to the best of their ability. It is the leader’s job to encourage and motivate the subordinates.

Follower targeting is not possible to manage properly, gain loyalty and reach goals. A leader must know how to motivate an employee in any situation and how to maintain motivation and enthusiasm.


Can think in advance about something with intuition. Ability is called wisdom. A leader must be wise or visionary. If he fails to make a proper assessment of the future by considering the past and the present, then it is not possible for him to make a sound decision.

When a leader is able to make accurate predictions and make the right decisions to achieve success in the workplace, the respect for the leader increases among subordinates.

Develop 23 daily habits to make yourself smarter

No one becomes smart overnight . You can make smartness a habit through conscious daily practice . Experts give 23 tips on how to make yourself a little smarter every day . Check them out.

  1. Brainstorm any new 10 topics every day. Basically, as long as you keep your brain cells busy with these thoughts, you will benefit.
  2. Read newspaper daily. Keep up to date with what’s happening around the world. It will enlighten you.
  3. Reflect on what you have recently learned . Give arguments for and against it and try to explain it in detail.
  4. Try reading any chapter of a fiction or non-fiction book. Through this you will learn something new every day and at the same time will develop friendship with new readers.
  5. Watch educational videos rather than just watching entertaining television shows . There are many things to learn .
  6. Register on websites that provide information on fun and quirky topics . Check out these facts about science, society, nature etc.
  7. Check out the sources of information on your favorite science topics . Wink once a day.
  8. Share what you learn with others . If you find someone who wants to discuss, don’t miss it.
  9. List two skills to acquire. One for current job needs and the other for future learning.
  10. Make a list of everything you do. You will be aware of your knowledge . Encouragement to learn more.
  11. Write down what you learn in the form of information . Then the information will be permanently embedded in the head. You can write them down in any blog or notepad. Can share with others.
  12. Meditate and exercise daily to maintain mental health . It will make it easy to keep the mind calm and strong in any difficult matter.
  13. Take any popular course online. CV will be quite heavy with skill enhancement. You can take various courses related to the job as per your heart .
  14. Talk to someone you ‘re interested in talking to. Try to understand their thoughts .
  15. Try to associate with people who seem smarter and wiser than you. You can get your smartness from them .
  16. Think about all the questions you have in your mind . Try to figure out the answer yourself .
  17. Learn some new words every day to increase vocabulary. They are one Time will prepare you for ILTS or SAT or GRE test.
  18. Do something scary. The experiences of all the situations we find ourselves in will serve us well in the future . Apart from this, you will get a thrilling feeling through these.
  19. Visit a new area or place . At least visit some places around your residence.
  20. Play smart games. Play chess or similar games. Play these games with challenges .
  21. Save some time and rest. Do nothing during this time. In this you will get back physical strength along with mental peace.
  22. Take up a productive hobby. You can work on it every day. It can range from sewing to fishing.
  23. Try to implement what you have learned in real life. If you learned how to play a new instrument or do something in a book or online , try it yourself.