All information about kidney disease symptoms and remedies

If you have a proper understanding of the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease, it is much easier to get rid of this disease . According to statistics, more than two crore people in Bangladesh are suffering from kidney disease and every hour more than five people die due to kidney failure . So it is very important to have proper knowledge about kidney disease symptoms and remedies . Let's know in detail about  the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease .  

Symptoms of kidney disease : Kidneys work as secret guards to remove waste materials from the body. of the bodyBlood pressure control, maintaining water balance, production of hormones to make red blood cells, keeping bone marrow strong etc. are very important functions done by kidneys. Usually, when the kidney starts to fail, the patient does not feel it before 70% to 80 % of the kidney function is lost . Therefore, one should have a proper understanding of the symptoms of kidney disease and be aware. Symptoms of kidney disease are:

1. The body swells, and the swelling starts from the face.

2 . The amount of urine decreases compared to normal .

3. Urine becomes red and even bloody.

4. Urine burns , and has an unusual smell .

5. There is pain on both sides of the hip. But the pain also occurs in the lower abdomen .

6. High blood pressure occurs.

7. There is nausea and loss of appetite .

Kidney disease is a serious disease because the symptoms of this disease are not easily revealed and spread slowly in the body. This is why kidney disease is called a silent killer . Therefore, if the above symptoms appear, the nearest doctor should be consulted immediately . It is possible to save life from this disease if you take treatment at the right time. And awareness should be created among all about the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease .

Treatment of kidney disease: The rate of kidney patients is increasing day by day . Therefore , increasing awareness about the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease has become imperative. And the kidney patient should receive the right treatment at the right time.

Kidney disease is divided into two categories . Sudden kidney disease is called acute kidney disease and gradual kidney disease is called chronic kidney disease. Both diseases can be cured by taking the right treatment at the right time.

Blood urea, creatinine and electrolytes are done to diagnose acute kidney disease remains. _ If the patient has acute kidney disease for diarrhea and vomiting, and the patient is dehydrated, treatment with saline is given . Doctors advise Gramganj children to eat oral rehydration salts. According to doctors, the importance of fixing the dehydration of the person is more important than the importance of antibiotics. 

However, if the patient's eyes suddenly water, and albumin is excreted in the urine, the doctor will diagnose the type of kidney disease by conducting a kidney biopsy and give proper treatment to the patient, and the patient will recover completely. It can be seen that 90 percent of children recover. And in adults, treatment depends on the biopsy report, but 50 to 60 percent of patients recover completely. And the rest are controlled with medication. So in this case there is less risk of kidney becoming useless .

On the other hand, in the case of chronic kidney disease, doctors say that whenever micro-albumin passes through the patient's urine, the kidney function is normal. However, various drugs have been discovered to treat this micro-albumin . But the patient has to control diabetes and stay healthy. And the patient must visit the doctor every three to six months for follow-up .

Food for kidney patients: Food awareness is very important for kidney patients . Choosing the right food plays an important role in keeping the kidney patient healthy and recovering quickly. 

At the beginning, let's know about the excluded foods for kidney patients . Kidney patients should avoid chocolate, chocolate milk, cheese, chicken meat, beef , goat meat, sauces, peaches, broccoli, almonds, mushrooms, sweet pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes, bananas , dates and pickles etc.

Beneficial foods for kidney patients are:

Fruits and vegetables: Doctors advise kidney patients to drink at least one glass of water a week . And every day at least four Thankuchi leaves ,  cucumber, watermelon, gourd, bangi, lemon, orange , malta, pomegranate, beet, carrot, sugarcane juice, barley, onion, sajna etc. should be eaten in quantity by the kidney patient. And the patient should take grains or seeds like bread , noodles, nuts etc. regularly .  

Goksur : Studies have shown that regular consumption of 3 grams of Goksur powder in people who have reduced urination and water accumulation in the hands and feet improves the urine volume and reduces the amount of water accumulated in the body.

Rakta Chandan: Rakta Chandan is a very important herb for kidney patients. Blood sandalwood increases the volume of urine and stops burning during urination . 

Patharkuchi : Research shows that the contribution of Patharkuchi leaf extract is extensive in destroying kidney stones .

Prevention is more important than cure in kidney disease . And awareness of kidney disease symptoms and remedies should be increased among the general public to strengthen prevention . According to the instructions given on the World Kidney Day, it is possible to prevent kidney diseases if children can develop the habit of following several rules from the school level. And all the weight, blood pressure andTo control diabeteswill be Along with keeping the food moderate and balanced, one should drink moderate amount of water during the day. Avoid taking antibiotics without doctor's advice. And regular urine and blood creatinine tests can be done at regular intervals By following these rules it will be possible to prevent kidney disease . And the rate of kidney disease can be reduced. So there is no option to convey the correct idea about  the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease to everyone.

What is Self Discipline

Discipline is the way to freedom from discipline

A barrage is built on the banks of a river to control the flow of the river and prevent it from overflowing the city. If left unchecked, the water will wash away the city. Similarly, we can control our brain through self-discipline. Our brain is like a knife with two halves of a simple blade. Sharp parts and handles.

We all know that with sharp parts we can cut cooking curries fruits etc. Now what happens if you leave the handle and hold the sharp part in your hand. You surely know the answer and you would never make this mistake knowingly. The nature of our brain is such that it is always running around and if it cannot be controlled.

Then it becomes dangerous for you to catch the sharp part of that knife. And you will face many problems in life. So today I am a book written by Rajal Gupta. Let me share with you some smart ideas on self discipline from Rajal Neeti Time Management. So let's get started.

What is Self Discipline?

Self Discipline is forcing yourself to do something that is important for your future. Although you have to do that right now, you don't want to. Eg: Your exam is going on and meanwhile India Pakistan World Cup match is going on. What will naturally come to your mind is whether the India Pakistan match can be missed or not. It's the World Cup again.

What you decide in this situation is up to you. You can watch the game without reading. But it won't get you good marks in exams. But if you convince yourself that till date India have never lost to Pakistan in the World Cup. I won't lose today, but if I skip studying and watch the game, I will fail the exam. Then reading will also be wise. You have selected reading and succeeded.

Self Discipline requires you to learn to let go of instant and momentary pleasures. Only then can you enjoy long-term and large-scale happiness. Rajalji talks about his heavenly Dadaji here. He started his watch business. With just a few watches. He had two options either to spend the money earned by selling the watches on himself or to save the money and become a businessman.

So that he can give his family a beautiful future. He chose the second option. By maintaining Self Discipline, he gave up his instant gratification so that his family could be happy for the long term. Because of his sacrifice, today his next generation is living happily. You have to practice self-discipline in every field. Talking about food, you can eat spicy food regularly for momentary pleasure. But in the long run, you'll find that both your digestion and health deteriorate.

Likewise you can blow your money partying with friends. But same thing long-run you will see you have nothing to say savings. And if I say you can spend your time listening to music, watching TV or party entertainment. But inda long-run your study condition will not improve at all.

Thousands of successful people have been studied with the question of how they became so successful. The answer that was found was that they never found joy in their daily routines like others. But still they had control over their own mind and they did things even if they were forced and as a result they have signed as new examples of success today.

Even if the qualifications of a self-discipline person are low, it is possible to achieve great success. I know and believe Self Discipline is a very difficult thing but I want you to believe it too. What you can achieve through Self Discipline cannot be achieved in any other way. Rajalji has given some suggestions in the book to increase self discipline. First of all ask yourself what will be the result if I do the work that I am doing.

And the second question is whether I am controlling my mind or my mind is controlling me. Do I have the remote control of the mind or does the mind have me? There is a saying An Apple A Day Keeps Doctor Away that means if we eat an apple every day for 30 days of the month then this is possible. You can't do that from 1st to 30th of the month you don't eat apples and go on 30th and eat 30 apples at once. It is neither possible nor desirable.

Similarly, if you want to do very well in studies, you must read regularly every day. Do you want small trouble or big trouble? It totally depends on you. You prefer mobile before examCar gamesIf you don't play and study, you will feel bad at that time, but later when you get good results in the exam, this small trouble will become a reason for your great happiness. Self Discipline is the ability to do the right thing at the right time whether you want to or not.

Ways to get rich

 Learn to manage money wisely.

I ask you a simple question. Do you want to be rich…? You might wonder what kind of question that is. Because of course the answer is yes. Everyone wants to be rich. Although money is not everything, money plays an important role in our lives. If you have a good amount of money, you can lead a comfortable life. Having pocket money is even more necessary in today's uncertain times.

Many of us have dreams like traveling the world, owning a big car or a house but need money to fulfill them. So everyone wants to be rich but the truth is that only few can be rich. Do you want to know why? So keep reading the article to know the secret of getting rich. Lack of financial education is the main reason why some people become rich and others remain poor throughout their lives. People earn money by working hard in job or business.

But what they do with their hard earned money matters most. You can earn millions every month but if you don't know how to manage your money you will never become rich. Spending money unnecessarily can lead you to debt and financial crisis.

And only financial education can save you from this danger. Your first and most important task is to save 10 to 15 percent of your monthly income. You will divide this accumulated amount into three parts.

1. Emergency Funds 

Whenever an emergency situation arises, create the fund in such a way that you can withdraw cash money from this fund and use it.

2. Slush Funds.

These funds will help you survive for three to six months if you ever get sick or lose your job.

3. Retirement Funds.

You will invest this money in a right place so that this money keeps growing till your retirement. Assume you live to be twenty years old. Accordingly, you have to save money according to a plan by calculating how much money you may need after the reinvestment. After deciding how much money to save, your task is to determine how much money you will spend each month.

You can use 80/20 principal in case. Identify where you are spending 80% of it. It is usually behind food, rent, electricity bills etc. The remaining 20 percent of spending you might spend on things of unimportance. Which you can minimize if you want. So I am not talking about giving up all hobbies. You should enjoy life.

But try to keep a balance main and spend money only on useful things. Anything that goes down in value day by day is called Liability… and anything that goes up in value day by day is called Asset… Your next step is to invest your savings carefully. A car is a liability because its price keeps decreasing day by day. So when you've saved as much as you need to, you're done.

Buy a car only then or a great way is to buy a second hand car or rent a car instead of buying a new car. Although own house is seen as an asset. However, it is a huge investment so only take this decision if you have enough savings to spare. Not only investing early but investing in the right place is the only secret to becoming rich.

Now the question is where is it better to invest money, many people are afraid to invest their money. But you have to understand that investing is the only way through which you can make money with money. That means you don't have to do any work to earn money here. Your money will work for you. So you should not be afraid of investing money, you have to take calculated risk.

From bank accounts to stock market, there are many options available today to invest money. You can also invest in bonds where you lend money to a company and if that company makes a profit, you also make a profit. If you are confused about where and how to start investing then you can invest in mutual funds.

Your invested money will be divided and invested in different areas. As a result, the risk will also be reduced. But before investing money you must have a basic understanding of how the investment world works. For this you can take the help of a trusted financial advisor. If you want you can take help of Zerodha for this.

If you want to know more about it, you can search on Google. If you go to Zerodha and submit your name and mobile number, Zerodha team will call you and they will personally guide you to make your investment decision. But remember one thing too greedy weavers ruined. If you run blindly after money, you will be in danger. Take a thoughtful decision and invest for the long term.

If you can do this, you will become rich very soon. Financial education is a superpower of the present time, so keep learning something new every day. These things I learned from the book Millennial Money Makeover by Conor Richardson.

How to get a home loan in Bangladesh

Want a home loan to buy a flat? Know where and how to get a home loan in Bangladesh.

Home loan or loan for buying a flat, has made solving the housing problem of people much easier. Housing is one of the basic human needs. People spend most of their money to fulfill these needs. Many people fail to build a house even with their entire lifetime earnings. But meeting the needs of the person depends a lot on his ability. It is almost impossible for many to build a house in an area that ensures all the comforts of living. But while building a house is impossible, owning a flat is not too impossible. Even if you don't have enough cash, you can own a flat.

Maybe wondering how is this possible? Yes, there are many real estate companies working to fulfill this dream. They are constructing multi-storied buildings to solve the housing problems of the people of the country. Selling flat. Developer companies are also keeping the demand and capacity in mind while constructing buildings or flats. Real estate companies are even providing loans to buy flats on easy terms. In this regard, Dom-Ino Developments is playing a leading role.

Do you want to buy a flat from Dom-ino with a loan ? But know what to do to get a home loan to buy a flat in Dhaka.

What to do to get a loan to buy a flat?

You can own a flat without cash. Even in Dhaka again! But you have to follow some rules and conditions. Only then the process of buying a flat will be accelerated. Even if there is only good will to comply with the conditions, it may not happen. Must have some qualifications. Let's see what rules or conditions you have to fulfill to get a home loan:

1. There should be a secure income system.

2. Must have salary certificate. It should be noted that the monthly salary should be at least 40 thousand taka.

3. Any other source of income will also require a certificate. Such as house rent, shop rent, business etc. It is good to say that these records should be submitted to the bank or loan institution every month.

4. CIB report issued by Bangladesh Bank is required to be submitted.

5. You must show the valuation of the property you own.

6. Applicant age should be 18 to 65 years.

How real estate agencies help in getting loans:

Financial institutions have good relationships with developers or real estate firms. Their cooperation is definitely needed to get a loan. So apart from the mentioned documents some other proofs have to be given. But it will be provided by real estate company or flat seller. Because, if the person or organization who will sell the flat has any problems, it will be difficult to get the loan. Let's find out about that:

1. Photocopies of all land documents should be submitted. E.g. Via Deeds, RS Khatian, CS Khatian, SA Khatian, All Mutations, Taxes or Submissions.

2. Agreement between the land owner and the building construction company.

3. If there is Power of Attorney, proof of his Power of Attorney.

4. Building drawing approval by Rajuk.

5. RAJUK Authorization Letter.

6. Flat distribution list between developer company and land owner.

7. NEC (Non-encumbrance Certificate) Non-encumbrance certificate.

8. NOC (No Objection Certificate)

9. TPA (Tri Party Agreement) i.e. agreement between buyer-seller and bank or financial institution.

Companies that offer flat loans or home loans

Most of the public and private banks and financial institutions of the country are currently investing in this sector. Find out about the home loan of some of the notable companies.

Private financial institutions

Many private financial institutions are offering home loans on easy terms. Conditions vary from organization to organization. But the terms and conditions of all are fairly close.

Delta Brac Housing Corporation Limited (DBH)

DBH has several different packages of flat loans. Products are announced based on the repayment capacity of the borrower. DBH has gained a lot of trust from customers in the field of home loans . The company gives a maximum loan of up to 70 percent for the purchase of flats. In this case, the interest rate is up to 9% depending on the repayment period. But you have to pay 0.5% fee for loan processing.

IDLC Finance Limited (IDLC)

The institution lends up to 70% of the proposed property. The difference between IDLCs and others is that they disburse loans in lump sum or in installments as per the needs of the borrower. IDLC Finance offers insurance against home loans. IDLC is the first to offer this type of insurance. You can contact online for details about 'IDLC Home Loan'.

Prime Bank Ltd.

For flat purchase and home renovation, Prime Bank provides loans up to a maximum of Rs 70 lakhs. In this case, the age of the borrower should be maximum 55 years. Earlier its interest rate was 13% but currently it is between 9%. Repayment period is 15 years.

Eastern Bank (EBL)

Eastern Bank Limited stands apart from others when it comes to home loans . They provide home loans to eligible individuals aged 22 to 57 years. The loan amount ranges from 5 to 75 lakh rupees. Earlier its interest rate was 14 to 15 percent, but now it gives loans in the range of 9 percent. However, EBL charges a fee of 1.25% for home loan processing. For details about Eastern Bank home loan, you can contact the bank or flat authority .

Eastern Bank is far ahead in corporate banking. Eastern Bank also has exceptional initiatives in the field of home loans. Age of the borrower is 22 to 57 years. The loan amount ranges from 5 lakhs to 75 lakhs. Repayment period should be between 3 to 10 years. Interest rates range from 14 percent to 15 percent, and the processing fee is 1.25 percent. But the interest may change.


Without personal collateral, HSBC Bank offers loans from Rs 7 lakh to Rs 75 lakh . Apart from submitting the documents, the condition is that the monthly income is 40,000 if the employee is employed, and the monthly income is 50,000 if the businessman is. Maximum repayment period is 15 years.

Standard Chartered Bank (Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh)

SCB BD is a British based banking institution. Loans up to 70 percent of the total value are given for a short period on very easy terms. Only professionals and employed people can take loans from here.

Government institutions

Not all public financial institutions provide housing loans. Let's know about some of the institutions which provide loans to buy flats from government banks or institutions.

Bangladesh Bank

Bangladesh Bank is providing home loans to ensure the housing system of the people . Rashtriya A Bank gives loan for maximum 1250 square feet flat. The organization aims to work towards ensuring housing for the middle class. However, home loans are not available in all parts of the country. Loans for buying flats are only available in the areas under the jurisdiction of 6 City Corporations and Gazipur, Narayanganj, Tongi and Savar Municipalities. This bank has some special conditions. If someone has taken home loan earlier, he will not get re-loan. If his child or someone else in the family owns a house or flat in the area where he wants to buy a flat or house, he will not get the loan. Borrower's monthly income should be 30 to 50 thousand. Government Bangladesh Bank home loan interest rate is 9%.

Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation (BHBFC)

This institution of the government provides loans for the purchase of houses or flats of the middle class. However,   Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation provides this loan facility for elite areas of Dhaka Metropolis and Chittagong. 3 thousand 500 for each square foot of flat of 1 thousand 4 hundred 29 square feet. Loans are usually given in elite areas of Dhaka and Chittagong. For the construction of 1,667 sq.ft flat, per sq.ft., a home loan of Rs.3,000 is given. The total loan amount is 40 lakh rupees. Applicant should have own investment of 20% of total investment. The remaining 80% will be invested in house building finance. The interest rate is 9 percent. Maximum repayment period is 15 years.

Quotes by successful people that will change your life

 Life Changing Inspirational Quotes:

The words of world renowned philosophers, thinkers and successful people act as our guide. They have gone through many ups and downs in their long life. Enriched himself, the society and the country.

It is said that a beautiful word is more precious than a precious diamond. When depression, gloom, failure surrounds us - then some precious words of hope, the simple sayings of famous people who observe life from different angles can light the torch of hope in our minds.

By following their thoughts we can easily become successful in our life.

Likewise, our discussion today on various inspirational quotes of 15 successful people. Let's find out what famous people thought about success, failure and life and what they have to say for us as Patheya.

Brian Tracy is a world renowned motivational speaker. Not only that, he is a great writer, self development and performance coach. Hundreds of people have succeeded in life by following his lessons.

What is the key to success? In answer to this question he said-

"The key to success is to focus our conscious mind not on what we fear but on what we want."

– Brian Tracy

Napoleon Hill is an American author. The one who showed you yourself is capable of helping you. We dream a lot but few work hard to make those dreams come true. On how to nurture your dreams and goals, Napoleon Hill said:

"Cherish your goals and dreams as the children of your soul, they will be the blueprint for your ultimate success."

Napoleon Hill

"I can't solve this problem" - we often say. We sit on our heads without making the least effort, but no problem in this world is permanent. The world famous comedian Charlie Chaplin said about it-

"Nothing in this world is permanent, not even our problems."

Charlie Chaplin

Can we make what we dream of doing a reality? I may forget what I say today and blame myself in the end. When you truly have a dream, you will not be relieved before realizing it. APJ Abdul Kalam said about this-

“Dreams are not what man sees in his sleep; A dream is that which the expectation of fulfillment keeps people from sleeping.”

APJ Abdul Kalam

Abraham Lincoln is one of the successful people of the world who came from a poor family. He said the most powerful thing in the world. And that is-

"He who has a mother is never poor."

Abraham Lincoln

Bill Gates is a successful entrepreneur, successful businessman and successful man. His breakthrough quote about success is-

“Success is like a teacher who inspires.

It makes skilled and intelligent people think that they will never lose.”

Bill Gates

The most talked about and successful person today is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. He said-

“Get past others by acting quickly. If you can't do that, you know you're not working fast enough."

Mark Zuckerberg

Are we loving what we do or what we are constantly doing? Or why I can not be successful in what I am doing? Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple Computer, said about it-

“If you love what you are doing and are willing to do everything to succeed in it, it will come to you.

Every minute behind the work needs evaluation. Think and think; That's really what you want to do."

Steve Wozniak

Swami Vivekananda is one of the greatest philosophers of the world. About how to move towards the goal, he said-

"Awake, be aware and don't stop until you reach your goal."

Swami Vivekananda

The implementer of a revolutionary idea to change the world. Muhammad Yunus. Most people don't know why he works. If you don't have a clear idea of ​​where your destination is, what you want to do, how you want to do it, it's very difficult to get a touch of success. Dr. in this regard. We can follow what Muhammad Yunus said.

“If we cannot imagine a desired society or world, it will never come true. For that we need a destination, a direction.

If you know where you want to go, you can definitely get there. Your technology, communication skills will take you there.”

- Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Chanakya, an ancient Indian scholar on economics and political science. He was a professor at the famous Taxila University of ancient India. Taapsee of knowledge says this man-

“Nothing is impossible for those who work hard to conquer. No country is foreign to an educated person. The soft-spoken have no enemies.”


Popular poet Humayun Ahmed said-

We all have curiosity, but we don't do the work necessary to satisfy it. don't want to

Humayun Ahmed

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the greatest Bengali of a thousand years, said-

"If you love people, people love you too. If you make a small sacrifice, people may even give their lives for you.”

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Good thoughts will ensure your good health, good health will make you live longer. Mahatma Gandhi said-

"Think well, for our thoughts turn into vows."

Mahatma Gandhi

Gautama Buddha tells us about Suchinta-

“Thoughts are reflected in nature or nature. If one speaks or acts with evil intent, sorrow follows him.

And if one speaks or acts with good thoughts, happiness follows him like a shadow.”

Gautama Buddha

Detailed information on travel insurance

People almost go out to travel to get a break from the monotonous life. Traveling to distant countries is a hobby of some people. But everything is fine, but tell us what is the guarantee of our life? When there is danger in our life, say stay at home and go on a trip. Going out on a trip, we can face any danger. For example, bag theft or robbery or accident can get sick again. So insurance companies have come up with travel insurance cover keeping you travel lovers in mind.

The insurance company will cover all the risks related to your travel in the insurance policy. This means that the insurance company will take responsibility for the financial cost of any damage from the beginning to the end of your trip. For that you need to buy travel insurance or travel insurance policy. But before buying this policy you should know all the information about this travel insurance. And from today's article, you can get detailed information about travel insurance.

Let's know what is travel insurance and its benefits and coverage and types of travel insurance.

What is travel insurance or travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a travel risk protection contract. If a person buys a travel insurance policy, the insurance company will provide financial compensation to him in case of any loss during the trip. That is, if you are traveling abroad, your bag is stolen or you are injured, the insurance company will pay you the financial loss. Travel insurance is a good insurance policy for travelers.

Travel Insurance Cover:

The coverage offered by insurance providers varies for different providers. Below these are usually included in the travel insurance cover.

  • Emergency medical expenses.
  • Loss of bags and personal documents.
  • Emergency dental expenses.
  • Cash approval in hospital.
  • Accidental death or permanent total disability.
  • personal liability.
  • Hijack disaster allowance.
  • Late trip.

How many types of travel insurance ?

This insurance can be done under different categories. You can choose it according to your needs and requirements.

Student Travel Insurance:

Student travel insurance plan provides medical and financial support for students. Insurance companies provide financial assistance for any medical or financial emergency while studying in a new country. It is only for students who are planning to study abroad.

Domestic Travel Insurance :

If you like to travel anywhere in India, then you can enjoy the benefits of this travel insurance. Under this insurance policy , medical and financial assistance for medical, bag theft, trip cancellation are included.

Family Travel Insurance:

Family travel insurance can be purchased directly for any member of the family. This insurance policy covers accidental expenses, hospital expenses, and bag theft etc.'

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance:

This travel insurance policy is a travel insurance policy for people aged 61-70 years. It provides coverage of medical expenses, health care benefits etc.

Group Travel Insurance:

If you are a group of 20 or more people and you are planning to travel. Then you can buy group travel insurance policy. It covers trip cancellation, baggage theft, medical and travel delay etc.

Asia Travel Insurance:

If you are traveling to Asian countries, you can buy Asia travel insurance policy. Your medical and other unexpected expenses are covered under this policy.

Customized Travel Insurance:

Some people prefer customized travel insurance plans, as they can customize the insurance coverage according to their needs. This service is offered by some insurance providers in certain regions of the world.

Benefits of buying travel insurance:

Medical expenses:

When you are traveling abroad or in India. There may be hospital expenses due to illness. And travel insurance covers you for surgery, injury, hospital expenses. You can get 24 hours benefit in this.

Lost bag:

Accidents are a very common thing when traveling. If you do not purchase this insurance, you may lose valuables including your luggage. As per this insurance policy you will be reimbursed for all the valuables in the luggage.

Travel cancellation:

If your trip is canceled due to a natural calamity, all your hotel bookings and travel bookings may be lost. In case of cancellation of your trip in travel insurance policy you will get full refund

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Q.  Why is travel insurance necessary? 

A. Travel insurance is required to insure against the risk of accidents while travelling.

Q. What is covered in travel insurance? 

A. Emergency medical expenses, loss of bags and personal documents expenses, accidental death or permanent total disability, hijack disaster allowance, trip delay etc.

10 Daily Motivational Quotes for Success

Success is not an accidental matter. Success is a combination of some basic human qualities that have been gradually achieved. The definition of success varies from person to person. Success for a farmer's son can be to get at least one job after completing his studies to lead his life. But for the child of an economically prosperous family, success is to earn a lot of money by doing business, car, house after completing studies.

So what is success to one is failure to another. It is very difficult to determine the universal pattern of success. Yet success can be defined as….

Success is getting what you want in life if your happiness lies in getting it. "

If you read the history of the people who have achieved success in life, it can be seen that they have been able to climb to the peak of success through a lot of hard work, hard work and dedication. All the contents that help people to succeed are as follows:

1. Target:

Whatever you do, unless you set goals for each task, you will not reach the desired position. So to get success in work, you must first determine your work goals. And you have to keep the desire to reach that goal strong only then you can reach the door of success.

2. Aspiration:

You must have a sincere desire to achieve something. It is possible for you to get what you want if you are reasonable and put in the right effort to get it. But the desire to ask must be strong.

3. Hard work:

Success does not come by chance. Success requires relentless effort and hard work. There are many of us who want success in life but are not willing to work hard. So we don't even see the face of success. You can touch the touch of success if you have the mindset of hard work and extra effort. A lot of great talent and hard work is wasted. So if you want to get success you must work hard and plan accordingly.

4. Commitment:

Commitment is needed for any work for success and prosperity. If you want to reach a place, you should not walk aimlessly or if there is an obstacle in the anchor. For this, I want to plan according to Zeenab. When players enter the field, they commit to win. Still some lose. The reason for this loss is not their lack of ability or skill but their commitment or passion. The stronger the commitment or passion is in the player's mind, the closer they are to success. So every work should have proper planning and commitment.

5. Sense of responsibility:

To be successful in life, you have to be responsible. It is not possible for you to own a lot of wealth, gain fame and live a beautiful life without taking responsibility. You have to take risks to succeed. But taking risks or taking responsibility does not mean that you do everything alone or make unplanned decisions. You take responsibilities judiciously and the Khutina examines the success of all your work.

6. Character:

Those who are established in life, their good character mainly worked behind the establishment. All those who have character are memorable in the world. Good character is more precious than precious stones. A lot of things can be achieved in your life because of one quality of character. If your character is beautiful and sweet then all the people of the world will be bound to respect you. So success and character complement each other.

7. Superstition:

You must have strong faith to succeed at work. If you have faith in your heart that you will succeed in your cause then that will be the key to change your life. It is not possible to achieve success without self-confidence. So turn frustration into confidence.You will definitely succeed.

8. Persistence:

What you become in life does not depend only on your intelligence. Depends on how diligent you are about the task. Talent or education is not enough to be successful. There is no shortage of educated unsuccessful people in the world. Every successful person moves forward with his goal fixed. They did not escape from the land called life war. Struggled in every aspect of his life, he progressed to success and became known as a hero who won history.

9. Interest in learning:

One of the main conditions for success is to keep oneself engaged in regular education or gaining knowledge. I have learned a lot and this attitude can never be nurtured. Must have strong interest in learning from others. Your ideal should be to learn as long as you live. Remember learning time is “cradle to death:”. Always imagine yourself as a student. Those who have learned or tried to learn all their life have achieved success in all fields.

10. Positive attitude:

For success you need right perspective and positive attitude. It doesn't matter what the society says or laughs at. You want your happiness, prosperity and success. These are available by following the right path. Keeping your goals in mind. Make a chart of what you want in life, how long you want it and proceed according to the plan. In this way, success will come to you when your vision is steadily moving towards a clear goal.

Finally, I have shared with you some tips for short-term success. To get success, you should read the biographies of various successful people. I will talk about Jack Ma, the founder of in particular. Despite his repeated failures in life, he is successful today and one of the most established people in the world due to his unwavering goals. And to be successful in life, you have to move forward with a clear plan, strong will and courage. Only then you will be successful and will be followed by people.

What is Motorcycle insurance

How are you friends? I hope you are all well. Friends, motor cycle is one of the inventions among our many vehicles for our transportation convenience since long ago.

Many people use motorcycles for convenience of movement. Accidents are relevant when talking about these types of vehicles. When you go out on the road, you can see many kinds of accidents. In most cases, the guilty has to pay an immediate fine or the person is sentenced to various terms. But if your motorcycle gets damaged due to such an accident then there is no limit to regret. This is why you need to insure your motorcycle. If there is any damage to your motorcycle due to an accident, the insurance company will bear all the cost of repairing your motorcycle. If your motorcycle is insured with a valid insurance company. For this you have to pay an annual fee. In return you don't have to spend a single penny even if your motorcycle gets major damage due to accident.

Government General Insurance Corporation provides motorcycle insurance. There are also some private insurance companies that provide this insurance facility. General Bima Corporation was established on May 14, 1973 under the Insurance Corporation Act as a single state-owned enterprise. It is an organization run under the Ministry of Finance. In order to get insurance services, first you need to insure your motorcycle. For this, the application form must be collected from the general insurance corporation office or from the following link. After filling the application form correctly and submitting it to the concerned office, General Insurance Corporation authorities will check your documents and give approval for insurance.

Other benefits of this insurance

  • Payment of accidental compensation to the insured or any other known passenger other than the working driver, aged between 16 and 65 years.
  • Accidental compensation to any other unknown passenger other than the insured and working driver, aged between 16 and 65 years.
  • Payment of accident compensation to a subordinate of the insurer (who is in any way connected with the care or maintenance of the motorcycle) under Workmen's compensation act 1923, Fatal accident act 1855 and other general laws.

Limitations  : Insurance is not applicable for certain reasons. These are:

  • If affected by strikes, strikes or terrorist activities.
  • If damaged due to earthquake.
  • If the vehicle is damaged due to flood, typhoon, cyclone, fire, hail, heavy storm and snowfall etc.

How to do Bike insurance?

You have to go to the insurance office to insure the bike. While going there, you have to take the bike documents with you. If you can't find the insurance office, go to the bike selling company. You can get bike insurance from there.

What is covered by motor vehicle insurance?

Motor vehicle insurance is present with full indemnity benefits, which protects you against riots, fires, thefts, explosions, strikes, terrorist activities and acts of cruelty. This motor vehicle insurance also protects you against natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones, floods, tsunamis etc.

Apart from this, it also provides additional benefits in case of various critical situations (while driving) such as internal breakdown, battery discharge, flat tire, missing key etc. Each scheme under our online vehicle insurances is designed to serve investors through a remote network.

Last word 

Friends any thing should be insured now or die everyone is insured. Especially for our vehicles we have to go out with insurance. If you don't have any insurance as per the government rules then you have to pay a fine every time. Then when you drive your vehicle on the road, you may be in danger, causing damage to your vehicle or water. In that case you need to get insurance so that you don't face any problem. There are many other reasons for the bomb, to put it bluntly, for your sanity, for your leverage, and to drive according to government rules, you need insurance. thank you.

Definition of Marine insurance

What is marine insurance?

Marine insurance is the insurance against the risks related to seagoing ships, cargo of ships, chartering of ships. Insurance business started with marine insurance.

The name “Edward Lloyds” is particularly notable in marine insurance. He ran a coffee shop in London. '

Association of Lloyd's' or 'The corporation of Lloyd's' is the world's first insurance company or marine insurance company.

Types of Marine Insurance

Marine insurance can be divided into 4 categories according to content.

1. Ship Insurance:

If the shipping authority insures the name of the ship, it is called ship insurance. Any damage to the ship is covered by the insurance company.

2. Commodity Insurance:

The insurance contract taken out by the owner of the goods for the goods being shipped is called Commodity Insurance.

3. Freight or Freight Insurance:

The freight is paid by the owner of the goods to the shipping authority in return for the safe delivery of the goods. The owner of the goods does not want to pay the appropriate rent if the goods cannot be delivered properly. Hence the insurance taken out by the shipping authority for uncertainty of hire is called cargo or scaffolding insurance.

4. Marine Liability Insurance:

When the liability incurred  by the ship authority is accepted by the insurance company in return for the premium, it is called marine liability insurance. If there is any damage to the goods by any of the workers of the ship, if there is any damage to any of the workers of the ship or if there is any damage to any other ship or person due to the impact of the ship, the responsibility of the shipping company. However, the marine liability insurance company indemnifies.

Why is marine insurance necessary?

Introduction The history of looting by Firingi pirates is not unknown to the people of this country. Although the occurrence of water pirates has decreased, the number of natural disasters on the waterways has not decreased but is increasing. Even now, heavy storms, waves, pirate attacks, etc. can cause huge losses during sea shipping. At any time cargo ship can sink under sea with sailors. That is why the use of marine insurance has become essential in modern times. From this blog you can know about various aspects of marine insurance. So let's read it and find out.

Renowned insurance writer Professor M. N. Mishra (MN Mishra) said,"A contract of marine insurance is a type of agreement entered into between the insurer and the insured whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify in accordance with the contract for any loss to the seagoing vessel and the interests connected with it.”

Marine insurance is a type of property insurance.

In the fire insurance unit we have learned about the types of property insurance and the required conditions. In this lesson we will learn about the concept of marine insurance and its differences. Marine Insurance Marine insurance is insurance against loss due to marine causes. Also, if the goods to be transported by sea have to be transported by inland waterways or by land to reach the sea, then the corresponding land route will also be covered by marine insurance. Now let us discuss the definition of Marine Insurance in the Insurance Act.

According to the British Insurance Act of 1906 (The British Insurance Act.1906) "A Contract of Marine Insurance is a contract whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify the assured, in manner and to the extent there by agreed, against marine losses, that is to say the losses incident to marine adventure. (et – insurance is a contract in which the insurer undertakes to indemnify the insured against loss by sea in a prescribed manner and up to a prescribed limit.

Ghesh and Agarwala are well-known writers on insurance. According to them, marine insurance is "A contract of marine insurance is a contract of indemnity where by the insurer undertakes to indemnify the insured in a manner and to the extent there by agreed against the loss caused in connection with a marine adventure." Grete (a contract of indemnity by which the insurer undertakes to indemnify the insured in a specified manner and up to a specified limit) against any marine loss. Thus we see that their definition of marine insurance is essentially equivalent to the contract of insurance law. Now let us learn about another author's concept of marine insurance.

According to Halsbury, the contract by which the insurer undertakes to indemnify the insured in a specified manner and up to a specified limit is called marine insurance contract. Apart from this M,N Mishra said "Marine Insurance Contract is a contract between insurer and insured where by the insurer undertakes to indemnify the insured in a manner and to the interest there by agreed against marine adventure"

Now let us know what Indian law describes about marine insurance.

According to Section 2(13-A) of Indian Insurance Act 1938 “Marine Insurance business means the business of effecting contracts of insurance upon vessels of any description, including cargoes, freights and other interests which may be legally insured in or in relation to such vessels cargoes and freights, goods wares merchandise and property of whatever or not including warehouse risks or similar risks in addition or as incidental to such transit and includes any other risks customarily included among the risks insured against in marine insurance policies”, now the definition of boat insurance is known . However, this marine insurance can be of different types. So let's try to know them.

Classification of Marine Insurance

1. Hull Insurance

The insurance against the possible loss of merchant marine i.e. ship's equipment is called ship insurance.

2. Cargo Insurance

Insurance against uncertainty of loss in respect of goods transported in commercial vessels is called cargo insurance.

3. Freight Insurance

Damage to the ship's cargo due to marine peril or loss of cargo overboard is not recoverable. Insurance against this masul loss is called masul insurance. It should be noted that in order to escape from the fury of the storm on the sea route, sometimes the goods of the ship have to be thrown into the sea. Insurance is also provided for such matters.

4. Liability Insurance

In marine insurance the insurance against certain types of loss is called liability insurance. For example, the rules and regulations may change during the sea voyage. It can cause financial loss. The insurance against any such loss is called liability insurance in marine insurance.

Classification of Marine Insurance

Considering the benefits of the policyholder, nowadays insurance companies issue different types of policies:-

1. Valued Insurance: The insurance policy in which the subject matter i.e. the value of the insured asset is determined with the consent of both the parties is called the valued insurance policy. In this case, the value of the contents is determined before the damage occurs and damages are awarded according to that value. In this case compensation is not given according to the market value. Generally; Valuable insurance is accepted for photographs, paintings, valuable works of art etc.

2. Non-valued insurance policy: The insurance policy in which the insurance contract is executed without determining the value of the contents is called non-valued insurance policy. In this case, compensation is made according to the then market value by determining the value of the property after the loss. Generally, valued insurance policies are accepted for those types of assets whose market value can be easily determined.

3. Travel Insurance: The travel insurance policy that mentions the itinerary is called travel insurance. In this case there will be no mention of time. For example:- The ship will go to Bangkok with goods from Dhaka' — this will be included in the travel insurance.

4. Term insurance policy: The insurance policy that provides marine insurance for a specific period of time is called term insurance policy. In this case there will be no mention of the itinerary. Eg:- Marine insurance is done for the next 6 months/Insured for the period from 31st January 2016 to 31st January 2017.

5. Mixed insurance policy: The insurance policy which contains specific itinerary as well as time or date is called mixed insurance policy. For example:- The ship will reach Bangkok from Dhaka in next 15 days.

6. Large risk insurance policy : When two or more insurance companies jointly insure any content, it is called large risk insurance policy.

7. Port Risk Insurance: Port risk insurance is accepted by the port authority to indemnify the assets of the port such as lighter ships, barges, goods lying in the port.

8. Floating or Canopy Insurance: Floating or Canopy Insurance if more than one ship or property of the same owner is insured under one policy. If Uddip is to insure more than one vessel or property, it should be understood as blanket insurance.

9. Open Defense or Open Insurance: Open or Open Defense insurance policies are taken for one year at a time to avoid the hassle of opening the policy repeatedly.

Scope of Marine Insurance

Insurance against possible loss of property only by sea is not called sea insurance; Inland waterways and even land routes are covered by marine insurance. It may be necessary to carry the goods by inland waterways for the purpose of loading the goods on board for sea transport; At any point on the way, for some reason, the goods may have to be temporarily stored in a warehouse somewhere. Therefore, the risk of keeping and carrying the goods on the said route and place will also be covered under marine insurance. So for the purpose of transportation by sea, all the insurance from the warehouse to the point of destination will be covered by the marine insurance.

What are marine hazards?

All the dangers faced by ships while navigating the waterways are called maritime dangers.

There are two types of marine hazards

  • Natural hazards.
  • Unnatural/moral/man-made hazards.

1. Natural Hazards: When a disaster occurs due to natural causes, it is called a natural hazard. For example: sea storms, submerged mountains or impact with ice blocks etc.

2. Unnatural/Ethical/Man-Made Hazards: When a hazard is caused by humans or any other cause other than natural causes, it is called moral hazard. For example: pirate attacks, product dumping, arson etc.

What is marine damage?

The amount of erosion caused by sea waves is called marine damage.

Marine damage is mainly of two types:

  • Overall loss.
  • Recoverable total loss.

1. Total Loss: If the insured property or contents are completely damaged or destroyed, it is called total loss. If it is destroyed to such an extent that it cannot be salvaged then it will be actual total loss.

2. Recoverable Total Loss: And if salvage is possible but not salvaged because salvage cost is too high then it will be recoverable total loss.

What is partial damage?

Partial loss is when the insured property or contents are partially damaged.

Partial damage is of two types:

  • General partial damage.
  • Special Partial Damage.

General Partial Damages: Voluntary sacrifices to protect all parties are called general partial damages. Basically, general damage is caused to save the ship. For example: Gutcha, sacrifice etc.

Special Partial Loss:  Damage to any part of the ship, cargo or freight caused by accident or natural causes is called special partial loss. No one has a hand in this matter.

What is called jettison or product launch?

Casting of cargo is the voluntary throwing away of certain goods in order to save the ship and its cargo from sinking or to avoid great danger. This makes the ship lighter. In this case, the other party will compensate the person whose product has been thrown away at a proportionate rate. If such risk is insured, compensation is available from the insurance company.

How does marine insurance increase invisible exports?

Generally, foreign exchange earned by providing services is called invisible export. In marine insurance, the goods are insured and sent to the importer by ship. The cost of goods and insurance costs are collected from the importer. The amount realized on the cost of goods is the visible export and the amount realized on insurance cost is the invisible export.

Marine insurance needs to be kept in mind

1. Jettison = renunciation ie jettison and renunciation are the same thing. If the question wants to know any kind of danger then it will be jettison and if it wants any kind of damage it will be sacrifice.

2. If you hide the information from the insurance company, the policy of good faith is violated, so the insurance company will not cover the loss.

3. Claiming damages for the subject matter insured is lawful but claiming damages for any other subject matter would be against the insurable interest.

4. If there is a loss due to which the insurance company will compensate the loss directly, if the loss is not due to the same reason, the insurance company will not cover it. For example, product damage due to storms will be covered. It turned out that there was a storm at sea but the goods were not damaged by the storm, the ship got stuck in the ford and there were oranges that rotted because of the stuck. In this case the insurance company will not compensate.

5.Insurance “If the policyholder himself” insures his property with multiple insurance companies, it will be collateral insurance, but if the insured property is re-insured by the “insurance company” with another insurance company, then it will be reinsurance. In case of loss, all companies will compensate proportionally. If one company pays damages alone, it will later recover the balance from the other company.

6. Date of voyage, date of destination and date of arrival, validity of insured property, declaration of sea route and nationality, keeping with escort the express conditions of marine insurance as these are mentioned in the contract.

7. Seaworthiness of the ship, not to change the route, validity of which, to start the journey at the specified time, are unspoken conditions because they are not written but have to be observed. The insurance company will not indemnify in case of breach of any express or implied condition.

How to become a positive person

Whenever we are in any kind of danger or under stress. In such a situation, our friends or well-wishers say a common thing. B is positive. You may even have blood type B positive. Loss in business, tension in family, quarrel with partner or problems in professional life. These are the things that most people worry about without wanting to, along with all the negative thoughts that surround our thoughts.

Even if we don't want it many negative thoughts keep coming in our head and we can't get rid of them. The only solution is to keep yourself positive. So let's find out the solution to this problem. How you can always keep yourself positive.

Smart Idea 1. Keep your focus on the good things happening in your life....

The problem of life is a part of life. None of us can avoid it. Problems can happen to anyone, be it a common man or a film star or a jobber or a big businessman, everyone has problems in their own lives. Business loss of billions of rupees or loss in elections sometimes we have to face failure in life.

But his life cannot stop for this. That's why we always have to think about what our next step will be. We can't sit down and lose courage. Think of a student who has failed an exam and now sits and thinks about failing it. It will not be of any use, rather he has to prepare better for the next time and give the exam and for that he has to concentrate on some good things around him. Do what you love to do. There is a saying in English If You Do Nothing, Nothing Will Change

Smart Idea 2. Read books…. 

We put so much emphasis on a student to read the textbook that after reading the syllabus book, he has no desire to read anything else. And for this reason, after studying, we leave the habit of reading. So if you are in a tough situation then read the stories of various successful people to motivate yourself and develop a positive attitude. Read their books and it will change your thinking.

By developing personality your outlook towards life will be more liberal and you will see that after some time you will be able to change yourself completely. Wings Of Fire by APJ Abdul Kalam. The Secret by Rhonda Byne. Books like How To Stop Worrying & Start Living by Dale Carnegie will teach you how to think and slowly help you develop a reading habit. And reading books and work is better than wasting time on social media.

Smart Idea 3. Leave dishonest company….

There is a proverb in Bengali people always use. The proverb "Song Doshte Loha Vase" works both ways, negative and positive. When we grow up, family members often say one thing, father, don't hang out with bad friends. How many people go crazy just because of the collision. You may have many such examples around you.

If you face any problem and your friends are not good then you will not get proper suggestions and guidance. It may be that they want to take advantage of your problem. That's why if your friends and surroundings are not good then bringing positivity in life will become a big problem. One good friend is better than ten bad friends. Who will always motivate you, give you the right advice and help you become a better person.

Smart Idea 4. Talk to yourself…

It is very important for all of us to talk to ourselves. This is the way through which you can analyze yourself. What work you have done well. What are your mistakes? What is your achievement? What direction will you take in your life or what will be your next step? Because if there is someone who knows you best in the world, it is yourself.

No one knows your Strength, Weakness, Capability better than you. That's why whenever you get a chance talk to yourself and motivate yourself and one secret is the power of your subconscious mind. The kind of books you read will help you see how those positive ideas have impacted your life. Go to a place of your choice and relax for a while and talk to yourself.

Avoid getting frustrated by blaming yourself when you find fault. Because too much gilt fill is not a good thing. Blaming yourself like this again and again will not help you, instead think about what to do next, plan for it and work. Enhance your skills and prove yourself.

Smart Idea 5. Bring positivity into your small habits….

Big results come from small steps. If you wake up in the morning and develop a habit of meditation, morning walk or exercise, you will notice that you will get many positive results and you will feel very strong mentally throughout the day. Start your day with Positive Thors and Positive Course.

Set a positive wallpaper on your mobile or set something positive on your caller tunes or keep a table calendar with a positive walking distance. This will give others a positive impression about you that this person is a positive person. If any of your calls or friends try to demoralize you by speaking negatively in front of you, try to avoid them and if it becomes difficult to do that, ignore the situation.

Remember you are the creator of your life. So by following these rules you can become a positive person. And the most important thing is to believe in yourself. Promise that no matter what problems you face in your life, you will not get out of them with your positive attitude.

Why is the iPhone at the top of the world's popularity

Tech giant Apple's iPhone is ruling the world of mobile phones around the world. Millions of technology lovers in the world are waiting for the new model, even if a few versions of the phone are launched in the market every year, the stock ends in an instant.

Long lines fell in front of the Apple store to get the new series of new design phones. The store opens at 10 a.m. but long queues of customers have been seen in front of the apple store since early morning.

All right but now the question is why iPhone is so popular? Moreover, if you compare it with the price of the mobile phone in the market, there is a huge difference. Why is everyone so eager to buy an iPhone?

I hope you will read and watch this report trying to find out the reasons behind the popularity of iPhone.

1. The design of the iPhone and others.

It is easy to identify which is iphone from any mobile phone due to its unique design and novelty features. The mobile phone company has been able to create uniqueness in the iPhone with just one button.

This single button can be used to enter the phone's main menu, while other smartphones, especially Android phones, have multiple buttons. For many, these multiple buttons are an added hassle, besides the iPhone's graphics interface, the experience a customer gets when entering the phone. It is undoubtedly different from any other smartphone.

Apart from the external design of the iPhone, the company also emphasizes on the design of how the phone works. And for all these reasons, the iPhone has captured the hearts of billions of technology lovers in a short period of time, and customers get a polished and smooth experience even in the softer version.

Apple's design language can be said to be a symbol of mediocrity for techies as well as common people.

2. Maximum security measures.

In the age of digital, a lot of confidential information including almost personal information is easily spread on various platforms including social media. However, the personal information of an iPhone user is not so easy, Apple has always prioritized security in its products.

iPhone is no exception, and a hacker cannot easily hack an iPhone user's information. Hacking an iPhone or extracting data from an iPhone without permission is almost impossible at present.

Even an agency as sophisticated as the FBI tried to unlock a suspect's iPhone a few years ago. In the end, the FBI had to go to Apple after not being able to open it.

But the more interesting thing is that the Apple authorities did not open the lock. That means they give utmost importance to a user's personal security.

So this aspect of Apple's personal security makes Apple's mobile phone the first choice of tech lovers. Apple's iOS is said to be the most secure mobile operating system.

Again, there is a risk of third party apps getting into Android phones very easily. But Apple apps can be installed only from apple store.

Because of that the risk of virus on average is very low compared to iPhone.

Also, if the iPhone is lost, the Find My Phone feature can be used to locate the lost iPhone very easily.

3. Own hardware and software.

Where all other phones use third-party hardware and software, Apple has built its own hardware and software. Processor Jam body camera almost everything is Apple's own, so keeping in mind the user's needs, Apple is not willing to discount any part in terms of quality.

This feature of Apple is one of the reasons behind its popularity.

4. Innovations and surprises in the operating system.

Starting from talking with an iPhone or smartphone, almost all the technical tasks of the modern world can be done, but another big reason for the popularity of the iPhone is the innovation of the iPhone's own show operating system.

And because of this feature, Apple lovers go crazy for the new series of iPhones. Every new iPhone operating system is full of new surprises. Apple has always surprised Apple users with some hidden features in their OS.

5. Apple Eco System.

An Apple Eco system is an environment consisting of multiple Apple devices. Where users can use multiple Apple devices.

For example, if one has an Apple iPhone and a MacBook, it is very easy to share files between these two devices.

Even if the iPhone call is actually working on the Macbook, you can receive the call and talk from the Macbook. The same goes for the Apple Watch or Apple Watch.

Each Apple device works very well with each other because of this amazing Eco system created by Apple. An Apple Ecosystem makes user life quite easy, which is largely why the iPhone is so popular.

6. Sales service

Even after years of buying Apple device or iPhone, service is easily available from Apple service center. As a result, even if there is a problem with the iPhone, it is possible to get a solution from the Apple service center at any time.

Surprising as it may sound, the truth is that iPhone 7 users, released in 2015, still receive regular software updates. Due to years of updates, the old model phones are still working like new with all the latest features.

7. Why is the price of the iPhone so high?

First of all the operating system that iPhone runs on is made by them, other mobile phone companies use Android or some other operating system. Due to which their cost is also reduced.

However, apart from using its own operating system, Apple spends a lot on its own software development. And as a result, the price of the phone also increased a lot.

Apple's processor is also made by itself, which works much faster and faster than other company's processors. Apple often tries to get the best samples from suppliers and therefore increases the price of the product.

Apart from this, the mobile phone maker company Apple spends a huge amount of money every year due to ensuring the highest level of security. And because of all these reasons they have to sell at a higher price, besides the flagship product due to which the price of Apple products is higher. That is, Apple does not compete in the medium or low price smartphone market.

All the other smartphone companies that compete with Apple are priced very close, like the Google Pixel 4 is priced very close to the iPhone. The price difference between Macbook and Microsoft Surface is not much.

What is Crop Insurance

What is crop insurance?

Crops of the land are often destroyed due to natural causes. It is very difficult to deal with such problems in developing countries. Crop damage of land like: flood, cyclone, heavy rain, lack of rain, insect attack is caused by various reasons. Crop insurance is the insurance that is taken for financial assistance as a cover in this problem .

Importance of crop insurance

A large part of Bangladesh's economy depends on agriculture. But this agriculture is dependent on nature. Crop insurance is very important in this country as natural calamities cause a lot of damage to agricultural crops. If the crop of an area is damaged, the economy of the country is also affected. Crop insurance deals with all these losses coverage. In the first stage, the coverage of crop insurance included paddy, jute, wheat and yaksu.

Benefits of Crop Insurance

1. Crop insurance covers financial loss in case of crop loss or accident so the people engaged in agriculture are quite safe.

2. Farmers do not have to worry about crop damage. This results in increased production.

3. Insurance helps people to be frugal. and learn about proper utilization of resources.

4. There is no need to worry about warehousing as the crop is covered by insurance.

5. Crop insurance makes it easy to get loans from various lending companies.

6. Capital formation can be done through crop insurance like any other insurance.

7. Farmers are interested because of crop security. The country benefits economically by exporting goods.

How to plan insurance?

Farmers With some interested farmers in the village for insurance, contact any representative of the crop insurance company. 

Copies of documents to be provided to farmers.

1) NID card photocopy .

2) Aadhaar card photocopy .

3) Bank pass book in own name (photo).

4) Copy of Khatian/Parcha.

10 Most Unique Business Ideas

Many people can't balance their accounts before starting a business. In this competitive market, many people cannot move forward thinking about what is a profitable business idea, what will be the cost or how much is the risk of loss. Although millions of young women in the world are falling behind in this competition and are suffering from depression. But no one stopped.

In today's global world, all businesses are independent. Anyone can do any business, be it domestic or international. No matter how big or small your business is, it doesn't matter. Your creative energy will help you move forward.

No matter how competitive the market is, there are some unique and profitable business ideas that you can follow to become your own boss. Along with enjoying your work independently, you will get financial stability. You just need to follow the right guidelines and move forward.

10 Unique and Profitable Business Ideas

Big budget doesn't always play a major role in business. Because starting a business requires more intelligence than money. So you can start a profitable business with little money by using your intelligence properly.

There are many unique and loveable business ideas around you that can bring you ultimate success. We will discuss about 10 profitable business ideas. You can turn these businesses from ordinary to extraordinary with innovation, skill, hard work and creativity.

1. Mobile and Computer Servicing

From young to old, everyone has a mobile phone. And computer has become an essential part of our life. Although these two devices are essential, people often face various problems with them. From technical problems to solving software problems end users need service.

Users resort to servicing centers to fix their preferred mobile or computer. So this business can be a timely business. Where you can start your first business in a very small space and with less money.

The most important thing for this job is skill and experience. So starting a business is not enough, you have to have the skills to repair these devices. Otherwise it won't take long for you to lose money in this business starting with a lot of money.

So if you have expertise in this then it will be a very profitable business for you. And even if you do not have expertise, try to acquire special skills in this regard. Or hire a skilled technician.

Generally, such business ideas are not profitable in villages. Because this kind of service is still very less in the village. But if you have good capital, you can rent a shop in any crowded place in the city. Which will bring profit for you.

2. Restaurant Business

Many prefer restaurants to enter the food business . Because a restaurant is a place where there are always customers. The number of people who have become owners of houses and cars overnight by doing restaurant business is not less.

A large portion of food sales in restaurants remains as profit. Many people say that a restaurant makes 50 to 70 percent of the total sales profit. But for this business you need a suitable location with high traffic. It is usually possible to get good results in restaurant business in cities or towns.

Be sure to hire a good quality cook to run the shop. Because if the food quality of your shop is good, customers will come again and again. Also, it will be considered as a profitable project for you if you can introduce new food items to your customers. But yes, cleanliness and health of food must be taken seriously.

3. E-commerce Business

E-commerce is now one of the most popular, smart and profitable business ideas with the touch of modernity in people's general lifestyle . People are getting busy day by day. Many people don't want to go to shopping malls in heavy rush. Also, as many people do not have enough time, they are heavily inclined towards online shopping.

And many new entrepreneurs around the world have taken advantage of this opportunity. The basic type of this type of business is that the customer is getting the desired product by sitting at home with his mobile or computer. As a result, its popularity is increasing day by day.

There are several reasons why this business is on the list of profitable business ideas. One of them is that e-commerce can be started with little money. And you don't even need a shop for this. If you have a mobile app or website , you can start the business from here.

As a result, you saved a lot of money initially. One of the advantages of this business is that you can start a business with any one or more products.

It is possible to make a profitable business online with very little money. Some such e-commerce businesses are:

  • Cosmetics.
  • Cloth business.
  • Jewellery.
  • Watch.
  • Electric devices.
  • Hand made products.
  • Ritual.
  • Home made food etc.

4. Mask and Sanitizer Business

Have you seen how many masks and sanitizers are being sold around Covid-19? Masks and sanitizers are two of our most used materials. But with the rise in the outbreak of Corona, its need has increased manifold. As a result, mask and sanitizer business is currently the most profitable and timely business.

Corona has taken the lives of many people. Many have lost their means of livelihood. But in spite of this, some people have conquered this difficult time by capitalizing on intelligence. So you can also think of the business of selling masks and sanitizers based on Corona.

You will not need much capital for this. There is no need for a separate shop. You can start selling masks and sanitizers at wholesale and retail prices in your own small home. You can start this great business with just $100.

There is no better and unique business idea in this time of Corona Pandemic. So if you want to start a profitable business with less money then this business is suitable for you as well as very beneficial for others.

5. Nursery Business

Another great low cost business idea is a nursery business. The best part about nursery business is that you don't need any separate shop for it. In many cases, this profitable business can be started without any additional capital requirements.

As a hobby, we often plant plants, fruits and flowers in our house, balcony, roof or open space in front of the house. This human hobby can be one of your sources of income. And if you enjoy gardening, then this business will become the easiest, profitable and best business for you.

However, there are several aspects to keep in mind for doing nursery in a domestic environment:

Selection of site: A site for the nursery should be selected, which has the potential to be economically profitable. Nurseries should not be set up in areas where communication or roads are not good.

Soil: Nursery soil must be fertile and fertile. Also the soil needs to be well drained. So that there is no accumulation of water in seed bed or nursery bed during heavy rain.

Availability of Water: Water is always required for the maintenance of plants in the nursery. So the distance of the nursery from the water source or the availability of irrigation facilities should be taken into consideration.

Finally, the location for the nursery should be selected keeping in mind the facilities and socio-economic conditions such as transportation and marketing facilities, electricity facilities, availability of skilled labor, fair weather etc.

6. Home delivery of food

In today's busy era, many people do not have the opportunity to cook at home every day, and most of them do not want to eat hotel food every day. Food home delivery business started to meet this demand. Cook at your own home and deliver it to your home, if you can provide delicious food at the desired time, there will be no shortage of business.

7. One-time glass, plate, cup business

Surprising as it sounds, one-time products are in high demand these days for many occasions or small events So no doubt it is a trendy and profitable business. You can start this profitable business in your home.

These plastic utensils are not one-time or disposable. These one-time products are widely used in many picnics, birthdays, weddings and even educational events organized these days.

But not only at the event, these items are also bought by various restaurants, coffee shops and traveling tea vendors. Of these, coffee mugs, plates, glasses, spoons, pipes, aluminum foil boxes, bowls etc. are sold more. So it makes sense to keep this business in the list of most profitable with less money.

8. Fast Food Business

There are different types of fast food that you can prepare with a little training. Fast food is always in demand in the morning, afternoon or evening. People eat various types of food on the go. And if your food is delicious, customers will come from far away to eat.

So if you are interested in making food, then you can start this business with little money. When starting a business first you need to choose a populated place. After all the work is done, your dishes should be displayed beautifully.

Remember that fast food means tempting food. So you have to make the food look attractive to the customer. Also if the quality of the food is maintained you will get many customers very quickly

9. Cafe or coffee shop

A cafe or coffee shop is one of the most profitable businesses if carried out with the right strategy and planning. Currently, the demand for cafes is increasing in both cities. These shops are especially crowded with young people. The coffee shops are crowded with mutual chats.

This type of business can be started with very little money. This requires a room or maybe even the garage of your home. If you want, you can also rent a house in a crowded area. If you can promote properly, there is no need to take a shop in a popular location. The quality of your product will keep customers flocking.

However, to maintain the beauty of the cafe, special attention should be paid to the interior. Eye-catching interior and comfortable seating arrangement is one of the key to attract buyers. Keep the food menu interesting by pricing it within the middle class category.

In this case, you can see foreign recipes for the food menu. Keep out of traditional Chinese, Thai food and try new types of food. If you want to start a business with a small amount of money, plan properly and go down, success will come.

10. Travel or Tourism

There may not be a person who does not like to travel. You can start a hugely profitable tourism or travel business by focusing on people's travel preferences. This may be the easiest way for you to start a business with little money.

Starting this business does not require much investment. But enough time, effort and dedication is required. Nowadays, travelers mostly rely on various agencies for booking tickets, booking hotels, making travel plans, etc. If you can provide them with satisfactory service, then they will come back to you year after year.

It is possible to earn in this business without investment. Finding new places is more likely to increase business, besides you can keep popular tourist spots on the list. Talk to hotels in those areas to determine what percentage discount or agent commission they are willing to pay.

Also think about what to feed the tourists while taking them on a trip. If you arrange food yourself instead of taking hotel food, the profit will be more. But in that case there must be a good cook. Besides, the quality of food should also be kept good. If everything goes well, this business will become your stepping stone.

Last word

In the beginning any business will seem difficult and very competitive to you. But it should not stop there. You can start the above mentioned profitable business ideas with very little money. So choose your any one now. Remember, in this age of competition, many may move forward because you fall behind.

So start your dream business by sitting at home using your brain Hope the most profitable business ideas with less money will be of great use to you.

10 Popular Food Business Ideas

Restaurants are one of the most profitable businesses today. If you have a good budget, you can use food business ideas. But it's not like you need a huge budget for this. You can start this most profitable business with a small budget.

In initial phase you can follow some food business ideas to start with small capital. Starting any business first requires brainstorming ideas, then proper planning and finally successful implementation. Today in the course we will discuss 10 of the most profitable food business ideas.

Whether your capital is small or large, any business can be profitable if you successfully implement the ideas described in this article. Even starting small, any business can be scaled up gradually. And there are many opportunities to grow food or food products business.

10 Food Business Ideas on a Small Budget

The 5 businesses that never fail in today's world is food. Humans need food to survive. And by using this biological need you can design your business plan.

If you don't want to lose the business, don't want to lose capital within few days of starting the business, then choosing food business idea will be wise for you. Let's know about the 10 most popular food business ideas today, which can bring you more success.

1. Fast food shop

Fast food is very popular among the young generation. Taking advantage of its popularity, many are opening fast food businesses and becoming successful. Although there are already many fast food outlets around us. So there is nothing to fear.

If you can provide a fast food shop in a good location, you can definitely do good business.

As fast food is a very profitable business, many entrepreneurs are currently investing in it. Although teenagers are the main consumers of fast food, all kinds of people eat this type of food more or less.

2. Restaurant Business

Many prefer restaurants to enter the food business. Because a restaurant is a place where there are always customers. The number of people who have become owners of houses and cars overnight by doing restaurant business is not less.

A large portion of food sales in restaurants remains as profit. Many people say that a restaurant makes 50 to 70 percent of the total sales profit.

But for this business you need a suitable location with high traffic. It is usually possible to get good results in restaurant business in cities or towns. Be sure to hire a good quality cook to run the shop. Because if the food quality of your shop is good, customers will come again and again.

Also, it will be considered as a profitable project for you if you can introduce new food items to your customers. But yes, cleanliness and health of food must be taken seriously.

3. Bakery Business

A good aspect of bakery business is that you don't necessarily need to rent a high location. If the budget is low then you can prepare the bakery for the local area in the beginning. Later you can supply to outside areas as per your convenience. And in this way you can gradually control all the areas around you.

Bakery Smart is a choice for many businesses with low capital. Because, although the bakery is small at first, there are many opportunities to expand it as the capacity increases. But running a bakery requires special skills. For example, you need to know new recipes for making bread or biscuits.

Because food of the same flavor does not remain popular for long. Consumers always like to taste new foods. So you can employ any skilled craftsman for this. If you can make all the popular breads and biscuits of different countries, then you will definitely succeed in the bakery business.

Tips: If you find the bakery set-up a hassle, just give the bakery shop a try. Where you buy and sell other bakery items wholesale.

4. Sweet shop

Apart from various festivals, people love to eat sweets on any occasion. And for those who love sweets, they don't need any special occasion to eat it. Sweets are a food that is almost always needed. So sweet shop can be one of your choice for food business.

You won't find a merchant who has done away with the sweet shop. But yes, for that you must know the rules of this business. If you find a good craftsman to make delicious and exceptional sweets, then you can surely give sweets shop.

If you don't have a good budget or if you don't have a skilled person, you can start by searching the net for recipes for making desi and foreign sweets. There are many popular sweet recipes on the internet, which you can easily learn.

5. Chocolate Business

Kids are always crazy about chocolate. But adults don't eat chocolate either. You can make chocolates targeting both younger and older generations. You can start a small chocolate factory, or you can start this business at your own home. If you start a small chocolate business at home, you can sell the product online.

There are tons of chocolate recipes available online. Even the chocolate making formulas of various world renowned companies are now readily available on the internet. And if you don't want to make chocolate yourself, you can import chocolate from different countries and provide wholesale supply.

6. Catering Business

Catering is the provision of food on various occasions. Our relatives, relatives of relatives, friends and acquaintances often have some kind of event. You can supply food in these events or parties which is called catering.

But catering is not just about family events. Various corporate offices or educational institutes also have many events in Baljur. You can target these festivals for catering. Currently, the popularity of this type of business is gradually increasing.

You can also prepare the supplied food yourself. If you want, you can hire a skilled chef. But either way, there must be good planning and people handling qualities. Catering business may seem difficult at first, but gradually it will become a very easy and fun business.

7. Juice or Coffee shop

A juice or coffee shop is one of the highly profitable food businesses. If you can start this business in any populated area, chances of success are 100%. You can have a juice shop inside the shopping mall. If you want, you can also combine ice cream and juice shops.

Coffee shop on the other hand is a very simple business idea but you can make it extraordinary. You can start a different type of copy shop with different types of copies, teas and also snacks.

8. Ice cream shop

Ice cream is a popular and comfort food in summer. Ice cream is in high demand especially among young children. Although more or less ice cream is consumed in all seasons, the demand for ice cream is more during summer. Generally, ice cream is sold more in front of schools and colleges.

Ice cream business is very busy in hot and normal weather, although it is a little slack during the cold season. So you can think about this business with great potential. But it needs a good location. The best place for eye cream is in front of shopping mall or school-college.

Also, there is a huge demand for ice cream in parks, playgrounds and residential areas. Nowadays, the use of ice cream is also seen in entertaining guests. So it can be said that any person can provide his own employment by starting an ice cream business.

Training: Learning to make good quality ice cream requires training. It is possible to start this business by learning ice cream making from someone experienced.

9. Organic vegetable Business

Nowadays people are looking for unadulterated organic vegetables in the crowd of adulterated vegetables. It seems like a very simple business idea but its demand is skyrocketing. Because in this adulterated market everyone wants to get chemical free products. Now everyone is becoming more or less health conscious.

So you can start the production process at home to supply organic vegetables. And this is a business that you can start very easily and with little money. You can start growing vegetables in your house, roof or small open space around the house.

Commercial organic vegetable business can be started with very little capital. So if you are looking for the most profitable business with less money, you can start with organic vegetables.

10. Floating Food Business

Floating food business is quite popular now. You can provide mobile food shops around various sightseeing places or parks. There are usually no hotels or restaurants in any sightseeing spots built on the banks of rivers or large areas. Therefore, it is possible to meet the food needs of people visiting these places through floating shops.

One good thing about floating food business is that you don't need to hire a specific shop. You can start this type of business very easily if you have a simple food cart. If food can be arranged for the visitors, on the one hand they will benefit, on the other hand you will also have good business.

Last word

Don't panic about starting a business because the budget is low. Because of your backwardness, many may advance in this age of competition. The world's demand for food will never run out. People will eat until they die. So these 10 food business ideas on a small budget will help you a lot. As always, if you want such a business, get down with any of these food business ideas.